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All About YOU (8 men on staff of 26) Winter/00: Hot Celeb Pinups!  Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, Freddie Prinze, Jr. and more! Win! Win! Win! 625 awesome giveaways. Your Y2K Horoscope. Guy Secrets Exposed: You won't believe what they said. Britney Spears: Why she's just like you. Quiz Mania: Find out about friends, boys and you. Mega Movie Guide. Prettiest Party Looks. 9/99: Free! 8 locker-worthy pinups. Quiz Blitz!!!  Are you ready for a boyfriend?  Do you stress too much? Your Hometown Hottie Guide!  Back-to-school Horoscope Best days, best study dates, + more. Fiction Contest Win $500. Cool!  Your celeb soul mate revealed. 26 ways to improve your grades. 1/99: Crush Clues: You said hi, now what?  Your Stary Poll Picks-the best and the rest; The 15 greatest Beauty Trends; How should you approach your crush? 6 reasons friendships fail (and how to deal); Quizbonnanza! Do you need to stop slackin? How do you handle confrontation?  + More. Gift guide-the coolest stuff to give & get; we answer your fashion Qs; numerology!  Star Styles. Love Q&A. Beth Mayall, Editor, (12/$10), PO Box 58712, Boulder, CO 80323-8712

American Girl, Celebrating Girls, Yesterday and Today, (12/$20-newsstand) 11-12/98: PO Box 37311, Boone, IA 50037 www.americangirl.com

Bust:  The voice of the new girl order. (4/$11.95+Newsstand) Fall/99:  Let's Get Physical:  Body talk from Paneane Garofalo, Betty Dodson, Chaire Danes, Even Ensler and more. Plus:  Take This Bra and Stuff It. Skinny Bitch. Send in the Crones. Hairy Diary and Don't Worry, Be Hairy. Condom Reviews, Porn on Parade. Rub-a-Dub Nub: A clit owner's guide to what's under the hood. Cut the Clit. And more. PO Box 1016, Cooper Station, New York, NY 10276 www.bust.com

Careers & Colleges is a quarterly publication that tries to help you answer what you want to do in life. The magazine offers useful information on the choices and opportunities before you. Each issue discusses continuing education or selecting a job and how to get the most out of your decision.

Chick:  for girls who dig the lifestyle. (6/$23.50+newsstand) 9-10/99: Spring Fashion: The freshest yet. Skateboarding:  The get-up and the low-down. Fun, Freedom & Travel. Want a Tatt?  Here's the real deal. Surf Tips, Perve Pics & Funky Beats. Plus: Giveaways all over the shop. Is This the Coolest Life on Earth?  Morrison Media, Level 1, 23 Lemana Ln, North Burleigh, QLD 4220 Australia

Cosmo Girl!  A cool new magazine for teens. 9/05: 534 Ways to Look & Feel Fantastic for Fall plus 7 moves to a strong and sexy body! Free 24-page pullout Shopping Mini-Mag! Inside: Exclusive CG! Coupons for your favorite stores. Mischa Barton: How being unpopular helped her get famous. Ha! Ha! Ha! Mortifying 1st day of school moments. Real-Life Horror: She stabbed her dad 107 times. What made this girl snap? Kiss of Approval Beauty Awards. 2/02: The Love Issue: Whether or not you have a guy! 145 Ways to Look So Sexy!  Friendship Crimes (are you guilty?) Your Ultimate Guide to Guys: 10 great date ideas. Free hot guy centerfold. Quiz: Are you his type? Make $100 this weekend. Your 6 Most Private Body Questions: Answered. Exclusive CG! Interview: *nsync: A few good men. 11/01: Look Hot for Under $20: Clothes & makeup you'll totally love!  The Right Way to Flirt. Free Inside: Ryan Phillippe Stickers. It's Time to Have Fun! Fun! Juicy celeb secrets. Fun! Throw a hair color party. Fun! Win a free wardrobe. 10 Best Celeb Beauty Tricks. Garbage's Shirley Manson: Find out why she's so CosmoGIRL! Quiz: What do people really think of you? 6-7/01: The Music Issue: The tours you can't miss. Tricks to get you backstage.. How to break into the biz. 'N Sync, Destiny's Child, Eminem & more. The CosmoGirl! Dating Bible: Make this the summer you snag the hottest boyfriend ever! Ricky Martin Stickers. Get Sexy Shiny Hair!  907 chances to win Clothes, makeup, a free trip, and tons more!!! Blink-182 Concert tickets for you & your friends. Rip out this frizz-busting guide & make your hair behave-forever! 3/01: Get That Guy! How to give the "Look of Love" plus 3 other tricks that'll have him dying to get close to you. Your Most Embarrassing Moments Ever! 375 Spring Fashion Ideas: What's cool now (and where to get it at the best price). The Real Jessica Simpson: She's no prude. 6-7/00: CG!  Exclusive:  Britney Spears: An intimate peek into her diary. House Party! Wild and crazy games that'll make everyone want to hang out at your place. Hot Summer Music Issue:  6 sneaky ways to meet rock stars. Score great seats to sold-out shows. Hanson, 'N Sync, LFO, and Tons More!  Get Your Crush to Worship You: It's easier than you think. Blink-182 Stickers.  Sexy Celeb Hair: Styles you can copy right now! Your Top 10 Body Question - Answered. 12/99-1/00: Hot! Hot! Hot!  (8 Degrees stickers. Find the Perfect Boyfriend: We'll show you where he's hiding. Free CosmoGIRL! Party Guide:  Kissing tricks that'll wow him. Celebs' New Year's Eve Plans. Talk-to-anyone tips - and more!  6 Best Celebrity Hairstyles of '99: And how to steal them. Buffy's Alyson Hannigan: Check out what her guy caught her doing...with Seth Green!  543 Chances to Win: Clothes, CDs, and tons of other stuff. Mega Boy Watch: Up-and-coming stars of 2000. 10-11/99:  Hot Centerfold:  Fall TV's Sexiest Guy. Free 'NSYNC Stickers. Jerk Alert:  Three ways to know if your guy is serious...or just messing around. Miracle Makeovers:  For "hopeless" hair. Bonus College Book:  Juicy secrets your guidance counselor can't tell you. 357 Chances to Win:  Shopping Sprees & More! 7th Heaven's Jessica Biel:  You'll never believe what we found in her bedroom. Actress?  Singer?  Millionaire?  What you can do now to score your bream job later. First Issue: Free 32 Page Horoscope Booklet:  365 days of love and life tips. Turn Your Crush into Your Boyfriend:  We'll show you how. CosmoGIRL! EXCLUSIVE:  Ben Affleck Stickers. Back-To-School Fashion Blitz!  Plus: The 10 items you can't start school without.  Sabrina Melissa Joan Hart:  Life after the breakup. 691 chances to win clothes, makeup & more. .(6/$7.97-newsstand) PO Box 7791, Red Oak, IA 51591-2791 www.cosmogirl.com (One man and 39 women.). 8/15/99:  Rumor has it that Brad Pitt will the the first centerfold in an upcoming issue.

Elle Girl, Fall/01, Premiere Issue: Back-to-School Fashion Blitz: 151 Fab Finds for Under $30. + Killer Boots, coats, & the coolest denim looks. Get Great Hair: 28 ways to make the most of your locks. Our Guide to Glowing Skin. "How do I look?" Guys & Girls Play the Rating Game. Win! $25,000 in makeup & fashion prizes. Julia Stiles: on her cutest costars, college life & (dare we say it?) feminism. Smart Girls Rule! (6/$8), Hachette Filipocchi Magazines, 1633 Broadway, New York, NY 10019. www.ellegirl.com See also Surfer Girls

Foam: Girl meets beach. Win04: On the Beach with Sara Foster. Fasion Spring Forward. Keala Kennelly Surfing Sensation. Hair Cuts & Styles. Tune into Kate Earl. Tara Dakides Snowboard Legend. Travel Hawaii. Steve Zeldin, Editor-in-Chief, Bluewater Publications, PO Box 1338, Newport Beach, CA 92659, 800.849.8754

Girl. Winter, 00: Perfect! Yeah, we're talking about your skin (Top secret tips inside) Arte You a Fashion Victim! 10 ways to tell. Decode Your Personality: Why you are who you are. Exclusive: Girl kicks it with Eve, Mya, Ani & Destiny's Child. Beauty for Every Face. Fashion for Every Body. Party 2000:  Head-turning makeup. Hot holiday styles under $50. How to throw a phat jam. (12/$10) Girl, PO Box 5325, Harlan IA 51593-2825 www.girlzine.com

Girlfriend:  Coolest girls' mag around! 7/99: Quiz:  Are you sussed about sex?   20 Big Beauty Lies Exposed!  Heartbreaker or Doormat?  How boys see you. Win Stacks:  Vote in the Girlfriend fashion awards!  Backstage Action!  At the Logies with Home & Away. On the road with Ginger (without The Spices). Reese Witherspoon:  Hollywood's new IT girl on being a mum and dating a babe. Babefest!  Posters of Ed Furlong, Nick Stahl, Brad Renfro, Josh Hartnett. (3 men, 40 women) Editor, Katrina O'Brien, Editor, Pacific Publications Pty Lt, 5-51 Mitchell St, McMahons Points, New Zealand, NSW 2060 02.9464.3300

Girls' Life. (5 men on staff of 23) 7-8/01: 7 Secrets to a Killer Body Image. "My dad caught me kissing my BF!" Survive this and other summer worst case scenarios. Liar, Liar: Why you should make honesty your policy. Inside! Mandy Moore gives up the good girl act. 134 Hot Fashion & Beauty Ideas. Quiz: Your perfect summer revealed! 12/99-1/00: Girls 2000:   How you will change the world. Goodbye to Shy: Secrets that make you the star of the party. Holiday Stuff: Surviving the two house holiday. Your New Year: What's in store for you plus some fearless celebrity predictions. New Looks for Big Nights. Beauty Myths...Busted:  Save your money, save your time, save your face. 6-7/99:  Dads, Daughters and Sports:  How your No. 1 fan really feel. Pages and pages of Too Cute Suits. Decoding Guy Speak. Summer Beauty Bummers...Solved!  Extreme Self-Esteem:  Could you survive confidence boot camp?  What's Your Summer Style?  Boredom beaters to fit your personality. Goooaaallll!  Mia Hamm and the women's world cup team. Summer's Hottest Music:  B*Witched, Tatyana Ali, No Authority and more! . Rock-a-hula! Throw a luau. Ultimate Frisbee for fly girls. (6/$15-newsstand), Avalon Hill Subscription Office, 4517 Harford Rd, Ste 6799, Baltimore, Maryland 21214-9925 www.girlslife.com

Guideposts for Teens is a magazine full of true stories that will strengthen the faith of teenagers and show them how to live a positive, balanced life. Articles cover the victories and defeats, the tears and the belly laughs, the loves and the hates of teenagers, and they're all told in the words of teens themselves. No sermons. No lectures. Just real, relevant, true stories that are packed with adventure and filled with faith at work.

J-14:  Just for Teens. Music, Horoscope, TV, Quiz, Movies, Embarrassing Moments. (12 men on staff of 28) 1/00: Big Changes for the Stars of 2000:  Gorgeous new photos!  The latest secrets! 12 Free pages of Hot Posters. Ricky: Backstage in Miami. BSB: Exclusive photos. Warm up your winter. Ryan: The one thing he doesn't want you to know! Kid Rock: Does he deserve his "bad boy" reputation? Sarah: On losing Angel. 'nsync: Are they going solo? Christina: Awesome poster inside! Win over 1000 Prizes! Including J.C.'s bowling shoes. Hair/Fashion: Learn the Felicity girls' beauty & style secrets. 9/99: 'n Sync:  Their exclusive story. "What We Are Really Like" plus win their personal stuff. Seth Green: Talks about his celebrity buds. Kerr Smith:  Gives you a Dawson's preview. Love & Carson:  Why they're happy & in love. Brandy:  Hurt by rumors but bouncing back. Will Smith:  He's writing new hits. Follow BSB around the world!  Share Their Style Secrets!  Alyssa:  fashion cute outfits. Britney:  Beauty tips for a pretty face. Jennifer:  Hair styling tricks. New Posters:  Backstreet Boys, 'N Sync, Justin, 98 degree & more. 6/99: 'n sync secrets:  the guys tell all on love, hopes, fears & girls!  Britney Spears concert photos & info. bsb uncensored:  know the guys like never before! Ryan-new personal confessions. Sarah-exclusive Buffy scrapbook!  Joshua-on matters of the heart! Monica-your questions answered!  Olsens-take you backstage! Get their style: Brandy's fashion. Love's hair. Horoscope crush quiz giveaways. (10/$16.95-newsstand) Richard Spencer, Editor-in-Chief, Bauer Creative Services, 270 Sylvan Ave, Englewod Cliffs, NJ 07632

Jump: For girls who dare to be real A B F H  The monthly magazine offers many ways for its readers to achieve their own personal bests in life and love, inside and out. Celebrity profiles run alongside advice-packed articles on health, beauty, fitness, dating, and fashion. (300M) (13 men on staff of 52) 9/00: Exclusive: MTV's Dr. Drew answers the questions you're afraid to ask. Guys Mouth Off on Girls Who Break the Rules. Our Genius Girl Guide: 68 ways to rock and rule your world. Fall Freebies: Fragrances, fashion & more. Buffy Slays Us: with her power and prinze charming. Quiz: What's your personality IQ?  Chill Out! How to say so long to stress. You Can Change the World: Meet 10 teens who did. 12/99-2/00: Global Glam: Beauty secrets from around the world. 253 Things You Need to Do Before 2000. Oh, My Goddess! Kick off the new year in zensational styles. When Drinking Turns Deadly: The lowdown on the (not so) lush life. Keri: On kissing, college & career. Quiz: Are you Y2-Cool or Y2-Crazy? Do-It-Yourself: Gifts for not a lot of dough. 10-11/99: The Rock-Your-World Guide:  151 ways to bust boredom. Sexplanations:  4 girls who've been there & done that...almost. Got the Baby Fat Blues:  Here's the good news. TV's Coolest Stars in fall's hottest fashions. Custom Cuts:  'Dos designed just for you. Amy Gets Smart. 60 days to a ballerina bod. Quiz:  Are you plugged in or on another planet?  Bathtub Bliss:  How to soak your blahs away! 9/99: Special:  Dr. Drew & Adam's Guide to Dating, Doin' It & Other Stuff. Our Biggest Fashion Issue Ever. Your Answer to School Violence?  Choose peace over popularity. How Art Can Save Your Life. Do-It-Yourself Rememdies:  For zits, cramps, bad breath & more. Leelee's Logic:  Geek-chic. Quiz:  Are you making the most of your mind?  The Busy Girl's get-fit-fast plan. Break-the-results Beauty:  Groovey new ways to get glam. 4/99: Naked Truths: What bums guys out about their bods. Romance on the Rocks?  How to help your heartache. Test:  Shy or sly?  Find out with this personality test. Beauty: Stach for no cash. Get a groovy gig with our genius Job Guide. Face Fitness: A shape-up plan for super summer skin. Katie Holmes: The girl next door?  Not anymore. The 30 day swimsuit tone-up. Earlier: Girls Who Rock; What's Hot When It's Cold Outside (music, movies & more), Homemade Holiday Beauty Gifts for Next to Nothin'; Odd Couples: 4 mismatched mates tell why it works; How to Party Like it's 1999 - glam-it-up beauty & boogie-night styles; Bounce Your Way to a Buffer Bod in 30 Days; Quiz:  Are you a giver or a grinch?  Seth Green: The real definition of cool. Lori Berger, Editor in Chief, (10), PO Box 55954, Boulder, CO 80323-5954 www.jumponline.com

Latin Girl:  Today's Hispanic teen needs a magazine she can call her own. Latin Girl offers tips on beauty, relationships, the latest styles, and more. Every bimonthly issue taps into what's hip among the magazine's audience, presenting fun-filled stories and revealing photos, (6/newsstand) 8-9/99: Guy Watching:  While you're looking at him, what's he thinking about you? Beyond El Barrio: Dealing with Racism. Loves Me, Loves Me Not: Can tarot cards really help? Tatyana Ali: Facing the future. Insider advice for college bound Latinas. (49 women and 17 men) Sheila Maldonado, Senior Editor, Riverview Historial Plaza II, 33-41 Newark St, Ste 1, Hoboken, NJ 07030-0625 www.latingirlmag.com

MH-18: Men's Health: Fitness, Sports, Girls, Gear, Life. Tons of useful stuff for teenage guys. WARNING Shady Marketing Tool.  Rodale Press, publishers of MH-18, may print different covers for the same issue which may include different teasers on cover articles, so the cover we show here may not be what you see on the newsstand. Be very careful to note what issue you are looking for, i.e., Fall, 2001, etc. Win/01: Gift Guide: 32 cool things you'll want now!  Xbox vs. Gamecube. Build Monster Biceps: Free training booklet inside. Talk to Any Girl. Why We Love Cheerleaders. Marine Corps Workout. Nelly Flexes Hip-Hop Muscle. Eat Junk, Lose Fat. X-Games X-Clusive. Fall/01: Rage: Why Are We So Mad? Turn Fat Into Muscle. Bench 20% More. 10 Ways to Win Her Over. 20 Must-Have CDs. Blink-182 Rocks Hard. Sick Tricks for BMX. Build a Huge chest Free Workout Booklet. Win $10,000 for College. 42 Drills: Be the best: Football, soccer, b-ball, wrestling and more. Sum/01: Snag 6-pack abs. * win a $5000 gaming system. More Girls that You Deserve. Build Muscle in 4 Weeks. Summer Special: The best jobs. Awesome road trips. Score a beach goddess. Cool sports camps. Certified Fit: Champion surfer Tommy O'Brien + Friend Hillary. Sum/01: Summer Starts Here. Tough Enough? 9 tests of strength. Snag a Beach Goddess. Amazing Abs. Make Your Car Kick Butt. Max Muscle in 4 Weeks. 1-2/01:  Build Big Biceps. Will She Date You? 5 ways to know. H.S. Basketball Tips. Jump Higher, Score More. X Games Girls. Free Cash for College. Sick Winter: Sports your mom will hate. Jeff Csatari, Editor, Rodale Inc, 33 E Minor St., Emmaus, PA 18098 www.MH-18.com 610.967.5171 MORE ON SHADY MARKETING

MXG, (4/$9.45 and rebates) Fall/99: Freefalling with the X Girls. Save Ferris' Monique Powell. Off to College?  How not to be a moron. 74 pages of best back-to-school stuff. Hot boy special!  Alyson Hannigan, American Pie & Buffy. Free inside: Girlie web guide. Paul Walker, Brad Rowe, Scott Speedman, Swanky Clothes and other chick stuff. (1 man, 42 women), MXG Media, 111 N Sepulveda, Ste 200, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 888.mox.stuf or www.MCGonline.com

New Moon, The Magazine for Girls and Their Dreams, celebrates girls and builds healthy resilience to gender inequities. Written by and for girls ages 8-14. Advertising-free, intelligent, fun. (6/$29-newsstand), Subscribe here and be sure to enter Menstuff.org in the comments/referral field when ordering. 3-4/03: Scandal in the Lunch Line:  This bug's for you. Cut It Out: Twinkle, twinkle little scar. Trash Talk: Get your mind into the gutter. Gross Consumption: Stuff your face with boogers. Check on This: The gunk in all that junk. 7-8/02: Take the Bully by the Horns: It's not easy being teased. Living Out Loud. Sounding Off: Two girls talk about inplants. The Birth of Earth: When Mother Earth was a baby. What's Your Style? This time, it's personal. 5-6/02: Twenty-Five beautiful girls. Ask a Girl. The Girl with the Colorless Eyes. How Aggravating!  Howling at the Moon. 3-4/02: Food for the Soul. Pump It Up. Sweet and Low. Don't Call Me Sugar. Spice Up Your Life. Little Miss Muffet Got Off Her Tuffet. Get to Work. Release the Hormones! 1-2/02: Someday I'll Be Queen. How I dealt with Divorce. Separation Frustration. Strange How Things Change. A Change of Pace. 11-12/01: Tricks and Tails: Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids. Sports: No laughing matter. Whoever thinks sports are fun is obviously a loser. Don't Be a Blockhead: All blocked up? Write on, girls!  Play It Again: Anyone up for some bull jumping? 9-10/01: You Say Tomato, I Say Gesundheit. Butt-Kickin' Babes of the Golden Age. Put on Your Birthday Suit. True Believers. Little Myth Superstitious. Now and Zen.7-8/01: How Aggravating! Howling at the Moon. Ask a Girl. Going Ape. Rootin' & Shootin'. Spunky Spelunking. Cry of the Ocean. 5-6/01: Take the Challenge: Turn beauty inside out!  25 Beautifull Girls. Poetry. Ask a girl. Lavie and Me. How Aggravating!   Howling at the Moon. Inside the Moon. 3-4/01: Wanna Be Our Cover Girl? Reading Between the Lines. All Aboard the Friendship. School Daze. The Inner You. Can You Relate? Hi-ho, Hi-ho. Miles of Style. To Your Health. The Straight Dope. Move Over, Bill Nye! This & That. 7-8/99: PO Box 3620, Duluth, MN 55803 newmoon@newmoon.org or www.newmoon.org

Next Gen: Next Generation Magazine. 2/01: Sex & Violence: You've grown up. When will your games. Revealed! Metal gear solid 2 in action. The Gamer's Guide Returns! 777 games rated. Exposed! Supercar street challenge, Floigan Brothers, Bloody Roar 3, Kessen II, The Final Fantasy Movie. Hands-On Reviews: Tomb Raider: Chronicles. Banjo-Tooie. Grandia II. Mech Warrior 4: Vengeance. Skies of Arcadia. Dreamcast. Nintendo 64. PlayStation 2. PC. Xbox. Gamecube. (12/$12) www.next-generadion.com or www.DailyRadar.com Next Gen, PO Box 52682, Boulder, CO 80323-3682

Seventeen is the world's most popular magazine for the modern teenage girl. Every month, you'll read about the hottest fashions trends for teens, beauty and style tips, relationship advice, and the latest news on today's biggest heart throbs. Staying cool has never been this easy! B C E F H Young women in teens and early 20's. Plus food, cars, college, talent, fiction and crucial personal and global issues. (2,416M/$58M) Love Issue:  SEX: 10 myths exposed. How to know if you're ready. 40 Gorgeous Guys. Horoscope: Summer love forecast. Diary of a Guy's Crush. Quizzes: Are you moving too fast. Is he moving too slow?  How To Give (and get) the Best Kisses. Plus: 4 dates, 4 outfits. The WB's Young Ameriacns. Can You Pair Up the Newest Celeb Couples? 2/00: Freddie Prinze, Jr., "Girls Don't Have to Be Thin to Be Hot."  Love Your Body:  Here's how. "I don't want to go to college." Girls Who Can Say No. Real-life Romeos and Juliets. Spring Fashion Preview:  110 fresh ideas. The Best Brush for Your Hair. His & Her Valentine's Quizzes. Makeup Lesson 101:  Eyes, cheeks & lips. 1/00: A Year of Great Hair: 365 tips & tricks. Life, Love and Lucky Days: Our horoscope spectacular. Not a Size 6 & Proud of It. Quiz: Is it really over?  10 Years in Jail: One teen's story. Stop! Get an on-the-street makeover. Giveaway of the Century: 2,000 free prizes. Exclusive: A night with Enrique Iglesias. The New It Girls: Brittany Murphy, Kirsten Dunst, Jessica Alba. 9/99: Hollywood's hottest flaunt their favorite denim. Back to School Boy Guide:  Is he a keeper?  Long-distance love. The other girl. 24 fall makeup must-haves. You Can Afford College:  Here's how. Win a Wardrobe Makeover. Angel's David Boreanaz & Charisma Carpenter:  On first loves, getting grounded, and favorite body parts. Wakeup With Perfect Hair (5 tricks that work). Cool, Crazy, Chic 181 Fashion Ideas. "This town rocks!"  Top 10 cities for teens. 8/99:  Dating Two Guys:  Is it twice the fun?  Back-to-school cool:  250 fashion ideas. Beauty Checklist:  Everything you need for under $30. Ricky:  From menudo to megastar. Sex?  4 guys on why they're waiting. Parents who snoop. Win a $1,000 scholarship. "I met him."  Your photos of Leo, Ben, Matt & more. Girl-time with guest editor Katie Holmes:  Boys, books, makeup and beyond. Are you a future VJ/DJ? 5/99: So Cool Jewel:  Her gems, her secrets, her jeans, her songs. Fab Hair:  Updo how-tos, the best tools, 50+ tricks. You Say No, He Hears Yes:  What to do. Pre-prom parties that swing. Hollywood Couples:  Who's clingy (and who's in control). Love Your Bod:  All shapes, all sizes swimsuit guide. "My dad had an affair." Wow!  Win a guitar signed by Jewel. 4/99: Kirsten Dunst on bowling, boys and her parents' breakup. Best Prom Buys. Sexually harassed?  You say yes. The height of hip: 100+spring fashion ideas. The Secret Language of Guys: 50 clues he's crazy about you. Drew Does It Again: High school, that is. Plus get her 4 prettiest big-screen looks. A Guide to His Head, Heart and... Smooch!  How to read his lips. 1/99: Win this dress (a see-through sequin party dress shown with no slip. It can't help but show nipples-ed), Snooping on him-are you digging too deep?  Sex & body myths exposed. High pressure high school-is yours this tough? Also, fashion Q&A, horoscopes for love, loot and looking good, 90-second beauty tips and more. (12/newsstand) Patricia Adcroft, Editor-in-Chief (Six men and 64 women.) PO Box 55192, Boulder, CO 80323-5192. www.seventeen.com

Sex Etc. A newsletter by teens for teens. Fall/00: Are Teens Too Young for Love? Straight Answers to Your Sex Questions. Dealing With Your Parents' Problems. Stalked: One Victim's Story. Like Mother Like Son. Addictions run in the family. Breaking the Silence: An incest survivor speaks out. (3/Free) Subscribe on line at www.sexetec.org or Sex Etc, Rutgers University, Network for Fmaily Life Education, PO Box 411, Shrub Oak, NY 10588-0411 or sxetc@rci.rutgers.edu

Smile:  For the next-gen girl, (6/$20) 10/99:  Back-to-School:  Galactic gear. The Moffatts:  Brotherly love. Street Seen. Miss "American Pie" Shannon Elizabeth. (6 women, 14 men) Susan Jadet, Editor-in-Chief, Mixx Entertainment, 746 W Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90089-7727 www.smilegear.com

Stance, Lifestyles of the Young and Dangerous. Street culture injectoin. Built for Guys: Youth culture below mainstream radar. (Take a look. One of the few teen/twenties magazines that might have some socially redeaming qualities. Active young women will like it, too.) 8/02: Boys of Bummer + 12 Pages of Real Bikini Girls!!! 164 pages of action, girls, music & product. Milla Jovovich: Superstar with firepower. The Complete Guide to West Coast Hip Hop. Muska Does the Biggest Stunt of His Career. 7/02: The Street Cred Issue: Who has it, who lost it & who bought it!  10 Things You Don't Know about Eninem. Atlanta: A guide to the city's best. The History of B-Boying. Crazy Legs Schools You. + Ice Cube, Chuck D, and Mila Kunis. 5/02: 164 Pages of Skateboards, Girls, Gear and Cars. Tara Reid: Loses her jersey. Tony Alva: Why he's lucky to be alive. Rob Zombie: Hollywood gives his movie the finger. Hide You Sister: Modest Mouse on tour. David Cross: Meet the world's funniest man. 5/01: Tony Hawk:  Skateboarding's most wanted. Everlast: His best album ever. Web Radio: The download. Plus: 84 electronics, 88 gear, 40 girls and 100 music reviews. 3/01: 2001-What! The hottest clothes, electronics & music!  Gear, Gadgets, Girls. Whose Shoes are Your Wearing? 2/01: DC Shoes vs. Tokyo: Showdown in the East. Mat Hoffman: Boby Bomb. Ultimate DJ: Buyer's Guide. Over 30 Pages of Gear Inside! 12/00: Exclusive: On the set of Destroying America. How To Be a Pro Snowboarder: The ultimate test. Win: A snowboard, skate decks, and more. Log on to: Blink 182's. Gift Guide 2000. 10/00: Snow Gear: Products you need. Koston & Howard: Celebrating with the Laker Girls. Mos Def: Inside the mind of a hip-hop genius. Hot New Gear: Denim, shoes, windbreakers, mini stereos and more. Girls, Girls, Girls! The Laker Girls and the Hottest New Models. Win Free: Forum Snowboard, Girl Skate Decks & Osiris Shoes. 8/00: Hot for Teachers: Shorty's Rosa exposed!  Inside Kareem. Campbell's World. Tons of new gear! Watches, shoes, clothes. Idiot's Guide: +MP3. Mila Kunis of that '70s show. Win free gear inside! 6/00:  500 New Shoes Tech Gear Skate Decks. How to: Freestyle motocross. Skateboarding vs. Wrestling. The Reef Girls: Back that thang up!  Bling Bling! Malia Jones. Win a free DJ turntable kit + 10 Skate Decks + 12 Clive Backpacks + Spiewak Outfit + More! 4/00: (Premiere Issue) Gear for Guys: 40 new skate shoes, 200+ spring styles, 50 tech toys. Rage Agasinst the Machine: Poetic, political, psised. Don't Get Jacked: How to buy a car. Bree Turner from mtv's Undressed. Sneak Peak: Playstation 2. The End for Tony Hawk?  Win a free Incubus Snowboard+ 10 Apollo Backpacks + DJ Bag + More... (6/$8-newsstand) Transworld Stance, PO Box 469014, Escondido, CA 92046-9828

Sugar, Britain's Best Selling Girls' Magazine. 11/00: Live It Up! Bag that toy...today. Make more mates in minutes. Win our top model comp. Extra: 12-page friendship special. Shocking True Stories: "My mum married my rapist." "My boyfriend was a heroin dealer." Specila Report: Have Robbie and Liam gone too far?  "Let's rbing the skip in" and other signs it's time to sort out your bedroom. What Does Your Laugh Reveal? Boys tell all... Plus S Club TV, Eminum, Paul Walker, David Boreanaz, Sugar show poster boys. 1/00: Party On!  Dresses that dazzle and glamour that glitters. Poster Special! Bond Boys licensed to thrill. Real Life Stories: "I live with a ghost" "He raped me...then killed himself" Ben Affleck: The bod! The babes! The biz!  Bye Bye Shy: Hello brave new you. Fend Shui for Christmas Tree: It's all in your baubles!  Snogs a-go-go! How to kiss him and keep him. Plus! Lee from Steps. T4's Ben & Dermot. Richard Blackwood. Bernard Butler. Richard McCourt. Trey Farley. Steve Wilson. 10/99: Double Your Mates!  Like now...with our 10 page fab friends spesh!  The Naked Truth:  "My dad's a stripper." Are you destined to be tpgetjer?  Spicier than Salsa!  Ricky Martin, Julio Iglesias, Jr. Oi, parents, no!  Crunch their cringey ways forever. Special Report "I had my baby in prison." 7 Ways to Nab Him:  without saying a word. Inside!  Boy wallpaper for every reader! Plus!  Website Britney Spears, Leonardo DiCaprio, A1 northern line. SClub7 and Freddie Prinze Jnr. (12/$25 - newsstand) Subscribe: Sugar, PO Box 500, Missouri City, TX 77459-9904. 800.310.7047. Editorial: 3rd Floor, 17 Berners St, London W1P 3DD(3 men, 26 women)

Surfing Girl. For girls who want a little action. 4-5/02: Swimwear Preview: 32 pgs of summer's hottest swimsuits. Mega Mexico: 4x champ Layne tackles 20 ft surf. 9 Dream Destinations: World's best places to surf, skate & snowboard. Down and Dirty with Guttermouth. Free Poster Inside. 4-5/01: Live from Hawaii. Layne Wins Again! Autographed World Champ Poster Inside. Babewatch: Hawaiian hotties we love. Daytripping in Maui. Triple Crown Showdown. Island Fever: bonus 36 page swimwear preview. + Surf School. Music. Horoscopes. Beauty. Free Stuff. 12/00: Girls are Better than Boys...at teaching you how to surf. Rockhelle Rocks! Ballard bags big bucks. Find Your Perfect Partner, Plus: Cool Bags, Horoscopes, Reader's Music Picks, Longboarding Superstars, Summer's Biggest Surf Parties...and some very tastey chocolate-chip cookies! Supplement to Surfing Magazine. www.surfinggirl.com

Teen features the latest trends and information on fashion, beauty, boys, dating, celebrities, quizzes, and horoscopes for girls age 12 to 19. Interests and aspirations universal to all teen girls. Ultimate resource tapped into what's hip and trend breaking written in a voice that's understanding and appreciated by teen girls. (2,078M/$58M) (1 man on staff of 38), 7/00: Is There a Boyfriend in Your Future?  80 Fresh Fashion & Makeup Ideas (for every budget). Should You Kiss Him?  1,192 guys reveal the new romance rules. Hall of Shame: Readers' most horrifying moments. You Are Gorgeous! Flaws? Never! Beauty secrets that celebrate your look. Freddie, Matthew, Jason & Other "It" Babes Inside. 1/00: Girls Rule: The scoop on your fave tv stars. Quiz: Is he moving too fast?  Catchin' Up With: Justin T. BSB. Blink-182. Extra 12-Page beauty horoscope. 1055 Y2K Giveaways! Fashions That Fit Your Body. The Ex-Files: How to act when it's over. Class of 2000: 5 seniors predict the future. Sarah Michelle Gellar. 9/99: Bonus Hot Star Pinups!  Film's Freshest Faces:  Scott Speedman, Jonathan Jackson, Josh Hartnett, Heath Ledger. Get a new 'do now!  Quiz:  Are you too sneaky?  Fall's 15 pages gotta-have-it fashion. Deadly High:  The drug no one talks about. Love March:  Do you click or clash? Jennifer Love Hewitt:  New show, new look, new dude? 4/99: Quiz: Is it love or like?  Spring Styles: Best buys, need-'em now trends. All About Eyes: Makeup tips & tricks. Super How To Deal Stressed. Real Life: "My boyfriend beat me up" Get Active:  16 pages of fun & fitness. Inside Scoop: The private lives of David Boreanaz, Drew Barrymore, Joshua Jackson and more. 12/98: Love Advice that Can't Lose; The Boy is Mine: what to do when your friend likes him too; The Buzz on the Year's Best Babbes, Bands & More Roxanne Camron, Editor in Chief, (10/newsstand) PO Box 51683, Boulder, CO 80323-1683 www.teenmag.com or www.petersinco.com

Teen People, (5 men on staff of 41), 10/01: The Sexy List starring Mark McGrath, Aaliyah, Usher, Nelly Furtado, Alicia Keys, Paul Walker and more. Curly, Crazy, Straight: Learn to control your hair. Let's Talk about Sex plus: your most embarrassing sex-ed moments. The Price of Fame: Why A.J., Ben & Mariah fell apart. Hollywood's Hottest Young Star: Josh Hartnett. Free tattoos! Get your own, plus Mark's & Aaliyah's.

Teen People, inside 9/99: Interesting marketing technique to sell some people two copies of the same issue by making two very different covers, even to the contents. Cover (1) is 272 pages and features: Fashion Flash:  Top trends from around the country. Hot Summer Music:  Backstage photos from the coolest concerts. Dare to Get Great Hair - Here's how. Teens and Drinking:  Shocking true-life stories. 98 degrees:  An exclusive interview and red-hot new photos. Ultimate College Guide:  Success secrets, fashion tips, beauty advice and more!  Plus:  Win the perfect wardrobe. Cover (2) features Ricky Martin but is only 52 pages. This cover promotes The 20 Hottest Stars of the Year. Sneak Peak:  New singers, bands and CDs you'll love!  Cool Music:  Trivia quiz. Inside:  Free music coupons. Music 2000. Will Smith. tlc. Brandy. Backstreet Boys. Fred Durst. 'n sync. Monica. Christina Ferrari, Managing Editor (10/$15-newsstand), PO Box 61690, Tampa, FL 33661-1690 aolkeywood:teenpeople

Teen Quiz, 2001. (In conjunction with Teen Magazine. 32 women, one man). Boys, Buds & You! Page after page of gotta-do quizzes. Guy Spy: Is it love or like? Should you kiss him? How he sees you. Special Why Me! Stories: Your most mortifying moments. Check Your Friendship Factor. Play the Celeb Game. www.teenmag.com ($2.99 newstands.

Teen Vogue. Spr 02: Beauty Rescue: Clear skin by Friday night. Who's the Best Dressed: Our hot list - Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Kirsten Dunst, Mandy Moore, Jessica Alba, Natalie Portman, Julia Stiles...and more. Sneaker Style. Britney: rates her fashion hits and misses. Star Wars Heart Throb Hayden Christensen & Hollywood's New It Girl. James King. Aaliyah's brother on living with loss. Gwen Stefani: On her inner geek and rebel chic. Spring Fashion: Love is in the air. Plus The Sexy Boys of the WB. Amy Astley, Editor, ($3/newsstand/10) (49 women, 3 men) Subscriptions $10 for 10 issues. PO Box 32229, Boone IA 50037

Teen Voices:  Because you're more than just a pretty face. Fall/99: Selling Out to Censorship. Searching for Sisterhood. Alcoholism:  Battling the bottle. Wake Up...I Can't!  Surviving chronic fatigue syndrome. Winning the So-Called Game of Sex. (4/$20 - newsstand) (0 men, 50 women) Alison Amoroso, Editor in Chief, PO Box 120-027, Boston, MA 02112-0027 www.teenvoices.com

Twist. Energy, attitude of young women, real life concerns, reality vs fantasy. (271M) (4 men on a staff of 23) 2/04: Go Ahead, Call Her Dumb! Jessica's secret weaon for dealing with criticism. Turn Like into Love: We reveal all the tricks! Do-It-Yourself Salon-Perfect Blowout. Real Life 6 Chilling Stories of Teen Suicide. What's Stressing You Out? Poll results inside. Kissable by Valentine's Day: Banish bad breath once and for all. Master the smooch that'll blow his mind. Free! Style Cards: Your best date looks. WOW! Daily Horoscopes. Adan vs Seth: Who's more romantic? Secrets for looking as hot as Hilary. Why Justin may never be truly happy. Is Paris a total snob? 1/00: Guys, Love and You!  Is everyone hooking up?  Is crushing better than dating?  Results from our first ever dating survey! Free Horoscope Booklet! Your love forecast for 2000. Should You Go for a Guy Bud? Surprising advice - from boys. Quiz! Are you your own person?  Don't Stress! 10 creative ways to get happy. Period Probs?  Don't freak! Help's inside. 20 Secrets about Roswell. Celeb Style: The 25 coolest (and kookiest) looks for '99. Supercute Room Stuff: And it's cheap!  Bizarro Scents Boys Love! We tested 'em. Meredith Monroe: Spills top-secret Dawson's scoop! 9/99: Just Friends?  8 signs he secretly wants to be more. The Coolest Back-to-School clothes ever!  Sex Pressure:  How to deal. Broke?  50 cool things to do for under $5. Quizfest:  Are you a diva?  Who's your soulmate? Hot Haircuts: that flatter your face. Britney Spears:  Answers our readers' Qs. Flirt Alert!  Guys reveal what catches their eye - every time!  True Triumph:  "I was sexually harassed - but I fought back!" Ricky Martin's sizzlin' secrets. 4/99: Free your most mortifying moments booklet. Hot Hair you can do yourself. Why Guys Flake: It's not you, it's him. Quiz Fest: Are you psychic?  Is he your soulmate? Yikes: Teachers from hell. Get Him Now!  50 ways to talk to any guy. Hooking Up:  Real girls get personal. Buffy Exclusive:  Backstage with Seth Green & Alyson Hannigan. Carson Daly dish. Bonus 'N Sync, Backstreet Boys, Next, 98 Degrees. 12/98: Guy Virgins-why they're waiting. 66 shortcuts to a perfect life. Kissing-lip smacking confessions from guys. Spooky I'm a teenage witch. Beastie Boys get Nasty. Groovy gifts under $20. Boy friend or boyfriend?  Glam it up-head to toe part makeovers. The Neve you never knew. (10/$13.95-newsstand), PO Box 1946, Marion, OH 43306-2046. twistmail@aol.com or www.twistmag.com

Worddance Magazine: the magazine dedicated to the voice of today's youth, (4/$18-newsstand), Fall 98: Playful Productions, PO Box 10804, Wilmington, DE 19850-0804 www.worddance.com

YM:  Young & Modern a magazine dedicated to teen age women, has a contemporary flair and a youthful sense of style. With in-depth features on entertainment and celebrities, useful advice on personal relationships, and practical beauty tips, YM serves as the ultimate guide to a thoroughly modern life. B E F H M R 12-24 affluent young women. Step by step fashion trends. Cosmetics, haircare, skincare, self-esteem, models, celebrities. (2,187M/$87M) (4 men on staff of 38) 5/02: Enrique: He's hot and has really cute dogs. Near-Perfect Boyfriend:  Specimens inside. The Easiest, Coolest Hairstyles. How to Have an Awesome Summer. High School Girls Behind Bars. Plus: O-Town, India, Arie, Dave Matthews, Smash Mouth & Jennifer Garner. Win the Cutest Bathing Suits in History. Free Ashton Kutcher Poster. 12/01-01/02: How to Flirt. The Cutest Boy on TV. Awesome Holiday Gifts Under $30. What to Wear to Any New Year's Party. September 11 Changed Everything for These 14 Teens. Justin: More hot pictures inside. Throw Out Your Bathroom Scale. 5/01: The Sexiest, Coolest Swimsuits Ever!!! 75 Free Bikinis. Be a winner! Tons of Cute Surfer Boys. Win a Free Trip to Surf Camp. Truth or Dare with Mandy Moore. Blind Date Bliss: Three juisy hookups. Jennifer Aniston's High School Diary. Plus Jose & the Pussycats' Meow-Wow Makeovers. Sleepover Secrets from the Popstars. 10/00: 98 Degrees on Why Virginity is Sexy: Plus a special scratch-off prise-win their shits. Size Him Up! What a guy's looks reveal. 7 Reasons Guys Freak About Love. Your Better Body Guide: Kick you fat cravings. The new eating disorder: could you have it?  Stressed?  Quick chill-outs. 40 Best Web Beautyu Finds. Lance Bass Wants You! 2/00: Get Asked Out More Often!  Guys tell you how. Bedroom Makeovers: Tons of cool, do-it-yourself ideas. The Love & Sex Report:  15,000 girls on pressure, bad reps & how long to wait. Romance Secrets of Your Fave Stars. Look Irresistible! 95 new hair & makeup tips. 30 Ways to Have More Fun on Dates. "I tried to kill myself" One girl's ordeal. Christina Aguilera: The power of her music, moves and attitude. Bonus: 4 cool Christina posters. Special Spring 00: Find the Real You. What your handwriting, bedroom, shopping style, dream dude & face photos say about you. Ready, Set...Romance! The type of guy who'll melt for you. Your dating future forecast. Clues to your love personality. Decode his locker, closet & backpack. Ultimate Horoscope Handbook: Tune in to your hidden talents, fab flirt moves & key ways to beat stress. The Best Career for You-Inside!  Best Friends: What your pal picks reveal about you. Hair Makeovers. Your Star Crushes: Their secret meaning. Go QUIZ! 50 fun pages. Special 1999 Love Issue: 201 Secrets to Boy Bliss. Quiz Blitz:  What type of guy will fall for you & why. 8 habits that ruin romance & how to break 'em. Is he into you?  7 ways to get him to spill. How many guys have you kissed?  What your number means. Hot-Date hair & makeup guide. Lip Lessons:  make your smooches sizzle! 5/99: The Never-Get-Dumped Guide:  100 guys' tips. Look Buff!  bikinis that fix any flaw. Love Quiz:  What his smooch style reveals. Inside scoop from Felicity's sexy Scotts. Bonus Section:  Sex Secrets - 8 ways to tell if you're really ready. The new rules for hook-up safety. No-fail booty-hound busters. "I risked so much to be pretty":  scary surgery stories. Makeup Magic:  trick 'em into thinking you blew a bundle. 7th Heaven's Jessica Biel:  dishes about her co-star crushes, gutsy guy-getting moves and why she's no angel. 4/99: 101 Beauty Steals: Ultra-hip loot for less. Claire Danes: The Mod Squad star on taking risks, freaking about college and the best (and worst) part of being in love. Win a Date With 98 Chillin' with the Boy Bands. Your Total Turn-Him-On Guide:  Boy bait: 41 moves he can't resist. Lust Busters: Guys' top turn-offs. Lasting Love:  Keep it goin' on! Hottie Heaven: Pick your face from our top 20. Love Quiz:  Is he really into you? Losing Mom: "I never dreamed I'd miss her so much" Bonus!  Say anything booklet: the most mortifying ever. 4/99: Prom Special. Love Horoscope:  Who's on your hunk horizon?  51 fun fab ways to get psyched, have a blast and make him swoon. Dazzle 'em:  60 scene-staling dresses. Supersexy hair and makeup. Excellent extras:  shoes, jewels. Say anything:  Glam night gross-outs. Starry, Starry Nights:  Never-before-told prom tales from Will Smith, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Adam Sandler, and more. Snag Him!  Ultimate guy-getting guide (you'll thank us). 1/99: Brand Puking New - Special Say Anything Issue; Free Gift Wrap; Is He Your Soul Mate - 8 Ways to Tell (at 16?  Give me a break. ed); P{arty On Goof Proof Hair & Makeup; Good Girls vs Bad Girls-Why they envy each other; 500 Guys Secrets: What they really think about your hair, kisses, come-on lines; Hot Holiday Dresses-that fix figure flaws; Win! $1,000 Buffy wardrobe and set visit. Susan Kane, Executive Editor, (10) PO Box 3060, Harlan IA 51593-2124 www.ym.com

Zillions for kids from Consumer Reports, (6/$16), 9-10/98 Subscription Dept, PO Box 51777, Boulder, CO 80323-1777

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