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Age d well
Occupation Theoretically - Design Engineer
Realistically - Interpreter at the moment (plus Web Spinster for the BWRDC), ARDS Racing Instructor
Near Future - Back to motor racing
Type of Motorsport Racing and some classic rallies
First year of Competition Last century (1981)
Why did you start? To get my Citroen Light 15 on the road - I needed a goal
Best Race Mallory Park 1984 - Royale RP27 (FF2000) in F.Libre. I came 3rd, got my lap time of over 100mph, won the ladies prize and won £100 for best prepared car.
Worst Race Silverstone FF1600 in 1982. Bright sunlight at start of race turned to horrendous downpour. I knew I wa
s going to get hit - and I was, by a bloke called Angel who flew over the top of me!
Favourite Circuit/Venue Mallory Park and Thruxton
Types of cars competed/owned Citroen Light 15 in Classic Saloons, Royale RP 26 FF1600, Royale RP 27 and 30 FF2000, Chevron B42 (Ex Keke Rosberg F2 car) in Libre, BMW 2002 Tii and Citroen 2CV (UK and Belgian championships)
Best car driven/owned Royale RP27 FF2000. My Chevron B42 F Atlantic was lovely - just cost too much to run reliably.
Funny Stories I've been called a gentleman several times! At Snetterton I was once "the odd man out on the grid" - because of whatever car I was driving, not my sex.
Plans for 2003 Getting back into Motor Racing as a participant - whether as designer, mechanic, driver....


Previous Championships/Competitions Classic Saloons, FF1600, FF2000, Formula Libre, BMW Saloons, 2CV Championships and 24 hour races.

Monte Carlo Classic Rally 1991 with Citroen Big 15

Previous Achievements 24 hour record attempts: Jaguar D-type with Innes Ireland and 10 National Speed records with a Lancia Delta Turbo (1985 - ladies team)

Featured in Haynes book "How to get sponsorship in Motor Racing"

Over 100 races - couple of wins, class wins, etc


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