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What Countires has the U.S. Bombed since WWII?
Nuclear War

What Countires has the U.S. Bombed since WWII?

Here's a list of the countries that the U.S. has bombed since the end of World War II:

In how many of these instances did a democratic government, respectful of human rights, occur as a direct result?

Choose one of the following:

(a) 0

(b) zero

(c) none

(d) not a one

(e) a whole number between -1 and +1

Source: compiled by historian William Blum. This quiz compliments of Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Ben Chitty, USN 65-9 VN 66-7 68 NY/VVAW peaceCENTER, P.O. Box 36, San Antonio, Texas 78291 or 210.224.HOPE or 224.4673 or fax 210.222.1097

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Building up arms is not a substitute for diplomacy. - Samuel Pisar

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