In October 2006, Marsh became the first African-American female professional racecar driver to compete in the Pro Modified category, reaching speeds in excess of 200mph

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Date of Birth: February 11th
Age: 27
Height: 5’7’’
Birthplace: Raleigh, NC
Residence: Raleigh, NC
Education: Elon University – BS in accounting and Business Administration concentration finance
North Carolina A&T State University – Master’s of Science Industrial Technology concentration manufacturing systems.

Candyce Marsh carries on family tradition
Candyce Marsh, professional drag racers, watched her father race up and down the quarter-mile dragstrips of North Carolina. Candyce Marsh continues a tradition that has been in her family for 35 years. Marsh, 26, of Raleigh, North Carolina is the president and driver of Candyce Marsh Racing, Inc. She and her team compete in the International Hot Rod Association’s Pro Modified category.

Marsh’s father Clarence, who’s an investor in her team, raced as a ‘weekend warrior’ throughout the 1960s, 70s and 80s. He was employed a research analyst at North Carolina State during the week and then would strap on his helmet at the crack of dawn on Saturdays and Sundays. Candyce explained she started riding along with her father and his brother, Al Morgan, starting at the tender age of five.

“I grew up in the industry,” she said in a recent phone interview. “When my father was racing his Camaro in the 80s, I traveled with him and gained a lot of experience. We traveled and raced throughout the state of North Carolina. I remember him winning a race at Piedmont Dragway in Greensboro (NC) in 1993.’

“I have been able to build on the accomplishment of my father and take my racing career to the next level.” At age 17 in 1998, Marsh got her father’s fever for speed getting bit by the racing bug. She raced his 1988 Camaro in the IHRA’s Hot Rod Class (10.90 Index Class), on the IHRA’s national tour.

In the year 2000 Candyce and her parents created Candyce Marsh Racing. She began to compete in the IHRA Top Sportsman Class on a regional basis. In her first divisional race at Virginia Motorsports Park Candyce made it to the quarterfinals. In 2002 she began racing in the Top Sportsman Class on a national level

“The first few years (2000-2017) I did the general maintenance and preparation on the car. When we obtain sponsorship in 2005, from Bar’s Leaks, our crew needed to expand to meet those demands” Marsh said. Her crew now comprises of her father, Maurice Bea, Gary Cox, Chris Cheeks, and Dion Allen. All of them have many years high performance racing experience.

In 2003, Marsh not only raced a full IHRA national schedule, she expanded her racing program by using the electronic fuel injection system developed by AC Delco sponsored Harold Martin. She continued to race in the division in 2004 and 2005. Her most notable accomplishments during this time were:

Committed to continuing the success of 2003, Marsh qualified in the top eight cars at each race with elapsed times in the six-second zone.

In 2005 known manufacturer, Bar’s Products, maker of Bar’s Leaks, become Marsh’s primary sponsor. In addition, Marsh and her team set the bar among her fellow competitors by qualify in the number 1 position at two national events, a feat no other driver did during the 2005-racing season.

While racing, Candyce was also building on her knowledge to help run her team. She attended Elon University in Burlington, North Carolina and graduated in May of ’03 with two Bachelors’ of Science degrees in accounting and business administration with a concentration on finance. In May of ’05, she obtained her Master’s degree in industrial technology from North Carolina A & T University.

After college, Marsh moved up to the IHRA Pro-Modified Division in 2006 where she’s currently racing now. Marsh became the first African-American female to compete in the Pro Modified class.

“Our times were significant although we didn’t qualify,” she said. “In 2006 we competed in an American Drag Racing League (ADRL) national event and the IHRA’s Fall National at Rockingham Dragway in NC. In 2007 we did several local races. Pro Modified is a competitive class, we are looking forward to growing our program and become more competitive.’

Her best time with the Pontiac last year was an elapsed time of 6.54 at 208 mph in the fall at an IHRA meet in Rockingham, N.C.

“For 2008 we haven’t confirmed our schedule yet. We’re trying to get additional funding to run a competitive racing program,” Marsh said. “Our first goal this season is to grow and develop marketing partnership and sponsorships.”

As president of Candyce Marsh Racing, Inc., Candyce is focused on racing as a business. She said her racing operation provides unique marketing opportunities for motorsports enthusiasts and markets that haven’t been fully engaged in the motorsports area of professional drag racing.

“I over see all day to day operations and I’m currently looking for investors,” she said. “I’m creating a business model to ensure sponsor and marketing partnerships.

“We are working with a marketing company that is assisting our efforts to obtain sponsorship so we can race a full season. Our next goal this season is create a racing program that will allow us to be competitive and ultimately put us in the winner’s circle.’’

Candyce Marsh To Make Her Professional Debut!

After years of dedication and hard work in the motorsports arena, Candyce Marsh has realized her goal of earning her Professional Drag Racing License. Marsh will compete in the professional category called Pro Modified. She will make her debut as a Professional Racecar driver during the upcoming IHRA Universal Technical Institute World Finals at Rockingham Dragway – October 20-22.

“The journey of obtaining my professional license has been an experience. Everything I have done both on and off the racetrack has been in an effort to reach this goal and advancing my racing career. It presented challenges that I overcame and opportunities that were well worth the end result.” said Marsh. “I’ve worked hard to prove myself as a professional sportsman, and, I’m grateful for having a dedicated group of individuals with the right expertise to help me to reach this accomplishment.”

One of the criteria that Marsh had to meet in order to successfully reach her professional status was establishing a solid race program. Marsh also had to work to substantiate herself as a competitor by aligning herself with industry leaders. Throughout the years, she has been able to present a professional image through securing a professionally built racecar, transporter, and building relationships with world-renowned parts manufacturers. In addition, she partnered with ACDelco sponsored Harold Martin, who is recognized internationally for his technological advancements in motorsports. As a professional engine builder, Martin expanded Marsh’s race program to include his revolutionary electronic fuel injected engines; thereby, enhancing her race car’s capabilities.

“We've watched Candyce grow over the years and we're very excited to see her professional debut at the World Finals," said IHRA President Aaron Polburn. "She's worked her way to the top.”

As part of the preparation for the World Finals, Marsh’s team will be pulling together a competitive program they feel will ultimately drive them to the finish line. “It is an honor to be able to compete with some of the best professional drivers in the world. We know we have to be ready with our best.”

Marsh, a Raleigh, North Carolina native, is always excited about racing at ‘THE ROCK’. A few hours from home, she is expecting friends and family to share in the excitement of the weekend’s events. “We are pumped about this weekend and showing our best to our hometown crowd,” says Marsh.

In addition, early assessments are indicating that Marsh could be the First African American Female in the history of drag racing to become a professional race car driver. With numerous accomplishments already under her belt, Marsh could easily become the next “Tiger Woods” of motorsports.



Started racing at seventeen years of age.
Qualified for a divisional race at Kinston Dragway in the Hot Rod Class.
In first national event at Maryland International Raceway progressed to the second round of eliminations in the Hot Rod Class.


Qualified for races at Rockingham Dragway, Darlington International Raceway, Mid-Michigan Motorplex, and Maryland International Raceway on the International Hot Rod Association national event tour.
In first full season of competition progressed to quarterfinals at Sportsman Nationals in
Augustus, Georgia.
Progressed passed the first round of eliminations on numerous occasions.


Qualified for races at Rockingham Dragway (national event) and Virginia Motorsports Park (divisional event).
Moved to the Top Sportsman class. In first divisional race made it to the quarterfinals at Virginia Motorsports Park located in Petersburg, VA.


Participated in races at Rockingham Dragway, US 131 Raceway, Norwalk Raceway Park, and Maryland International Raceway on the International Hot Rod Association national event tour.
Made national event debut in Top Sportsman at Rockingham Dragway. Qualified forty-six out of forty-eight cars.
Qualified for races at US 131 Raceway and Maryland International Raceway.
Out of 980 cars received the best appearing car award at the Sunoco World Nationals in Norwalk, Ohio.


Career Best Elapsed time 6.97 seconds 197 mph.
Participated in races at San Antonio Raceway, Rockingham Dragway, Virginia Motorsports Park, Milan Dragway, US 131 Motorsports Park, Norwalk Raceway Park, New England Dragway, and Maryland International Raceway.
Qualified number three at San Antonio Raceway.
Qualified number fifteen at US 131 Motorsports Park
Qualified number twenty three at Norwalk Raceway Park. Progressed to the second round of elimination
Qualified number two at New England Dragway.
Qualified number seven at Maryland International Raceway.
Qualified number eight at Rockingham Dragway for the World Finals.


Qualified number two at the 34th Annual US Sport at Rockingham Dragway.
Qualified number seven at the 4th Annual ACDelco Nationals at Virginga Motorsport Park. Qualified number four at the 5th Annual Mopar Canadian Nationals at Grand Bend Motorplex. Qualified number seven at the 2nd Annual Motor City Nationals at Milan Dragway.
Qualified number ten at the 23rd Annual Torco Fuels Northern Nationals.
Qualified number nineteen at the 27th Annual Sunoco World Nationals.
Qualified number four at the 9th Amalie Oil North America Nationals.
Qualified number ten at the 13th annual IHRA President’s Cup Nationals.


Qualified number Three at the 4th Annual Amalie Oil Texas Nationals.
Qualified number Six at the 35th Annual IHRA Spring Nationals.
Qualified number Five at the 5th Annual AC Delco Nationals.
Qualified number thirty-eight at the 6th Annual MOPAR Canadian Nationals
Qualified number ONE at the 3rd Annual Motor City Nationals.
Qualified number ONE at the 4th Annual AC Delco Canadian Nationals.
Qualified number three at the 24th Annual TORCO Race Fuels Northern Nationals
Qualified number six at the 28th Annual TORCO Race Fuels World Nationals
Qualified number two at the 10th Annual Amalie North American Nationals
Qualified number ten at the 14th Annual TORCO Race Fuels President’s Cup
Qualified number tweleve at the 10th Annual Udderly Smooth Fall Nationals.


Attended Roy Hill’s Drag Racing School
Became first African-American female professional racecar driver
Qualified number four at the 29th Annual TORCO Race Fuels World Nationals
Competed at the 3rd Annual Eastern Racefuels DragStock III
Competed at the 11th Annual Universal Technical Institute World Finals



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