George Marx, H.B, is a longtime graduate of the School of Hard Knocks. Depression and poor self-esteem (fortunately) began leaving me as I started "waking up" in November, 2018, and my life increasingly has meaning as I continue to grow. My "teachers" are often: much younger, female, gender-non-binary, fellow Aspies, fellow "radical Jews", BIPOC, as well those I seek meaningful relationships with, most particularly fellow cis-privileged, white men. In In my household, I'm partnered with an incredible Black, Queer Identified, Female, fellow Jew. Mutual Aid work in Chicago, as well as being a clinic escort at at a local abortion clinic helped me grow a lot. As a new (9/22) resident of Richmond, California, I focus most deeply on racism and reproductive justice issues. I've co-produced two Anti-Racism workshops: Creating Focused Anti-racist Conversations: A Special Calling In Workshop - Building White Allies - Shelly Tochluk - 8/14/22 - (intended for white people) and: Inspiring Progressive Organizing of White Men - (intended for white men). I co-facilitate: Caring White Men Sharing Together (, MERJ-Men for Equity and Reproductive Justice (, multiple efforts to reach white people (particularly men) through national zoom calls and trainings (in progress) - and blogging elsewhere at:, I I welcome feedback/sharing at marxgeo(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks! George Marx

Introduction Part 1
Introduction Part 2
Introduction Part 3
Rape is Real to Me and Means More Than the Facts
Rape and More
To Listen

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