Understanding Stress

Menstuff® has compiled the following information on Understanding Stress. Check out WebMD's "Stress and your Health" questionnaire. Try doing it once a month to compare from time to time.

Understand your sources of stress

Stress management — Understanding your stress triggers is essential to stress relief.

The kids are screaming, the bills are due, and there's a pile of work on your desk that seems to be growing at an absurdly swift pace. It's undeniable — life often seems full of stress. But understanding the sources of stress — big and small, internal and external, short-term and long-term — is an important part of stress management. So where does your stress come from?

The big and small of it

Stress is your body's reaction to the constant demands of the world, and stressors are events or conditions in your surroundings which may trigger stress. Two main types of stress that people are faced with are:

So with regard to effective stress management, which types of stress should you be concerned about?

The little things add up

While mild stress can actually be beneficial — it can spur you into action, motivate and energize you — it's often the buildup of the little things that can really "stress you out." Persistent stress can lead to many adverse health problems, including:

External exasperations

External stressors are events and situations that happen to you. While you may have control over some of these stressors and how much you let them affect you, there are times when they extend beyond your control. Some examples include:

Internal irritations

Not all stress stems from things that happen to you, some of the stress response can be self-induced. Those feelings and thoughts that pop into your head and cause you unrest are known as internal stressors. Examples include:

Stress is here to stay

Face it, not a day in your life will go by without encountering a situation or event that may trigger stress. But understanding the sources of your stress is the first step in learning to manage it. So what stresses you out?
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