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 In 2011, Dani earned her SCCA Novice Permit and began racing the team’s Spec Miata, successfully completing her novice requirements and finishing 3rd in points in the Oregon Region SCCA STL Championship. She was also signed as a developmental driver for Team KBR, a local team based out of Vancouver, WA. Team KBR has provided Dani with professional private coaching and crew to add to her growth as a driver.

Dani and Tom now share their Spec Miata, which causes some complications, but it's all in good fun. The rest of the family enjoys hanging out at the track and helping in any way they can. It is a very special thing for Tom and Dani to share this passion of theirs not only with each other but also with their whole family.


 Dani Ferrara Rose Cup Sunday


52nd Annual Rose Cup Races
Based on a dream to race at Rose Cup, Dani put together her campaign called "Fueling Up for Rose Cup" asking for donations to help her achieve this dream of hers. The campaign was a huge success and she had raised the $500 she needed to pay her entry fee within just 3 days! She put the names of all who contributed on the hood of her race car for the weekend and went out there to have some fun.

Her first race was on Saturday, and she had a great battle during the first half of the race, passing back and forth quite a few times. Unfortunately, about midway through the race Dani was hit in the left rear and was spun into the wall. She was not hurt and was able to drive the car back to the pits, but the car was in bad shape. The crew quickly got to work pulling the car apart to see if they could fix it. Many people were unsure if the car could be fixed in time for her race the next day, however, Tom and Dani were both very determined to make sure she could race the next day.

With the help of her boyfriend, Kyle Keenan, his dad, Kevin Keenan, as well as Mike Niday, and some SCCA workers, they were able to fix the car enough for her to race on Sunday. Broken car and all, Dani went out for her race and did very well. She had a fun time racing with some other cars, and eventually managed to get ahead and moved up 3 positions from where she started to finish 14th in class.

Thanks again to everyone who donated and those who helped put the car back together! This race wouldn't have been possible without you!?

Inaugural Romp at the Ridge
Tom finally got his foot to the pedal at the new track in Shelton, WA, The Ridge Motorsports Park for the inaugural race with SCCA. It was a double regional event, and he ran in two classes, SM and STL, for 4 races overall. He also ran the test day to learn the track as well as test the car since this was the first time it was driven since being fixed after the Rose Cup incident. Throughout the weekend Tom got faster and faster, and to turn the tables a little, Dani even gave him some coaching! For Tom's first STL race, he started from the back along with Kyle Keenan who was running STU. The two made their way through the pack on the start and had a ton of fun going through every turn side by side, lap after lap. It was a fantastic race with Tom and Kyle finishing side by side with huge smiles on their faces. Tom won both of his races in STL and also set a new STL track record of 2:00.563!

2012 Doernbecher Dash
Tom and Dani volunteered at this year's Doernbecher Dash charity event by giving rides to children from Doernbecher as well as others who donated. It is a very fun event with the purpose of raising money for Doernbecher Children's Hospital, and features rides in race cars and street cars as well as a silent auction, face painting, a barbeque, Star Wars characters and more all put on during a Cascade Sports Car Club race weekend. Tom brought his Z06 Corvette up for Dani to give rides in, and he ended up getting the opportunity to give rides in a GT40! They both had a great time while supporting a good cause.

Dani also got to give her sister, Tara, a ride for the first time! Ta had been on track before with Tom, but this was her first time on track with her sister.
Source: www.ferrararacing.com/2012_08_01_archive.html

Fueling Up for Rose Cup

I need your help to chase after my dream of racing!

This year, 2012, I am planning to race at Rose Cup for the first time. It is the second largest amateur race in the country, taking place at our home track, Portland International Raceway.

In order for me to be able to run in this event, I am in need of some extra funding, which is why I started this campaign, Fueling Up for Rose Cup!

I am asking all of my friends and family for donations to help me raise the $500 I will need to pay my entry for the weekend.
Source: daniferrara.blogspot.com/2012/05/fueling-up-for-rose-cup.html




Oregon Region SCCA Triple Regional - September 8th and 9th @PIR
Northwest Region SCCA Track Trials - September 30th @The Ridge
Cascade Sports Car Club 8 Hour Endurance Race - October 20th @PIR

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