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This journey is really about living my dreams, overcoming the odds while inspiring and empowering people from all walks of life to go and live the life they imagine.

It takes a lot of courage to do what we want in life. People limit themselves by their own minds and their own fears… their own limitations. I hope that what I’m out here doing will be inspirational to those who have allowed fear to ensnare their dreams. I want people to get up off their couches and say “I am going to start my own business” or “I am going to get that promotion”, or “I am going to be an Olympic athlete, or whatever it is they feel called to do or be”.

In some ways the deck is stacked against me, but I am about to prove that it is not so much the hand we’re dealt as the ability to play the hand. I wasn’t born into motorsports, I wasn’t born into money, but I was born into faith, determination, and hard work, and I guess I have winning in my veins.

This project is about winning races, and inspiring hearts. What we are about to do will dispel any doubt as to the ability of a woman.

From this debut Season, WERA Superbike racing now presents National motorcycle racer, rising star, Allie Warfel…the icon of unsurpassed allure, speed, class, passion and drive!

In a male dominated sport where failure is more likely than success, Allie has gone wheel to wheel with the men and passed her way to the top. With 6 podium finishes in her first year, 2 National Superbike trophies and a hold for 2nd place ranking in the National Points standing, Allie is well on her way to success.

At a young age Allie envisioned her life of inevitable stardom far from the fields and humble beginnings of her Mennonite upbringing in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Her mind teaming with the thought… “What are you going to do, you have no support and you want to dominate a sport that is historically for rich men?” Allie has showcased a most remarkable and inspirational story as well as a broad and rare range of talent.

Not to be deterred by finances, Allie got a job gleaning fields with migrant workers when she was 11, and bought a bicycle to start developing her race skills. With eyes wide open, Allie soon found herself riding wheelies around the US Olympic Training Center where she was invited as the only female mountain biker in residency. 17 National Medals and a few World Championships later, Allie hadn’t lost track of her primary goal of motorsports. This was just a seedling of the success now to come!

In this her first season of motorcycle racing, Allie took a stock motorcycle (headlights, taillights, and a horn) and passed her way to the front of season trained racers on fully-equipped race bikes. An astounding athlete, Allie’s hard work, relentless passion, and precision tuned skills are paying off.

“It’s been a long time coming, but I guess this says something for the American dream…. Faith, perseverance, passion and hard work can still water the grounds of our roots, and liberate our dreams.”

Enticing prospects exist for those interested in this groundbreaking opportunity to discern and support the hottest ticket since Danica Patrick climbed in her Indy car. The 2011 season holds monumental opportunities for the success of this lady racer, and you are invited for the journey! Sponsorship packages are available upon request and Allie is committed to supporting and giving back to her community by being a role model to young women, and those who share the passion to succeed… “I believe that people like me can still make it. To those who said I couldn’t… I could! And to those who said I can’t… I will!”

Allie consistently makes herself available for interviews, photo shoots, and autograph sessions in the hopes that her continued success will focus on the unmatched potential for women to succeed in every walk of life.




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