On April 25 I got my first 1st place sand dragging. I always set my sites on the fastest guy in my class. Three years in a row this guy has raced undefeated in our class. And this year I beat him.

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Birthdate: 04/28/1977
Birth Place: Roseburg, Oregon
Current Home Base: Columbia Falls, Montana
Add Additional Information: I sand drag and mud bog.
My ride is a 1974 Toyota Land Cruiser with a BBC 454, built by Draband Performance Engines. I race a street legal class. But we are currently making a class jump with the 74, this means bigger tires, bigger engine, lighter chassis. We also purchased a rail car. That one will debut April 2010.
Who started you: My husband did. The odd thing is, I'm a 4th generation racer.
Biggest influence: Influenced nah, I just got tired of sitting in the stands. Who made the rule that men get to have all the fun.
Women you admire: Colleen Beal, my grandmother. She dirt tracked way, way, way back in the day .
Father's Thoughts: It scares him to death.
Your encouragement to others: Be persistent and tough. Being cute will get you in the gates free, but being tough will get you in the seat.
Description: Up above I had said you needed to "Be persistent and tough\" well I think I forgot determined. I just purchased two 39.5 x 18 Boggers in Spokane Washington. I had to tie both to the top of my Hyundai and drive 270 miles, through 3 states home. I had about 3/4 of an inch clearance between the back tire and the fender. Guess I should not have stuffed the 205 transfer case in the trunk first.



My season started In Eureka MT, on April 4th with a sand drag and mud bog. April 25th & 26th in Eureka again. I blew up my transfer case in my last race and am now under going some changes. Providing my ride is together in time, my next race will be June 6&7 in Havre MT at the Lohman Motor Sports Complex.

We are waiting on mountain jacks off road club to post there dates.

Then off to Dutton MT July 11th. They have the best trophy\'s, I might win one this year.

I usually end the season the same place I begin it at, Eureka, Montana.

I am currently am built to run a street legal/sportsman A class, and when we're done it'll be a sportsman B/Comp A rig.

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