Jannelle finished 6th in her rookie year in 2014 and 5th in 2015.

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Nome, Alaska


Janelle, 17, began mushing in the spring of 2011, when her dad bought her a team. “In 2009, my family and I sailed through the North West Passage on a thirty foot wooden sail boat. We got to Nome and decided to stay there. In April of 2011, we acquired some Greenlandic Huskies and soon became interested in mushing. Later, we organized a team of dogs from a family moving out of Nome. We mushed those dogs for a winter and they taught me a lot. The next spring we purchased more dogs. I ran the 2014 Jr. Iditarod with the newly purchased dogs, and my dad ran them in several races. This year we have some new pups on the line. With the help of our handler, Tara Cicatello, we are off to a good season of mushing. We finally got some snow in Nome, and the miles are being cranked out. I look forward to providing some competition in the races to come.” Janelle is a senior at Nome Beltz, where she is in the National Honor Society, the Nome Native Youth Leadership Organization, JROTC, student council and cross country running. She said her hobby is cross country skiing. She is applying to the Coast Guard Academy and says she doesn’t expect to continue competitively musher, but she’ll see where it “all takes me.”

Jannelle, 16, says she started out in Michigan. She and her family sailed through the North West Passage in 2009 on a thirty foot wooden sail boat and once in Nome, decided to stay there. In the winter of 2011, her dad acquired 10 Greenlandic Huskies. The family then became interested in racing so got a team of dogs from a family that was moving out of Nome, some of which had run the Jr. Iditarod. “We mushed those dogs for a winter and they taught me a lot. This past spring we purchased more dogs from Anchorage.” Jannelle has run one local race with her “slow” Greenlandic Huskies and place 9th out of 10. He attends Nome Beltz High School where she is a junior. She says she sings, runs and skis for the Biathlon team. She’s also on student council and in National Honor Society. Janelle says her hobbies are sailing and photography. She plans to go to college and study life science. She hopes to get a job working in the field versus an office job. I will be mushing her senior year but says she will focus on her schooling after that.


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