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Do vibrators cause desensitization of the clitoris

Q from a Male, Sophomore student at Duke University: I heard once that vibrators cause some desensitization of the clitoris. Is this true? I use mine by applying it directly to my clitoris, so that I need to know if it's bad for me in the long run. I wouldn't want to do something that would cause me to go without future pleasure.

Dr. Caron's Answer: No need to worry. The vibrator is very safe & very effective in stimulating the clitoris. There is no evidence to suggest it will lead to any structural damage or desensitize - so enjoy! I assume that by applying the vibrator directly on your clitoris, it leads you to orgasm most quickly. You might think about varying your technique (I know, you're probably thinking: why change a good thing?). What's great about the vibrator is that you can learn to extend and build to terrific orgasms. So you might want to think about varying your approach. For example, consider stimulating the clitoris for a few minutes and then "backing off" just before orgasm by stimulating the area around it, or putting a towel between you and the clitoris for a few minutes. By doing this several times, you may find your orgasm is much more intense, extended, and pleasurable. Enjoy!

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