Collette Davis is adjusting to the new chassis after last season’s Pro Challenge Mustang events. Placed 7th and 11th at Sebring on 3/15 and 3/16.



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Date of Birth: December 27, 1993
Birthplace: Kansas City, Kansas
Residence: Daytona Beach, FL
University: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Degree: Mechanical Engineering
Focus: High Performance Vehicles
Year: Sophomore
Projects on Campus: EcoCAR 2
Greek: Theta Phi Alpha
Height: 5’3?
Weight: 105 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue/Brown
Racing Goals: To race and win in the IZOD IndyCar series and become the first female to win the Indianapolis 500
Personal Goals: To obtain a bachelors and ultimately a masters in Mechanical Engineering while pursuing my dreams as a professional race car driver
Collete Davis has always been interested in the world of fast cars and racing from a very young age. Davis attended her first Dodge SRT experience at the age of 11, and by the time she was 12, she was working on cars and trucks of all types by herself and with her Dad.
Eager to learn more than just the mechanical side of race cars, Davis started karting. She was immediately drawn to the fast pace of racing.
Competition was nothing new to Collete. She had been participating in just about every sport since the 2nd grade. Some of these sports included basketball, soccer, softball, volleyball, cross country, track & field, as well as competitive cheerleading.
In Davis’s first season of karting competitively, she won her class Championship at IMI Motorsports complex, at Dacono, Colorado and was given the title of World Formula Champion.
““We had an amazing experience when I was younger during my first season in karts, and the amount of knowledge I obtained was truly irreplaceable. From then on I knew my goal was to become a professional race car driver.”
”After many successful races in her karting career, Davis decided it was time to take it to the next level and get some seat time in race cars. Her first transition from karts to cars was at Pikes Peak International Raceway in an f2000 car with Speedway Driver Search.
Knowing what career path she wanted to follow, Davis did everything she could to excel in school. In high school, she focused on graduating early so she could pursue her racing career. During her Junior year at Fountain-Fort Carson High School in Colorado, she was taking classes not only at her high school campus, but also online and on location at Pikes Peak Community College to graduate early. By the end of her Junior year she had enough credits to graduate high school two years early as well as 16 college credits towards an Automotive Technology Associates Degree… all at the age of 16.
After being accepted into Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and receiving a scholarship from the National Science Foundation valued at $40,000, Davis moved to Florida just after her graduation. She currently resides in Daytona Beach as a Mechanical Engineering student for high performance vehicles at Embry-Riddle.
During the first semester at her new school, she became Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s youngest national student ambassador where she speaks to multiple middle schools about chasing their own dreams! She also is a strong ambassador for females in male-dominated industries.
““I speak to multiple middle schools, specifically to the female students, about chasing their dreams in FULL throttle and letting them know that they CAN be smart, it’s definitely not a “guy” thing, as I hear too often from many of the students. Inspiring and connecting with young girls at this age as well as women of all ages is key to increasing the number of females entering typically male-dominated industries such as the engineering and racing industries. Making a change is what I set out to do.”
”Davis is currently pursuing her professional career in motorsports with hopes of racing in the Mazda Road to Indy ladder series late 2011 or beginning 2012, but is open to each and every opportunity she has to race anything with an engine! In 2011 alone, she will have driven and raced multiple race cars to include: a Pro Challenge Mustang, Formula 2000, Formula 500, Formula Enterprise, and Radical.




National Class of USF2000, Collette Davis (#77 TrueCar/One Formula) had a bit more of a rough start to her season, placing 27th and 31st over the weekend, including a crash during Race 2. Davis, who was only scheduled to race at Sebring and St. Petersburg, retains high hopes of securing funding for a full season run. We wish her the very best!

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