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Over 1,400 men will be diagnosed this year with breast cancer and the numbers are going up. And, here's the BIG ONE. Relative delay in diagnosis of men versus women: 18 months. So, chances are, our cases are more advanced resulting in higher mortality rates. 21% of the 1,400 men (290) will die because they didn't do self-exams and catch the cancer soon enough. This is sad, because a self-exam is private and easy to do.

You're a man over 60 with higher than normal levels of estrogen. Personal and family history of breast cancer is a factor. Signs are a lump, thickening, swelling, discharge or other changes in the breast.

We'll send you a reminder.

With all the things you have to get done in your life every month, it's all too easy to forget to perform your breast self-exam. Numerous studies have shown that early detection increases breast cancer survival with successful treatment options. Now, on the first of each month, Menstuff can send you a self-exam reminder via e-mail as well as links to breast cancer news and a self-exam guide. Sign up by sending a blank email to It's free.

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1% of breast cancer cases and 1% of breast cancer deaths are men.

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