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Being a loser in the “romance department.”
Breaking Up
Breaking Up/Relationship In Crisis
Does being a 20 year old male virgin make me a loser?
Getting Pregnant
How do you tell your partner that your "great" sex involves fake orgasms?
How to be comfortable while having sex
Is it Normal if a Man Can't get Aroused?
Is Losing Interest in Sex with the Boyfriend a Problem?
Is it common for straight males to masturbate with and/or for other straight males?
Is it normal for a person in a relationship to masturbate?
Is Losing Interest in Sex with the Boyfriend a Problem?
My friend says she was raped. What can I do?
Men and Intimacy
Sexual Function/Problems
What to do When Your Partner Starts to Experience Pain During Sex
When she doesn't want to lead him on or hurt his feelings
When She Isn't Willing to Say How She's Feeling
Why do Men Say They want an Independent Woman and then Run?
Why Relationships "Peter" Out
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Sex is much bigger than genitals. It's a matter of sensory awareness, living in the physical world and reacting to it in a sensory way. - Camille Paglia

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