Yve River


Races in Speed Hillclimb & Sprints. Treasurer of the British Women Racing Drivers Club

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Age (optional) 51

Occupation Accounts Assistant

Email Address yve@rivers-fletcher.com

Type of Motorsport Hillclimbs & Sprints

First year of Competition 1997

Why did you start? I helped my husband build a hillclimb special. It took 18 months and I thought that as I had put a lot of effort into it I should find out what competing was all about

Best Race / drive and why? Best drive was a track day at Donington Park driving our Formula Ford it was the first time I had driven on a circuit and I loved it.

Worst Race / drive and why? At Prescott Speed Hillclimb. I was having a really good run up the hill when the welding in the diff broke with a bang. I carefully coasted back down the hill and told my husband Jeremy what had happened. He decided that it was just the welding that had come adrift took a run and did a really good time himself.

Favourite Circuit / Venue Prescott Speed Hillclimb

Types of cars competed / owned Triumph Special and Formula Ford Royale RP33

Best car driven / owned The Triumph Special because we built the car from scratch, raced it and it has worked so well that we have won many awards between us. Something that we never expected.

Funny Stories I get so nervous before a run that it is very difficult to stop my left leg from shaking. Luckily once I set off I don't even think about it. Just as well as I would'nt be able to change gear without the clutch pedal.

Current car Triumph Special, Royale Formula Ford


Yve Rivers-Fletcher Improves (5/1/05)
The second round of the British Hillclimb Championship took place at Prescott over the weekend of April 30th and 1st May. Again the BWRDC was well represented, the event having its highs and lows for different members. For Tricia Davis, the weekend was disappointing. The engine on the car she shares with husband Terry suffered a major failure (2 pistons and a big end) during testing, so she was not able to compete. Undeterred she swapped her race overalls for her marshals overalls and spent the day supporting everyone else. For Yve Rivers-Fletcher the day went really well and after her first run she had a broad smile on her face having bettered her handicap time by half a second. In her second run she went even better, beating her first run by 1.1 seconds. Afterwards Yve was delighted with her performance having set personal bests at every event she has entered so far. Besides achieving a personal best she has also decreased the margin between the performance of her and husband Jeremy who shares the car. Normally at Prescott, she expects the gap to be around three seconds, she has narrowed this down to two. Jeremy beware she is out to get you.

BWRDC at Loton Park (4/9-10/05)
The British Hillclimbing season got into full swing at Loton Park on April 9th/10th, with the opening rounds for the British and the Midlands Championships. In total 11 women were competing at the event seven of whom were members of the BWRDC, namely; Yves Rivers-Fletcher. Yves Rivers-Fletcher was delighted with her first run setting a new personal best, her second looked to be even quicker, maybe just a little too quick, when she ran out of tarmac approaching the final turn. However Yves deliberate error did preserve family honours, as Jeremy, her husband, was beginning to get concerned as to how he was going to achieve a yet faster time to better hers.

Yve Rivers-Fletcher - 2nd in the Hillclimb Shell Trophy
Yve has just spent her first season in a Royale RP33M and achieved 4 1st in class's and won the Paul Mathy Classic Handicap.

Races at Loton Park





Previous Championships / Competitions Paul Matty Sports Cars Classic Challenge

Previous Achievements Won the championship in the Racing Car class in the Paul Matty Sports Cars Classic Challenge in 1999 and 2004. Won an award for the highest placed lady driver in The Midland Hillclinb Championship in 2005. Second in the BWRDC Speed and Hillclimb Championships in 2005.


Other Plans for 2007 Am thinking about trying circuit racing with Jeremy

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