For the 2011 season I plan to concentrate again on the Endurance Road Rally Championship.


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I am a member of Sevenoaks & District Motor Club, Chelmsford Motor Club and the British Women Racing Drivers Club. I hold both a Rally National B License, and a Race National B License.

I started competing during the 2007 season and have competed in car trials, sprints, autotests, gymkhanas, autosolos, navigational rallies, stage rallies, endurance rallying and other disciplines.

I grew up around motor-racing and always enjoyed spectating as a child and watching the Grand Prix on television at the weekend. My Dad often took me to race meetings which is where I first really picked up the bug. I first joined a motor club in 2006, when I joined Sevenoaks, and shortly afterwards joined the committee as Press & PR Co-ordinator, before taking over editing the club magazine "The Acorn" in April 2009. Having marshalled on a couple of events in 2006, I wanted to see how I could get involved in the sport and compete myself. Since then, I have built on the number of events I compete in and now compete in over 25 events a year.

During the 2009 and 2010 seasons, rather than do lots of different events, I decided to concentrate on a few Championships. During the 2009 - 2010 season I did the CMC 12 Car Winter Series, and was aiming to win my class. However I managed to go one better and surprise myself, and won the championship overall! I was really pleased with this having marshalled, organised, driven and navigated on events. During 2010 I competed in the ASEMC Car Trial Championship, and Endurance Road Rally Championship, both in the Micra. I also competed in various other events that took my fancy.

During 2010 I competed in a number of different cars and this will be very similar in 2011 - in 2010 I competed in an endurance spec Nissan Micra, two different standard Rover 214's, an endurance / stage spec Rover 214 and a Mazda Eunos.

For the 2011 season I plan to concentrate again on the Endurance Road Rally Championship, and other events that I fancy, but concentrate on doing fewer events and raising the remaining money needed to make the Micra stage spec with the aim of doing my first stage rally as a driver in 2011. I finished 11th in the ERRC in 2010 and will be aiming for top ten in the Championship in 2011.

Up until October 2009, my everyday road car was a 1.3 Micra - not the coolest car on the road but it served me very well. You can't complain too much at paying a little over £400 and using it as your daily driver but also as a competition car since 2006! It was used for Car Trials, sprinting, autotests, scatters, 12 cars and gymkhanas amongst other things and held up nicely - a lot better than expected. Being a small car with a short wheelbase it was an ideal car for events such as Car Trials and autotests, but did show it's lack of speed when at sprints, depending on the course and conditions.

During the 2008 season I bought a Micra in order to compete on The Preston. As it survived the event pretty much in one piece, I kept it for The Preston 2009 and have also used it on a few Car Trials, 12 Cars, scatters and any other events I fancy as well as building it to Endurance spec during the 2009 season, so I could start driving on Enduros myself in 2010. In 2009 I bought a Mazda Eunos to replace the 1.3 Micra, and have used this on a 12 Car and an Autosolo as well. The plan is to use it on the odd event such as an Autosolo or two.

I also compete on a few events in an endurance and stage rallying spec Rover 214 with my husband Matt Endean, on both stage and Endurance events, as well as navigating for him in it and driving it on some gymkhanas. We also use Matt's road car, a standard 214, at times on events, or if none of the other cars are suitable or running! Having seen us compete, Dad decided to "get in on the act" too and also bought a Rover 214 to compete in, and during 2010 we did our first event together successfully both navigating for each other - it was successful as I beat Dad, and he took 2nd in his class.

For 2011, we will also once again be using our Series 1 Land Rover for recovery on some events as well. This was inherited from Matt's Dad during 2009, and will probably be used for recovery on some events.

At the end of the 2010 season, the Micra was in full Endurance spec, with the necessary safety modifications [ SOS/OK board, extinguisher etc]. I also upgraded the suspension to Spax all round adjustable forest spec and had a full rollcage put in. The car will be developed further to go staging but this is both time and funds dependent!




Championships and Awards 2010

  • CMC 12 Car Winter Series Overall Champion 2009 - 2010
  • 7oaks Boadecia Bowl [best lady, for 2010]
  • 7oaks Stage Rally Co-Drivers Championship

Calendar and Results

  • The Carpetbagger, Devon - 23rd & 24th January 2010 - 4th in class, 18th overall
  • CMC 12 Car, Essex - 29th January 2010 - 1st overall!!!
  • South Downs Goodwood Stages - 6th February 2010 - 2nd in class, 27th overall
  • B19 Car Trial, Chapmans Field - 14th February 2010 - 4th in class, 14th overall and Best Lady
  • 7oaks Scatter, Kent - 18th February 2010 - 2nd overall
  • CMC 12 Car, Essex - 19th February 2010 - 1st in class, 3rd overall
  • CMC Gymkhana, RAF Woodbridge - 28th February 2010 - 1st in class, 12th overall as a navigator. 5th in class, 27th overall as a driver
  • CMC 12 Car, Essex - 19th March 2010 - 2nd in class, 5th overall
  • 7oaks Car Trial [ASEMC round], Stoneacre, Kent - 21st March 2010 - 2nd in class, 7th overall
  • 7oaks Scatter, Kent - 1st April 2010 - 2nd overall
  • MMKMC Car Trial [ASEMC round], Stoneacre, Kent - 11th April 2010 - retired, mechanical [clutch went]
  • CMC Gymkhana, RAF Honington - 25th April 2010 - 7th in class, 13th overall as a navigator. 10th in class, 32nd overall as a driver.
  • 7oaks Sprint, Crystal Palace - 30th May 2010 - 18th in class, 76th overall
  • 7oaks Evening Grass Autotest, Farningham, Kent - 3rd June 2010 - 8th in class, 16th overall
  • CMC East Anglian Classic - 12th June 2010 - n/a, course closing
  • 7oaks Evening Grass Autotest, Farningham, Kent - 17th June 2010 - 1st in class, 14th overall
  • WAC Essex Charity Stages - 4th July 2010 - DNF [mechanical, shell split]
  • The Drystone - 17th July 2010 - 8th in class, 35th overall
  • 7oaks Autosolo, North Weald, Essex - 25th July 2010 - 3rd in class, 19th overall
  • 7oaks Sprint, North Weald, Essex - 29th August 2010 - 4th in class, 53rd overall
  • The Bullnose Endurance Rally [ERRC round], Oxfordshire - 4th September 2010 - 2nd in class, 22nd overall
  • 7oaks Autosolo, North Weald, Essex - 26th September 2010- 2nd in class, 17th overall
  • ERMC Mercury Trial [ASEMC round], Sussex - 3rd October 2010 - 2nd in class, 6th overall
  • Exmoor Endurance Rally [ERRC round] - 9th & 10th October 2010 - 3rd in class, 15th overall
  • CMC Gymkhana, RAF Woodbridge - 17th October 2010 - 7th in class, 24th overall as a driver. 2nd in class, 25th overall as a navigator.
  • CMC 12 Car, Essex - 22nd October 2010 [now marshalling]
  • EACS Endurance, Suffolk - 30th October 2010 - 3rd in class, 17th overall
  • 7oaks Car Trial [ASEMC round], a field somewhere - 7th November 2010 - cancelled
  • 7oaks 12 Car, Kent - 12th November 2010
  • The Third Annual IST, Birmingham - 13th November 2010 - missed due to illness
  • MMKMC Trial, Stoneacre, Kent [ASEMC round] - 21st November 2010 - cancelled 19.11, condition of field [too wet!]
  • CMC 12 Car, Essex - 26th November 2010- 6th in class, 10th overall
  • Harvest Endurance Rally, Cornwall [ERRC round] - 27th & 28th November 2010 - cancelled 17.10.10


2011 Calendar & Results Championships and Awards 2011

Will appear here.

Calendar and Results 2011

CMC The January Jaunt 12 Car, Essex - 14th January 2011 - Clerk of the Course
TRS (Essex) Ltd Brands Hatch Stage Rally - 30th January 2011 - Media Liason Officer
South Downs Goodwood Stages - 12th February 2011 - 4th in class, 29th overall
7oaks Scatter, Kent - 17th February 2011 - 1st overall
CMC Britvic Enduro, Suffolk - 19th / 20th February 2011 - 10th in class, 23rd overall and Best Team Award
7oaks 20/20, Kent - 26th / 27th February 2011 - Course Closing Car
CMC Gymkhana, RAF Woodbridge - 20th March 2011 - 4th in class, 17th overall as a driver and 2nd in class, 9th overall as a navigator
7oaks Scatter, Kent - 31st March 2011- 1st overall
The Great Bustard, Somerset Dorset & Wiltshire, - 2nd / 3rd April 2011- 4th in class, 10th overall [took home award for 2nd in class due to other class contenders' overall finishing positions]
7oaks Autotest, Farningham, Kent - 5th May 2011
CMC Gymkhana, Carver Barracks - 15th May 2011
CMC Gymkhana, RAF Honington - 3rd July 2011
7oaks Autosolo, North Weald, Essex - 24th July 2011
7oaks Sprint, North Weald, Essex - 28th August 2011
OMC The Bullnose, Oxfordshire - 3rd September 2011
CMC Huttons Kitchens Woodbridge Stages, RAF Woodbridge - 24th September 2011
7oaks Autosolo, North Weald, Essex - 25th September 2011
The Exmoor, Somerset and Devon - 1st / 2nd October 2011
CMC The EACS Endurance Rally, East Anglia - 29th / 30th October 2011
7oaks Car Trial, Stoneacre Farm, Kent - 6th November 2011
CMC Gymkhana, Bentwaters - 13th November 2011
7oaks Scatter, Kent - 8th December 2011

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