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NASCAR Whelen Late Models
Birth date: July 17, 1992
Current Residence: Ohio

Sloan is a Senior at Dayton Christian School where she is active in the, “Worth Waiting For" program. She is also active with “Make A Wish”. Sloan traveled to Cleveland last year to grant a wish to a young boy. On December 15, 2008, the City of Franklin, honored Sloan with the “Sloan Henderson Day”. The City of Franklin also chose Sloan as the grand marshal for the July 4th Parade held in Franklin, OH. She was also given the privilege of re-dedicating the historical "Lyon's Bridge." Sloan also does a weekly update on her racing on the Rebel 105.9 radio station and co-writes weekly stories in 5 local newspapers for the Miller Publishing company. Sloan is also a featured writer in the e-magazine "The Voice of the Miami Valley." In addition, Sloan is printed in England in an e-magazine called RacerGirl. She also makes numerous personal appearances plus interviews on radio and TV news programs. Sloan's combined Facebook page and fan page numbers have exceeded 10,000 members as of July 30th, 2010.

2009 BIO

At 17, Sloan Henderson is on a career path destined for Victory Lane in NASCAR's elite Cup Series.

Sloan started racing at the age of 12, just after an accident with her horse that broke her jaw. Her Dad wanted her to get into something safer, not knowing that she would end up running door to door with some of the best on the track.

By her fourth race, an amazing thing happened. Sloan was running first with just a few laps to go. Someone tried to pass on her blind side and they wrecked. Sloan was placed in the back of the lead lap cars as the green flag waved. With just a few remaining laps, Sloan skillfully passed every car to win the Senior Novice Eastern Grand National Championship. Sloan accomplished this task on a track she had never raced on and in a car she had never driven before. The rest of the season was unforgettable; she went on to set three track records and win more than fifty races!

She was selected to join the Women in the Winner's Circle, a foundation formed by Lyn St. James. Sloan was the Champion of the KOIL tour series in the Bandolero as she set three track records and won fifteen feature races. All this while placing 3rd in INEX national points and competing on tracks from Florida to Wisconsin including Lowe Motor Speedway.

In the Legends, she won 13 feature races and placed second in the KOIL tour, sixth in the INEX Young Lions National division and eleventh in the semi pro's. With wins from Florida to Wisconsin, Sloan has proven that she belongs. With the innate ability to unload at a new track and be competitive, there is no challenge too great for this skilled driver.

In the fall of 2008, Sloan silenced the skeptics when she tested in new vehicles. Moving from the 130 HP Legend car to more than 650 HP in the NASCAR Whelen Stock Cars. In her first test, she was able to lay down a lap time that was just .04 of a second off the track record in a detuned car. She also beat the car owner who was racing on his home track in his own car.

In October, 2008 she was contacted by Ron Sutton's Driver Development program in California where she made the cut to test out of 751 other applicants.

In November, after testing a USAC Focus Midget, the programs director said, "Our judges called her a 'Diamond in the rough'. We think she has real potential for a career, because she has the 'human part' that we can't give a driver. She has heart, passion, fearlessness, drive, focus, and intensity. We can tell this by how far she came and how much she ramped up from her first session to her fourth and fifth sessions. She drove the car in super deep and carried a ton of corner speed with a loose car. That takes courage and skill, she has it in spades."

All of Sloan's accomplishments have given her the faith to believe that she can take her career to the ultimate level and prove that a girl can win in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

Sloan is moving into the NASCAR Whelen Series in 2009 where she will pilot cars with more than 650 HP. Sloan will compete for the Ohio State Championship at the Columbus Motor Speedway & the Kil-Kare Speedway. Testing on the edge of track records, she is ready to garnish the NASCAR Whelen Rookie of the year honors in her first season and hopefully move on to NASCAR's Campers World Truck Series for a few races in 2010.

Sloan leaased a car from Gary Estes for 2009 when she nearly broke the track record in a detuned NASCAR Whelen Late Model. Gary's car won the NASCAR's Ohio State Champion Whelen All America, the Kil-Kare Championship and finished second at the Columbus Motor Speedway in 2008. Sloan has already written history in 2009 by setting the high water mark in her first practice in '09 in this superior equipment, just as she has done in the past. You can search Sloan Henderson on U-Tube watch her race and decide if you want YOUR NAME on her car for as little as .34 cents a day. WARNING!! If you don't like an aggressive fast female driver don't go there.

Old Bio

Sloan Henderson is only 13 years old, yet she is causing some eyebrows to lift in the racing arena. Sloan, who is racing this year on the quarter midget and bandolero circuits, loves to go fast ¾ and, even more, she loves to win! “I can't even describe the feeling I get when I am in the car on the track ¾ nothing else in this world matters. I live to race. I love to go fast. And I love to WIN.”

Sloan was born in Dayton, Ohio on July 17, 1992 and now resides in Franklin, Ohio where she is a 6 th grader at Laura Farrell School. Sloan began competing in the quarter midget circuit in 2004 and, in her premiere season, was able to set many records and take first place in several events. (See Sloan's “Firsts.”)

This year, Sloan is competing in more than 280 events, racing quarter midget racecars through USAC Midget Racing and bandolero racecars through 600 Racing Legends. (See Schedule for complete racing event information.)

Sloan has developed a career path that takes her from quarter midget and bandolero racing through midget racing, Craftsman truck racing and the Busch Series to the NASCAR Nextel Series by age 24. Sloan doesn't want to just drive in the Nextel Series, she wants to be the first female to hoist the cup as champion.

Though only 12 years old, Sloan is able to balance a demanding racing schedule with her schoolwork and manages to keep her grades very high at the same time. Thomas Turner, the principal at Laura Farrell, comments, “As Sloan's principal, I can say that, in my 11 years in education, rarely have I been privileged to have a student capable of balancing successfully the demands of academics and outside interests.”

In addition to racing, Sloan's hobbies include fighting with her brother and talking on the phone!


Sloan Henderson Set to Make CRA Series Debut at Columbus

Eighteen-year-old Sloan Henderson will attempt to make her first career start in the CRA Super Series on Saturday, August 28 in the CRA 125 at Columbus Motor Speedway. She will pilot the No. 4 GreenPro Landscaping/Rebel 105.9 Chevrolet in the seventh event held at Columbus for the CRA Super Series. ‘I’m really looking forward to racing with CRA at Columbus, ’said Sloan Henderson. ‘The series has some great drivers and I’m excited that my first start will take place at a track that I’m familiar with. It should help the learning curve and the cars are similar to what we race with the exception of a different tire,’ added Sloan.

Henderson attended the CRA Super Series event at Berlin Raceway earlier this year for an introduction to the series. Future plans with CRA remain tentative, but goals are to make four additional starts if this weekend’s event is a success. Henderson began her racing career in 2004 and has already established an impressive resume. She competed in Quarter Midgets scoring over 50 feature victories and establishing three track records during her first season of competition. As she moved through the ranks of racing she earned Rookie of the Year honors in Bandoleros in 2005 and Legends Cars in 2007. Henderson’s impressive 2006 season included the KOIL Championship in the Legends Cars, third in INEX Bandoleros National Points and 13 feature victories. In the Legends division, Henderson finished sixth in the INEX National Points in 2008. Season highlights included 13 feature victories and 33 top-five finishes.

The following season she was 2009 NASCAR Whelen Rookie of the Year for Ohio competing at Columbus and Kil-Kare speedways. This year, Henderson has been a regular fixture at Columbus and Kil-Kare in the Late Model division. In 22 starts, she has collected two feature wins, 16 top-five finishes and 18 top 10s. Her most recent victory is the Robbie Dean Memorial event, a 94-lap event at Columbus on August 6. Henderson will add a new chapter to her career with the first appearance in the CRA Super Series this weekend competing against some of the premier Late Model drivers in the country at her hometrack. The CRA Super Series returns to Columbus Motor Speedway on Saturday, August 28 in the CRA 125. Practice begins at 1 p.m. with the racing program starting at 4. Tickets are $18 for adults and $5 for kids. Following the racing action a free concert will feature the Blue Oyster Cult.

Sloan's "Firsts"

Though this is only her second racing season, Sloan Henderson has already begun to amass “firsts” in her career. Here are a few of them:

First Female to win the Senior Novice Eastern Grand Nationals in July 2004. In her fourth race ever, an amazing thing happened. Sloan was running first with just a few laps to go. A competitor tried to pass on her blind side and there was a wreck. She received a call against her, which put her at the back of the pack. In just the few remaining laps, Sloan purposefully and methodically passed every single car to win the Senior Novice Eastern Grand National Championship! She accomplished this amazing feat on a track where she had never driven before and in a car in which she had never raced before!

First Female to set three track records in one year. Sloan set three track records within the Mid-Ohio Series, at Miami Valley and Mac-O-Chee racetracks in her rookie year.

Sloan posted wins on every QMA track she raced on during her 2004 rookie season.

Set the pole in her first Senior Honda Race - Hot out of the chute, Sloan set the pole for this highly competitive race at Miami Valley Racetrack in Dayton, Ohio on September 25. The officials were so impressed with Sloan's performance, they dismantled the engine to ensure that the equipment met the requirements for that race. Sloan's racecar passed the inspection with flying colors and she was awarded the pole position!

The above information is believed to be accurate, but is not warrented.


13-year-old Thinks 'Dismantle this!'

Three years ago, when I was 13, I was worried about whether or not I was going to pass Math.

Well, Sloan Henderson not only goes to school, she also races and is in her third year of it. Such an amazing accomplishment for such a young girl.

"In my rookie year in bandolaro...I was only home two days out of a week [and] the rest of the days I was racing," Henderson said. "It got hard for me to have a lot of tests to study for and homework to do. But I thought of a way that I could manage all of this stuff with time to spare. It's very simple; I just studied and did my homework when I was on the road."

Henderson, who resides in Franklin, Ohio, began competing in quarter midgets in 2004 and set some amazing records for a female and racer of her age. According to her website,, Henderson was the first female to win the Senior Novice Eastern Grand Nationals, which she won in only her fourth race ever. She is the first female to set three track records in one year.

Henderson even won the pole for her first Senior Honda Race. According to the website, the officials were so impressed with her performance, that they completely dismantled the engine to make sure the equipment met the requirements.

"It was really hard for me to see my engine dismantled...because the people who I thought were my friends said that there was no way that [I] could do that," Henderson said. "But that night I made a huge step [in] my career. I learned how to manage how I react to the mean things people can say to me." Henderson passed the inspection with "flying colors" as she put it.

Engine dismantling is a close call in the world of racing, but wrecking is a closer call than anything. “The one that was the worst, I think, was at Concord, North Carolina. I was second place on the last lap when a guy decided to shove me into the wall. One second I was at full throttle, but the next second I was [at] 0 mph,” Henderson said. “Without my HANS device, I don’t think I would be here right now.”

Henderson is already on her way to making her goals come alive by making a career plan. “We came up with my career plan by looking at what other pro drivers went through and what would be the best way for people to know my name,” Henderson said.

Her career plan is set from when she started to when she is projected to make a start in the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series, which is in 2015. Henderson will start her third season of racing this year.

Henderson recently won at Winternationals held in Orlando, Florida.


  • 2010-NASCAR Whelen Late Models:
  • September 4th-Breaks track record for the second time at Columbus Motor Speedway.
  • August 6th-Win at Kil-Kare-Robbie Dean Memorial 94 Lap race.
  • July 30th-Set new track record at Kil-Kare Speedway in Xenia, OH. Thisnrecord breaker makes her the first female to set a record atnthis track.
  • 24th-Set new track record at Columbus Motor Speedway in Columbus, OH.
  • First female to break a track record.
  • 17th-Set fast time, won Trophy Dash, and feature at Columbus MotornSpeedway.
  • *As of August 6th-22 starts, 2-wins,16-top fives, 18-top tens

2009 NASCAR Whelen ROY for Ohio

  • Highest ranked rookie female in Nation
  • Sloan the only First female to set fast time, win a heat race, get four podium finishes, six top five and eighteen top ten finishes while earning respect of most competitors with NO mirrors or radio.

2008 INEX 600 racing Legend cars:

  • Finished 6th in National points 13 feature wins 33 top five finishes

2006 INEX Bandoleros:

  • 3rd in National points
  • KOIL tour Champ
  • 13 features wins
  • 3 track records

2004 Quarter Midgets Won Eastern Grand’s- her 4th race ever!

3 track records 50+ wins

2005 and 2007 Rookie Years in Bando's and Legend's

Sloan is a self taught, first generation racer, and not a one track wonder. She has won from Florida to Wisconsin- Connecticut to California without a "silver spoon," scales, or a crew chief. Her first and only dirt race in a legend car, she won the heat race and finished 3rd in feature.

Sloan Henderson's Projected Career Path

Year Race Race Series Age

2005 QMA

Sr. Honda/Sr. STOCK/Half Midget 12-13

2005 600 Racing

Bandolero 12-13

2006 USAC Kenyon Midget/Half Midget 14-15

2006 600 Racing Bandolero 14-15

2007 USAC Kenyon Midgets 15-16

2007 600 Racing

Ledgen 15-16

2008-2017 NASCAR Craftsman Trucks 17-18

2010-2017 NASCAR Busch Cars 19-23

2015- NASCAR Nextel Series 24-??


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