World AIDS Day

Menstuff® has compiled information on World AIDS Day, December 1st of each year. US observance of UN day to focus world attention on the fight against HIV/AIDS. An annual observance about the impact of AIDS on the visual arts. Events to increase public awareness through the visual arts, direct services to artists living with HIV/AIDS. American Assn for World Health, and or or 212.627.9855.

World AIDS Day

December 1 is the day. Our action is more important now than ever. 36.1 million people worldwide are living with HIV/AIDS. Over 850,000 people in the United States are HIV+. The statistics among young people are particularly troubling.

Youth At Risk

A Video

In 1988, Visual AIDS launched Day With(out) Art as a World AIDS Day initiative to mourn those we have lost and to promote a broader awareness of the crisis. This year, Visual AIDS is partnering with the House of Frame By Frame Fierce on a new and important project.

Frame By Frame Fierce was developed through a workshop process with a diverse group of 16-21 year-olds -- including gay, bisexual, transgendered, HIV infected and affected, African-American, white and Latino youth. The young people explored issues around HIV/AIDS focusing on the difficulties youth face in protecting themselves. They created artworks expressing their fears, ideas and experiences regarding safer sex. Finally, they conceived, developed and designed four animated HIV/AIDS awareness public-service announcements directed towards at-risk youth. These four pieces together make up the final video, titled Frame By Frame Fierce.

Visual AIDS is distributing the Frame By Frame Fierce video to be shown on Day With(out) Art/World AIDS Day to:

To receive a Frame By Frame Fierce video to show -- either in a public space or in a program geared towards young people -- on World AIDS Day and after, please complete the Participant Information and Donation Form (in PDF format) and return it with your contribution by October 31.

We are asking project participants for a $75.00 donation. If you are a non-profit organization that works directly with youth at risk for HIV infection, please contact Visual AIDS about receiving the video at a lower cost.


Did you know…

Join me and thousands of young people across the country on December 1st - World AIDS Day - to do something radical and simple to fight the spread of HIV/AIDS. It’s called Kick Me.

Participation in Kick Me is easy:

1. Visit and register today.

2. Download your Kick Me kit (complete with signs, talking points, statistics, cool ideas, PR templates, and tips on fundraising) and get started. Pick from one of six messages, grab your sponsor form and hit the road. For every hour you wear or post the sign, ask friends and family to sponsor you with a financial pledge or simply ask for a flat donation.

3. Wear the sign on World AIDS Day, December 1st. Talk about HIV. Collect your pledges. Send in funds raised to YouthAIDS by December 15th to collect great rewards from ALDO, Kiehl’s Since 1851, and SPIN Magazine.

How can you help?

What is YouthAIDS?

YouthAIDS is an education and prevention initiative of PSI that uses media, pop culture, music, theatre and sport to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS and reach 600 million young people in more than 60 countries with life-saving messages, products, services and care.

What is Kick Me?

“Kick Me” is based on the prank of someone sticking a Kick Me sign on someone’s back without them knowing - just like 90% of those infected with HIV/AIDS may not know they are carrying the virus. YouthAIDS is turning that practical joke into a practical lesson.

Be part of the solution.

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