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He Goes so Deep He Hits Bone

Question from a sophomore female at the University of Minnesota Duluth: When my boyfriend and I were having sex he tried to reach, go in as far as he could. Anyways, he touched something in me that felt like a bone or something solid, I felt it too. I thought it hurt or caused some pressure that was extremely new to me. Do you have any idea on what he was feeling and why I could feel it too. Thanks for your time.

Dr. Caron's answer: I assume that what you and he touched was your cervix. I often tell students that if you reach up into your vagina you will feel something that feels like the end of your nose.... it is the base of the uterus. You may also notice that it feels like it has a dimple. This is the opening into the uterus (the cervical os) - which is about the size of a pencil lead. It allows menstrual flow to leave the uterus, and allows sperm to enter the uterus on its way to the fallopian tube to meet an egg.

If you feel the cervix at different times over the course of a month, you will notice that it changes from feeling very hard to feeling softer at different times of the month. For example, around ovulation (when a women releases an egg from her ovary - usually occurs about 2 weeks before her period), it will feel softer. In fact, one of the things women do who are using Natural Family Planning, is to record the changes in the cervix (as well as temperature and mucous changes). I hope this relieves some of your anxiety. You may also find it useful to refer to a basic biology book to understand the positioning and structure of all your reproductive/sexual organs. Best wishes

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