The Story of Christine Anderson (formally Morton)

When you think of dirt tracks you might think of sportsmans, modifieds, and even sprint cars, but none get as down and dirty as ATV racing. Christine Anderson has been racing ATV’s for quite some time now. When Christine first realized she loved competition, she was showing horses. She did barrel racing, stadium jumping and cross country, but now she has traded in those horses for some horsepower.

Christine races two different bikes. Her first is a Honda 400EX which has been stroked and bored to 440cc motor and her second is a Yamaha YZ426, however, it is in the engine shop being stroked and bored to 473cc motor, these two fast machines get her closer to the finish line. When she first started, she competed in local races but it didn’t take her long to figure out that she needed to compete in the nationals, taking herself to that level would mean big things for this young woman from Richmond, Virginia. Christine now competes in the ATVA Grand National Championship Series; her stats are very impressive with mostly all top 5’s, and she also has nationally ranked #3 overall in the GNC Women’s TT. Christine is definitely making her mark in the ATVA series.

 Tourist Trophy (otherwise known as TT Racing) is the type of racing that she competes in, Christine also admitted, that she enjoys racing Motocross as well, but with her bad neck and back she can’t compete in the Motocross series like she would like too. ATV racing is very physically demanding on a person body. Christine went on to tell Girls Garage “that you would be surprised how much muscle endurance and toning it takes to be so competitive, especially in Motocross”. “When you are standing up leaning over the bars, it puts quite a strain on the back”. She tries to stay in shape by going to the gym and physical therapy for her back and neck, as to not take too much of a beating while she is competing.

When asked what her future goals were she said that she plans on running Pro Production Class in the Nationals and that she also wants to compete in the Pro-AM Class and run competitively in the top 10, but first and foremost, Christine’s main goal is to be the first woman ever to run the Pro Production Class and qualify for every race.

Family is important to her because without them she wouldn’t have a crew, a sponsor or a unique influence in her life. She told Girls Garage that her Dad has been the biggest influence in her racing career and that he supports her 100% in every area of her life, she looks up to her father, like most daughters do. Another big influence in her life is fellow racer Shane Hitt, Christine admits, she tries to keep an eye on him as much as possible, just to watch the way that he rides, so she can see what lines he is taking before she goes out for a race.

We wanted to know what the most memorable moment in her career has been; she told us that it was when she was racing in Elizabeth City, NC. It was her first ever national podium in 2002, revealing to us, that she hasn’t seen her father cry many times in her life. On this special day she had finished the race and was coming around the grandstand to do a post race interview, she had passed her dad who had run out onto the track to give his daughter a high-five. “He had tears in his eyes and at that very moment, all of the time, effort, money, and broken bones had paid off”. Christine isn’t the only racer in the family, her little sister, Cara also competes in racing and their father has to be one of their biggest fans.

Christine’s two main sponsors are, Legacy ATV Racing and Lost Creek Cycles. She wants to thank them for all of their help and dedication. They continue to stand by her, as well as, believe in everything she tries to accomplish, and it really does mean so much to her. If you are interested in sponsoring Christine Anderson, please feel free to contact her Public Relations Woman, Ashley Henshaw, via her E-Mail or you can contact Christine Anderson via her E-Mail (neither e-mail was working as of 4/3/06)

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