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Q from a female, junior from (undisclosed) university wants to know...Is it weird for a woman to be able to orgasm orally but not vaginally? My friends and I have talked about this a lot and we all have the same "problem." It doesn’t bother me but I was just wondering why some do and some don’t?

Dr. Caron's Answer: What you describe is a common experience for many women, in which she does not get the level of stimulation needed to reach orgasm from intercourse, but she is able to reach orgasm through oral sex because it provides more direct stimulation of the clitoris. Often this is due to the way our bodies are structured and the amount of clitoral stimulation received through intercourse. The “problem” as I see it is that we have perpetuated an image of what sex is supposed to look like and implied that there is “only one right way” to reach orgasm. That is the unfortunate (and weird) part.

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