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Menstuff® list of international men's events and conferences which may include local events happening in countries outside the U.S. Check out the local calendar by month which includes all international, national, and regional events.

The following countries have events listed here:
AFR - South Africa, ARG - Argentina, ASL-Australia, AUS-Austria, BC-Britsh Columbia, CAN-Canada, DK-Denmark, ENG-England, FIN-Finland, FR-France, GER-Germany, GR-Greece, HUN-Hungary, ISR-Israel, IT-Italy, MY-Malaysa, MEX-Mexico, NLD - The Netherlands; SCT-Scotland, US, ZEA - New Zeland **


November 18: International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day
Dec 1 - Day without Art/World AIDS Day

*    *     *

Repeal the banana. 


A click on the country will bring up the first event in that country. You will h ave to scan down from there or go to our internatl search engine in the side-bar. If you would like more information about an event, click on the title and it will provide what we have. See Men's Councils and Other Organizations that have regular monthly meetings. All events presumed Men Only unless noted with a W&M. +R&B = + room & meals. +B = + meals.

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This Calendar lists men’s events around the world through the next 12 months and beyond? Are you doing anything in this world involved with a positive change in male roles and relationships? Let people know here. It's all free. Click on Feedback for the appropriate form. Do you have a website or email? We’ll also hyperlink your event to appropriate websites and emails for free.

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