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Menstuff® Events Calendar lists over hundreds of men’s events through the next 12 months broken down by title, type, and date. While youth workshops are mixed in here, we've provided a separate calendar of just youth events at the end of Kidstuff. If you would like more information about any event, click on the title to see what we have. Also, see Men's Councils and Other Organizations that have regular monthly meetings. Interested in How to Start a Men's Group (Or Keep It Going)? All events presumed Men Only unless noted with a W&M. +R&B = + room & meals. +B = + meals. 

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Men's Health Awareness Calendar

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Special Awareness Celebrations

Jannuary19-23 - No Name Calling Week
February 7-14 - National Condom Awareness Week
April is
Child Abuse Prevention Month.
Apr 1 demonstration against circumcision - Washington, D.C.
April 1-7 -
Testicular Cancer Awareness Week - See Daily Issues
June 1-30 is
International Men's Month - See Daily Men's Issues
Week before Father's Day -
Men's Health Week (US/CAN/UK/NSW) - See Daily Issues
June - 3rd Sunday -
Father's Day
Aug 7-9 -
Ritual Abuse, Secretive Organizations and Mind Control,11th Annual Conference
September 1-30 -
Prostate Cancer Awareness Month
September - 3rd Monday -
Prostate Cancer Awareness Week - See Daily Issues
November 1-30 -
International Impotency Month
December 1 -
World AIDS Awareness Day

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