Leslie has not raced much in the 2008 season do to the weather and spending time at the sprint car tracks learning about the cars as she plans on running a sprint car in the 2009 season at Paragon Speedway.

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Birthdate: July 9, 1992
Birth Place: Terre Haute, Indiana
Who got you started: My Dad
Biggest influence: My parents
Women you admire: Sarah Fisher, Ashley Force
Father's Thoughts: He loves it!!!!!!!
Your encouragement to others: It's not just a man's world anymore, GO FOR IT

Jessicais a 16 years old Sophomore at Terre Haute North Vigo High School. She started racing at 13. Thanks to her older brother John R. who bought a go-kart and decided that go-kart racing was not for him. Her dad asked her if she would like to try it, she did, and loved it.

Her first year was a real learning experience,. She eventually finished 10th in points at Bi-State Speedway in Perrysville, Indiana, Her second year was better. She ended up finishing 6th in points at Bi-State Speedway and even won a race at Bakersfield Raceway in Linton, Indiana.




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