HPV & Cervical Cancer

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January Is Cervical Health Awareness Month

Health care professionals can rely on ARHP to provide the latest evidence-based, trusted information on HPV and cervical cancer. Check out our newest patient and provider resources:

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Managing HPV: Screening Guidelines and Management of Abnormal Results live session - will you be in the DC metro area at the end of January? Please join us at the ARHP office for this free CME lecture with Maria Trent, MD on 1/30/09 from 9–11 am. Register now. Interested in hosting a live session at your institution? Visit the faculty lecture request page for more information.

Pearl of Wisdom™ Campaign to Prevent Cervical Cancer – ARHP is pleased to be part of a broad coalition of women’s health and advocacy organizations working to stamp out cervical cancer worldwide. Visit www.PearlofWisdom.us to get your own Pearl and other awareness tools.

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To access the complete list of HPV and cervical cancer related materials from ARHP, please visit the Managing HPV program page.

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