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Winner of the Documentary Audience Award and a Special Jury Prize for Editing at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival, this is a film about quadriplegics who play full-contact rugby in Mad Max-style wheelchairs - overcoming unimaginable obstacles to compete in the Paralympic Games in Athens, Greece. It's intense action, foul language and quad sex. To this reviewer, the trailer left an impression that it was a violent movie. And, while there are a few intense scenes, I had actually hoped for more about strategy and how the game is played, what goes on on the rest of the court besides around the goal.

As far as I could tell, none of the men playing were war veterans. They received their injuries in a car wreck, fist fight, gun shot, motorcycle race or rogue bacteria. These men didn't volunteer for their situation. They were forced to live life sitting down.

So, in the end the team visits, I believe, Walter Reed Hospital where men severally injured in the Iraq War, were going through therapy. It gave us a quick glimpse at just a few of the thousands of men who have been injured in that War. It made me wonder how many more men (and women) are going to lose or send home severely damaged before we admit our mistake and withdraw.

Support our Troops. Bring them home, alive, now!

And, go see Murderball! [2005] [R]

Other's reviews:

"Murderball tells the story of a group of world-class athletes unlike any ever shown on screen. In addition to smashing chairs, it will smash every stereotype you ever had about the disabled. It is a film about family, revenge, honor, sex (yes, they can) and the triumph of love over loss. But most of all, it is a film about standing up, even after your spirit - and your spine - has been crushed."

"The United States Quad Rugby Association (USQRA) has adopted a slogan that we feel captures the main message of our players, the movie, and our sport. 'Smashing stereotypes one hit at a time.' The game is a tough, give-no-quarter game. Murderball/Wheelchair Rugby changes lives. Any misconceptions about quads and helplessness are quickly eliminated as soon as someone sees the game or tries to play Murderball/Quad Rugby. The players transcend any pitiful images that one might conjured up, and their day-to-day lives, their successes and failures on and off the court are a continuous example of smashing negative perceptions and stereotypes. The movie Murderball is a documented testament to the spirit of our players, their humanity, and the intensity of our game."

" is the parent to this web site and we welcome you to browse through and get many questions answered there that we may not have addressed on this site. was created to help promote the movie and the sport of Murderball, and moreover, to let people know about the USQRA and how you can get involved, start a team, volunteer, sponsor, or whatever we can provide to introduce you to this fast paced game."

"Murderball is the result of a two-and-a-half-year, all-access pass to locker rooms, bedrooms, churches, and hospitals masterfully put together by filmmakers Henry Alex Rubin and Dana Shapiro. It's a film about relearning everything you've ever known--from brushing your teeth to driving a car to having sex. It's a film about standing up, even after your spirit--and your spine-have been crushed.— Trevor Groth"

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