Robert N. Minor's weekly column featured daily on our homepage. Robert is the author of Scared Straight: Why It's So Hard to Accept Gay People and Why It's So Hard to Be Human and Gay & Healthy in a Sick Society and Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Kansas in Lawrence. He may be reached through www.fairnessproject.org or at E-Mail .

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And Now We Boycott Target?
And We Keep Expecting Them to Be Rational….
An LGBTQ History Month Historical Revisiting of a Sainted Same-Sex Military Couple
A Reminder About Our Reactions to the Religion Addiction That Got Us Here
Are These the Deep, Dark Secrets of Those Who Can’t Quit a Cruel President?
Are We Ready for Our Next Difficult Conversation?
Are We Still as Confused About Love and Sex on Valentine’s Day 2023?
Are We Still Blaming Mothers for Screwed Up Ideas of Motherhood?
As Religion Addicts Battle in Their “Culture War,” Here Are Rules of Engagement
A World Religions Professor Faces Mortality
Be Honest: Does the US Really Value Education?
Can I Have A Conversation with You Anyway?
Can “Lincoln” Still Happen Here and Now?
Can We Stand Resolute Against the Rollback of LGBTQ Equality?
Class, Race, and Addicts Who Prefer Eliminating LGBT People
Collateral Damage is Just the Price of Making America Macho Again
Could Creativity and Imagination Be Too Scary, Subversive, and Even Too Queer?
Could Fundamentalists Exist Without Being Motivated by Hate?
Could It Be Dangerous to Argue that Religion Is Responsible for Discrimination?
“Culture Wars” Are Tweaked and Front and Center Again Because It’s All One Party Has to Offer
Dialogue with Right-Wingers? Wouldn’t It Be Nice?
Does “Freedom” Mean Anything Beyond Selfishness?
Does Your Politician Pass the Religious Test?
Don’t Believe Anything You Hear When Someone Says “The Bible Says It”
Don’t Fall for Any Anti-LGBTQI+ Psychological Malarkey
Do Politicians Really Value What You Value?
Do We Also Promote Those LGBTQI Stereotypes?
Egyptian Hope; American Pessimism
Eighteen Suicides a Day
Face It: Religion Addicts Must Support Right-Wing Politicians
Forgive and Forget? Not So Fast!
44 Suicides a Day? What’s the Straight Role Doing to Our Veterans?
Government Messes, Gay Bombs, and Citizen Hop
Guilt Is Such an Effective Tool of Control that We’ll Use It on Ourselves
Hiding the Family Values Gang’s Sexual Addictions
How Americans Raise Girls and Boys
How Much Longer Will “Traditional” Be Used As if It Matters?
How to Help the Media Undo the Blue Wave
How to Prepare for the Long Term Even If Political/Cultural Storms Threaten Just Off the Coast
How to Win the Next Election By Not Feeding the Mainstream Media What It Wants
If Just This One Idea About Manhood is Changing, There’s Hope….
I’ll Say It: Every Right-Wing Bigot Is Responsible for the Orlando Murders
Is "Color Blindness" a Worthy Goal?
Is Huckabee the Right-Wing’s Savior?
Is It Gay or European?
Isn’t Seeking Government Support for Your Religion an Act of Unbelief?
“It Hasn’t Changed that Much”
It’s Dangerous to Argue that Religion Is Responsible
It’s Getting Harder, But Hope Is Still Our Choice
It’s Just Hard to Admit that We Don’t Have Answers - Even When We Don’t
It’s Not You. Translating What Right-Winger’s Say to Trigger You
It’s the Pride Part of LGBTQ Pride That Still Drives Them Nuts
I Will Say It Again: Every Right-Wing Bigot Is Responsible for Those LGBTQ Nightclub Murders
I Won’t Forgot What that Bethlehem Breakfast Club Taught Me About Religion
Lessons From an Assassination
Lessons I Hope We’ve Learned Over the Decades, 2021 Edition
Let Them Hit Bottom
Love and Sex on Valentine’s Day
Make Up Research and Pray Hard
Marriage. Where Are We Now?
"Marriage. Where Could We Be?" Part 1
"Marriage. Where Could We Be?" Part 2
"Marriage. Where Could We Be?" Part 3
Mel White’s Journey Continues
Men Behaving Badly and those Nine Layers of “Getting Laid”
More Believers Are Saying “It Ain’t Necessarily So”
Most Right-Wing Religion Won’t Handle This Political Dilemma Well
Mother’s Day, and A Lot Else, Ain’t What it Use to Be
A Movement for Real Change We Can Believe In
The Non-End of Homophobia
No Surprise at All: It’s Religious People Fearing They’re Losing Power They’ve Savored
No Surprise in That Grand Jury Report: Religion Has a History of Covering Sexual Dysfunction
No Surprise in That Southern Baptist Sex Scandal Report: Religion Has a History of Covering Sexual Dysfunction
Not a Straight, White, MAGA Male? Then They’re Coming for You
Now We Know, But Do We Want To?
Now, What Will the Celebration Over ENDA Look Like?
Now, Who Are the Real Narcissists?
On the serious politics of lying
Our America on Our Mind
Outrage Over Red Cups Fills the Attention Deficit of the Needy
Pandemics, Social Distancing, and a Hug
“Please Raise Them to Be Monsters”? Really?
Politics of Hopelessness, Skepticism and Dropping Out
Religious People, What’s Most Important to You?
Republicans Throw Their Gay Adorers Under the Bus Again
Resolve Now to Make 2024 the Year We Take Back the Language
Responding to the Current Right-Wing Grooming of Americans
Re-Using the Religious Right-Wing for 2012
Sex in 2012
Sexual Sickness Remains Central to the Right-Wing’s Self--Destructive Addictions
Should the Religiously Abused Just Leave It Now?
So, What Are We Going to Do About It?
Stonewall: The Reality that Inspires
Stop Making the Bible Be an Excuse for LGBTQ Discrimination
Supreme Court Moves to Destroy Straight Marriage
Surprised that There’s So Much Rape in the Military?
“T” and the Rest of Us Are Told to Wait Again
Ted Haggard Graduates from the Accelerated "Straight 101" Course
The Cliché is Right: We Really Are All in This Together
The Comfort of Fundamentalisms
The Controlling Power of Guilt
The Inevitable Will Take More Effort
The Most Important Thing the Bible and the Constitution Have in Common Is Their Usefulness
The Pathetic Masculine Heroics of Today’s Right-Wing
The Privilege of Mary Cheney
The Religious Right-Wing’s Sexual Sickness Destroys Their Lives But Remains Central to Their Religion Addiction
There’s Money, not Bigotry, in Our Genes
The Right-Wing Knows What Liberal Guilt Betrays: Look Sincere or Lose
The Right-Wing’s Continuing Obsession with LGBTQ People, 2020 VersionThese are Uniquely Perilous Times for Equality. So What Now?
These are Uniquely Perilous Times for Equality. So What Now?
These Holidays Exalt Those Who Must Flee Home and Homeland
These Trump Years Expose a Class of the Psychopathic Rich and The Game They Play
The Strategy: Legalizing Anti-Gay without Acting Like You Are
The Supreme Court Moves to Destroy Straight Marriage
The Ubiquity of that Imposter Syndrome: “It Doesn’t Go Away”
This Generation Gap Really Matters
‘Tis the Season to Examine Myths
Those June Gay Lifestyle Expos
Time to Say it Again: It’s Looking Grim, But There’s Still a Place for Hope‘Tis the Season to Examine Myths
To Really Mainstream LGBT People
Transgender People are Lightening Rods for Our Issues
Translating Right-Wing Attempts to Trigger Liberal Guilt
Using Guilt to Control the World
Virginia Tech, Don Imus, and America’s Seething Anger
Watching the Church Deal with Its Sex Problems
We Haven’t Turned the Corner on Marriage Equality Yet
“We Look Like Mississippi”
We Might Not Like It, But What If There Are People We Can’t Reach?
We Must Be Able to Understand A Human Being Unlike Us?
What Do We Learn from Rush’s Latest Offense?
Whatever Happened to “Hate Is Not a Family Value”?
What I’d Like to Say When I Officiate an LGBTQ Wedding
What If We Don’t Agree Politically?
What Must a Woman Go Through to Become a US President?
What Now? (Part One: Get Over Appearing Elitist)
What Now? Part Two: It’s Not Either/Or: Let’s Face Race and Everything
What Now? Part Three: It’s Not About Reasoning with the Right-Wing
What Now? Part Four: Are You Personally Prepared for This Fight?
What’s Behind Today’s Flair-Up in the Right-Wing War on LGBTQ Youth
What Should a “Beautiful” Person Look Like?
"What's Love Worth, After All?"
What’s the Most Crucial Preparation for a Challenging Confrontation?
What We Learn from Anti-LGBTQ History Is That There’s Nothing More to Say
What Would Successful Dating Be?
When Can a Speaker of the House Cry?
When It Comes to Religion, Let’s Keep One Resolution
When the Right-Wing Claims Their Words Don’t Matter
When We Still Excuse This Stuff As Just How Men Talk
Why Are Transgender People at the Center of Republican Culture Wars?
Why Do Those White Evangelicals Really Love Trump? (Part One of a Series)
Why Do Those White Evangelicals Really Love Trump? (Part Two in a Series)
Why Do Those White Evangelicals Really Love Trump? (Part Three in a Series)
Why “God, Guns, and Gays” Is Still Working
Why I Quit Calling Right-wing Hypocrites “Hypocrites”
Why Is the Difference Between a Citizen and a Politician Important Today?
Why Is the Idea of Privilege So Controversial?
Why Obama Became the Religious Right-Wing’s Devil
Why Presidential Penises Are So Important?
Will “Culture Wars” Work Again?
Will These Supremes Care About “Equal Justice for All?”
Will the US Ever Like Educators?
Will You Boycott the Russian Olympics?
"Yes We Can"
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