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Staying Friends when She wants More

Q from a Male, Senior student at Cornell University: There is a woman who likes me as "more than a friend" who I would like to keep as "just a friend." How can I tell her without hurting her?

Dr. Caron's answer: You may not be able to save her from hurt. She is responsible for her feelings. If you are able to talk with her directly, I might suggest starting by expressing how important her friendship is to you. Emphasize what you like about her and what makes her an important friend. If she can hear that, she may be able to hear you when you explain that you would like to keep the friendship platonic. If you don't talk to her about the situation, but instead choose to let the tension continue, at some point she may feel led on. Talking to her and being honest now will save her (and you) a bigger hurt down the road.

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