Plan B

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Over-The-Counter Plan B is on its Way

Adult women across the USA should be able to buy Plan B emergency contraception without a prescription by mid-month, Barr Pharmaceuticals announced. Barr says its subsidiary, Duramed Pharmaceuticals, has begun shipping out "dual-label" Plan B, which will be available without prescription to consumers 18 and older and by prescription only to girls 17 and younger. It will be sold only in retail drugstores from behind the pharmacy counter and under the supervision of a pharmacist. The Food and Drug Administration approved dual=label Plan B on August 24. The FDA has not specified how women can prove they are 18 or older. But according to the Reproductive Health Technologies Project, a Washington, DC-based advocacy group, it is likely pharmacies will follow the guidelines set by the Drug Enforcement Administration, which limits the sale of cold medicines containing pseudoephedrine to consumers 18 and older.
Source: USA Today, November 7, 2006

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