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I'm from Brownsburg, Indiana. I started racing at the age of 6, turning 7. I grew up all around racing, my father worked on Gary Irvin and Tony Stewart's USAC race cars in the 80's and early 90's. When I was just 4 months old, I was being hauled around the united states going to all kinds of different race tracks.

As a toddler I never really thought about becoming a race car driver, but my family and friends had other plans for me. I was always being bugged about whether I was going to race or not. When I was 5, my mom worked at IRP, so I would go with her and watch the Dragsters. At first I thought thats what I wanted to do, but during the summer of 1995 I visited a Quarter midget track called Mini Indy. I knew after watching those kids, that is what I wanted.

By my 6th birthday, I already had a race car, and was making my rounds at different tracks racing. My first year didn't go to well, I was still young and getting used to the car. After I moved up to the Jr. class, it's like the winning never stopped.


Quarter midgets*

  • 3 Grand National Championships
  • Over 15 New Track Records
  • Over 200 feature wins
  • 5 Indiana State Championships
  • 3 Mini Indy Club Championships

600cc Upright Non-Wing - 2006

  • I have run the top 5 so far this year, except for once
  • Currently Ranked 2nd in points.
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