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Age 30
Occupation Lawyer
Type of Motorsport Hillclimb & Sprint
First year of Competition 1998 Why did you start? I had supported my father, who also competes in hillclimbs and sprints, for many years and he persuaded me to have a go myself.
Favourite Circuit / Venue Knockhill circuit & Doune hillclimb
Types of cars competed / owned Alfa Romeo Sprint
Best car driven / owned My father's Alfa Sud
2004 Championships and dates Motorsport will be taking a back seat for 2004 - I am expecting my first baby in July! I plan to return though in 2005 and compete with my father in his 1970 F2/F3 Tecno.
Current car Alfa Romeo Sprint


Previous Championships/Competitions Guyson Scottish Hillclimb Championship
Previous Achievements:

  • 1998 - Newcomer of the Year Award
  • 1998 - Driver of the Day at Knockhill's Rally School

Best Race/drive and why? 2002 - Alford Sprint - with my own car out of action, my father very kindly offered me a drive in his Alfa Sud. Thoroughly enjoyed myself and actually beat my father's times!
Worst Race/drive and why? 2002 - Alford Sprint - maybe beating my own father in his car wasn't such a good idea after all!!



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