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There's a Child Molester
Living in Your Neighborhood!

And they're not listed with your local police department or the FBI. They've never been caught. Yet, they may be living next door, or even in your own house.

They represent the largest group of reported cases of child sexual molestation, making up over 71% of the cases.

However, because less than 35% of all child molestation cases are ever reported to law enforcement, they continue their activities in the privacy of their own homes, with their own children.

Who are these people? They're mothers, fathers and close relatives. Over 71% of the perpetrators are familiar to the family: Parents are involved in over 50% of sexual abuse. And, the difference between mothers and fathers is less than 8%. Mothers are perpetrators in over 27% of cases, fathers in over 35% of cases. The breakdown ranked by incidence: Male parent only - 20.8%; Both parents - 12.3%; Female parent and other - 11%; Female parent only - 3.9%; Male parent and other 2%. Family relative 18.2%, substitute care providers - 2.8%.

While you're looking for strangers, don't forget to look closer to home. They might be someone you thought you really knew.

We're Here Because They're There

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