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American Diabetes Alert, Fourth Tuesday each March. 800.DIABETES (342.2383) or www.diabetes.org

For Kids & Teens

The following links and organizations are geared specifically for and/or about diabetes, kids and teenagers.

Diabetes camps for kids: Special camps just for kids and teens who have diabetes are organized by state. For more, see the Diabetes Camps for Kids article in Kids' Health.

Children with Diabetes

This award-winning site for children with diabetes and their families provides information about diabetes management, reviews diabetes products for children, and offers message boards and chat rooms. Users can take part in a weekly online diabetes poll or browse an online dictionary. A profile section features essays by hundreds of young people with diabetes. The Ask the Diabetes Team feature lets users pose questions to a team of experts and receive personal replies.

Courage: The Diabetic Superhero

Produced by a father to inspire his 11-year-old son who has diabetes, this site blends advice about diabetes self-care into the action-packed adventures of a superhero named Courage, who has diabetes. The colorful drawings are rendered in comic-book style. The site features Courage's inspirational address to people with diabetes as well as letters sent to Courage.

Family's Guide to Diabetes

This site, created by teenage webmaster Ryan Dinkgrave, features timely articles for young people with diabetes, such as coverage of the first-ever Children's Congress in Washington, D.C. The Family's Guide offers forums and chats that allow children with diabetes to discuss relevant issues with each other.

Kids Learn About Diabetes

This online diabetes tutorial, designed by kids, presents concise articles with clear explanatory diagrams. Articles cover issues such as testing, shots, complications, and feelings that kids with diabetes may have. A test question follows each article to reinforce important concepts.


To encourage seriously ill children to participate in their own care, this site uses multimedia programs, computer networks, and videos to enhance children's self-esteem, and nurture coping and communication skills. The site includes information on projects for children with diabetes, such as the CD-ROM "Life Adventure Series: Diabetes," which helps kids learn what having diabetes means for their lives.

Other resources

Chronic Care Challenges Board Game This educational board game was developed by healthcare professionals to help people with a chronic illness understand and learn to cope with their diseases. Played like Monopoly, the game encourages sharing of opinions, ideas, and personal experiences with family members. Card sets devoted to a particular chronic disease -- such as diabetes or Alzheimer's disease -- also available

Diabetes Online Software Management. The flagship product on this site is a software package called Diabetes Works, a collection of five Windows programs to help you store your blood glucose meter readings, print out graphs, analyze diets, and test different insulin regimes.

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Six million Americans have diabetes and don't know it. Time to "Take the Test." Call 800.DIABETES

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