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My friend is going overboard? Should I Say Something

Q from a Female, Sophomore at from Utah State wants to know... I’m concerned about a friend of mine who is infatuated with this woman in our class. He has told her his feelings for her and she said she wants nothing more than a friendship. She’s a genuinely nice person who doesn’t want to lead him on or hurt his feelings. Despite this, he talks about her 24/7, calls her constantly, and stops by to see her. He is starting to make an ass out of himself—it’s embarrassing. As his friend, I feel I should do something, but I don’t want him to get mad at me.

Dr. Caron’s Response: Let me begin by saying that you are not responsible for your friend. It’s not your job to protect him from making an “ass” of himself. He is responsible for his own behavior. I do think there is something to be said for being honest, however. For example, the next time he mentions her, you may want to tell him that you are uncomfortable listening to him talk about someone who’s obviously not interested in him—and leave it at that. It sounds like this is really between him and the woman. You say this woman doesn’t want to hurt his feelings; yet maybe she needs to be more direct with him, even if it means hurting his feelings. It sounds like he didn’t take the gentle “hint” that she’s not interested—since he’s constantly calling her and stopping by to see her.

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