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Does It Matter if I'm Circumcised

Q from a Male, sophomore student at UNC: Does it matter whether or not I'm circumcised to a woman?

Dr. Caron's Answer: You raise a really good question. I think it's fairly common for men to worry about the look of their penis -especially when it comes to circumcision. I read somewhere that about 80% of American males have a circumcised penis, whereas 80% of European males have an uncircumcised penis. So if you are uncircumcised, your partner might not be used to seeing a penis with the foreskin still intact. I do think it would be important to mention the difference and assure her of the normalcy of it all. Most women do not find things like penis shape or size to be an issue when it comes to the sexual interaction. It's important to know there is no relationship between circumcision of a man's penis and his ability to have sexual intercourse or to excite his partner. An uncircumcised penis will not make a woman have an orgasm any more than a circumcised one will.

(Editor's note: Actually, less than 70% of U.S. males are circumcised, and in California, it's less than 40% while in Great Britain only 0.4% are circumcised. One of many reasons not to be circumcised is the loss of the man's sexual arousal over time. There are over 18,000,000 impotent men in the U.S. and another 16,000,000 who lack sexual desire. )

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