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Poles and Podiums for Burridge
Driver of the day for Burridge
Charlotte joins Mr2 grid for 2011!


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Charlotte Burridge is a 19 year old lady who is ‘destined for success’, she is 100% committed to becoming a professional racing driver, and together with her management team she is working towards her goal in a structured manner.

Charlotte is a member of the Silverstone Motorsport Academy and the Racing Drivers Academy.

Name: Charlotte Burridge
Nickname: Charlie
Nationality: British
DOB: 23/02/1992
Height: 5'2''
Weight: 52kg
Occupation: Student
Subjects: Psychology and Sports Studies BA/BSc hons at the University of Hertfordshire
Hobbies: Going to the gym and cinema
Favorite Food: Pasta
Favorite Track: Snetterton 300 and Rowrah
Heroes: Lewis Hamilton and Valantino Rosse

Q & A

What originally got you involved in motorsport?

I first got in a kart on a family holiday and immediately loved it when I was 13. However motorsport has been in my blood as my dad used to race and then he ran the Champions of the Future championship.

In your profile it says Snetterton 300 is your favourite track, why is that?

Snetterton has so much character to it and now it is a really long lap so there are lots of different aspects to it. As a driver it is very demanding but at the same time it is very rewarding to drive as getting the perfect lap is quite hard so it is great when I do!

At university you are studying Psychology and Sports Studies, does it help you at all with your racing?

I think this course is perfect for me and my racing as it touches upon so many different aspects that effect racing drivers such as sports disciplines that effect performance and also mental toughness, and ultimately I think sports psychology is key to gaining great results.

How do you find being a female in a male dominated world?

I think it’s great, I don’t think it hinders me at all I am just as able as any male driver out there so it is good to show the boys what I am made of. Of course I do put my feminine touches into the racing by adding a splash of pink in places!

What do you enjoy doing away from the race track?

Spending time and being around my friends is really important to me. I also like to get my nails and hair done and to go shopping. Cycling has become a favourite pass time of mine to and I intend to complete some prestigious bike rides again this year.

What are your top 3 ‘likes’?

Shoes, nail varnish and the colour pink.

What are your top 3 dislikes?

Feathers, selfishness, wind.


Charlotte will be competing in the Lotus Cup UK in 2012 in the production class driving car 38 a Lotus Elise S1


Charlottes next outing will be on the 25th and 26th of June at Snetterton.

Poles and Podiums for Burridge

Monday the 30th of May saw Charlotte take to Castle Combe race circuit to take part in a packed day of racing with the opportunity to compete in two race championships on the bank holiday. The decision was made by Charlotte and her team that due to her lack of experience and only learning the circuit on the previous Wednesday that competing in both the Nippon Challenge a race series for Japanese and Asian built race cars and her usual Toyota MR2 MK1 championship she would gain more race experience.

On what was an extremely wet day Charlotte managed to gain pole position in the Nippon Challenge but not only did she gain pole position she also managed to qualify 6th overall in the whole race! Therefore having many cars with more power sat behind her on the grid this was a fantastic achievement. “I never expected to gain pole position, it was the first time I had driven my MR2 in the wet so I was uncertain of what to expect, but it was a great feeling to know I was quickest in my class and quicker than many other of the faster cars on circuit”. Charlotte finished 3rd in both of her Nippon Challenge races which is a great achievement as this was only her third race meeting.

The main championship in which Charlotte was focusing on was her usual Toyota MR2 MK1 series were full of confidence she qualified 5th on the grid with many of the usual front runners behind her for the first race. However on the grid her car mysteriously lost all power and the electrics failed resulting in Charlotte having to painfully watch the race from the side lines of where her car was pushed off. This meant Charlotte had a real challenge in what would be her last race of the day having to start from 35th on the grid. This was made even harder with the knowledge that Castle Combes time restriction was drawing ever closer and her race was cut down to 11minutes instead of the usual 15. Getting a brilliant start Charlotte made it up to 14th within just 4 laps; however a car further up the fields engine set on fire leaving oil on the circuit were Charlotte became a victim and spun her car and became a passenger of the MR2 however amazingly the car landed in the right direction and Charlotte was able to get back up to 19th position as the chequered flag dropped.

After her consistently impressive drives throughout the day in both championships in extremely difficult conditions Charlotte showed she has raw pace and has the maturity of a driver who has been racing for many more years than herself she was awarded ‘Driver of the Day’ and was awarded a trophy by the Red Dragon Race Club. Charlotte commented, “Today has been a rollercoaster of emotions, it was my first time to drive the car in the wet but to get the results I did has been fantastic and a massive confidence boost. Obviously I am really disappointed about what happened in the first MR2 race but it was a great come back in the second race, and I’m so happy about my pole position and two 3rds in the Nippon Challenge.

Driver of the day for Burridge

Silverstone National brought the first test for Charlotte to see who she was up against this year at an invitation race held for MR2 series drivers. After a disasterous qualifying with Charlotte not even making a lap after a fuse going she stormed through the field in both races from last on the grid to take a end result of 24th in her first ever car race. Charlottes strong and solid performance was noticed throughout the day and she was awarded driver of the day! “From such a bad start to the day to end up with a solid finish and driver of the day was a fantastic result, I am very much looking forward to Brands Hatch after the experience I have gained today and I will maintain the positive momentum and keep on pushing for round 1 of the championship.”

Charlottes next outing takes her to Brands Hatch in Kent on the 1st May for rounds 1 and 2 of the MR2 MK1 series.

Charlotte joins Mr2 grid for 2011!

This year Charlotte will be racing in the MR2 MK1 series. She will be one of only 2 females in the highly competitive field and be taken across the country to 7 of the country’s finest race circuits including Brands Hatch and Rockingham across the year. “I am extremely excited to be racing in this series this year, we have done a lot of research and feel this is a great car and series to learn all the new circuits and gain experience in. I will be pushing hard from the start to get good results and look forward to what the forthcoming year brings”.



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