Rookie A Fuel NHRA drag racer for the 2013 Mello Yellow Season!

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Hometown: Fullerton, CA

It comes as no surprise that Ashley has a passion and love for drag racing. Watching her grandpa and father race their dragsters at a young age sparked something inside of her – The adrenaline and competitive nature of the sport compelled her to fall in love with drag racing. Everyone thought she was crazy, bu when her father Shane asked her if she was interested, Ashley jumped at the chance to dive right in and drive a 3500 HP Dragster at the age of 16. When all of her fans ask her if she’s scared, her reply is

“The only thing I’m scared of is losing a race.”

At the young age of 8, Ashley raced in the kids quad class and placed 1st in her first race for the division. She has continuously risen up through the ranks from Juniors to Super Comp. and is currently racing in the Top Alcohol category at the age of 18. Ashley will be licensing soon in an NHRA – A/Fuel Top Alcohol Dragster, in preparation for the Lucus Oil 2013 season.

Ashley is looking forwarding to taking it to the next level of professional racing. As one of the youngest on the circuit she has a promising future. Additionally, her natural beauty, dedication for the sport, sponsors, hard-working spirit and competitive nature willsurely help her succeed as an up and coming star of the NHRA.

Currently, Ashley drives her father’s Top Alcohol Sand Dragster, which she has named “Free Bird”. Her career-best pass is 2.55 seconds at 151 mph in only 300 ft. in the sand.

As for her long-term goals, Ashley strives to become part of the Top Fuel Dragster Class for the NHRA to fulfill her dreams as a racer.

Ashley Nicole resides in Fullerton, CA with her parents Shane & Michele and younger sister Sydney. Her hobbies include going boating out on the lake, while wakeboarding with her family and friends. She loves dogs and has 4 of her own:

Riley, Woody, Lily and Bella. She loves to travel and go snowboarding during the winter season. Her racing idol is Alexis DeJoria, because she’s an amazing driver and Ashley loves how open and friendly she is with all her fans and her competitive spirit to win.




 When the first Top Alcohol Dragster qualifying session of the 2013 NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series starts at the Winternationals next week, 19 year old Ashley Sanford hopes to be one of the drivers shooting for one of 16 spots on race day. The accomplished sand drag racer and her family have spent the last few months making sure everything was in order to make that happen. Now there’s only one thing missing; a license.

Sanford has raced on the sand for ten years, starting with a quad at age 8 and most recently her father’s supercharged Top Alcohol Dragster. She experienced success early, winning her first race in the kids quad class. As she moved up through the ranks, she set female records and won rounds. Ashley’s “Free Bird” TAD covered the 300-foot sand strip in less than 2.5 seconds at 150+ mph.

2.5 seconds at 150 miles per hour sounds fast enough, right? Nope. Ashley wanted to move up to the ultra-competitive NHRA Top Alcohol Dragster class, trading the blown alcohol motor for a nitro-injected powerplant and paddle tires for big Goodyear slicks. It wasn’t just an overnight decision to move up to the sport’s quickest and fastest Sportsman class.

“It’s always been something that I’ve wanted to do,” Ashley said. “It’s been like a dream of mine. We got an opportunity last year to buy a car. I said, ‘Alright, this is going to happen. I’m going to make this happen.’ Since then we’ve been full-force with it. We got our car and we’re ready to go.”

To earn her TAD license, Ashley must make a series of runs during the Las Vegas test session this weekend. She will make short runs to the various incrementals – 60, 330, and 660 feet – before making full quarter-mile runs. A sub-6 second run is the final requirement. The car’s former owner and driver, Larry Miersch, will handle the tuning during the licensing procedures. Though they plan to meet NHRA’s requirements in two days, the group will have other opportunities before the planned Winternationals debut, February 14-17.

Ashley will receive primary support from Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish, a popular brand of nail polish.

“Gelish is a line of nail polish that has been really popular the last few years. It’s not like regular nail polish. It’s made of a gel material that makes it last longer. In a way we fit perfectly together because it’s great for girls who work hard and are on the go, and that’s exactly what I am. I’m always moving and working around the car. My nails should be as tough as I am.”

Longtime team sponsor Lucas Oil will continue their relationship with the young Californian as she makes the transition to asphalt drag racing. Las Vegas hotels The D and the Golden Gate will join as sponsors, along with Fullerton, Calif. restaurants Roscoe’s Famous Deli and Heroes Bar & Grill.

Frederosa’s Team Extreme is a family-owned A/Fuel Dragster team competing in the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series. 19 year old Ashley Sanford drives the team’s Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish dragster, tuned by Troy Schweers and Dave McWilliams. Frederosa’s Team Extreme crew – Ed, Mike, Jeff, and Dean – are assisted by Larry Miersch and crew: Roy, Jimmy, Rick, and Victor. The team receives support from Lucas Oil, Roscoe’s Famous Deli, Heroes Bar & Grill, The D Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, and the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino.





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