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What Is “Sex Appeal”?

Do you think you have sex appeal? Have women told you that you have sex appeal? Do you even know what it is?

Ok, listen up, here are the top things women gave that makes a man have sex appeal:

1.) His physical looks, and / or his height. (No brainer there, huh?)

2.) Scent

3.) Cleanliness

4.) Dressing nice (Doesn't mean fancy at all, just have a little bit of style)

5.) Incredible, energetic smile; smiles a lot

6.) Charasmatic personality

7.) Piercing eyes.

8.) The way he looks at me when we're talking and / or when I walk into the room

9.) Sense of humor

10.) Intelligence

11.) Self confidence

12.) His kisses

13.) I like a man who is very charasmatic and outgoing, adventurous, a little on the edge (close with adventurous I guess), and he has the confidence to pull it off. I like a man who can say what he means, and then do it.

Sounds simple enough to have sex appeal, huh? Hmmmm….

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Perry Rose is a syndicated freelance writer for singles on sex, dating and relationships. He is also the author of, All About Men: Another Damn Book For Women About Men. & Women and Sex And Dating, For The Single Man published by Intimacy Books. From first getting dates from complete strangers, to finding that right person to be with, Intimacy Books has interviewed single men and women on what they like and want from one another. The findings were published in Women, Sex and Dating, for the Single Man. Their site is

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