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Menstuff® has compiled the following information on Sex Roles. This is a label for which there would be no concept if there were not sexism. Sex role refers to proper or customary behavior from a person because of their assigned part in a play whose script was written by others. "Let's talk straight facts. Boys have pee-pee tails; girls have woo-woos. When they grow up, the boys want to stick their pee-pee tails in the girls' woo-woos and the girls let them. There is nothing else in this life you need to know. Everything that takes place upon the world's stage emanates from this irrefutable fact." - Susan Day, 1984.


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What are the personal pronouns and why do they matter?
Those Claiming Sexism can only be Perpetrated Against Women
That Kind of Sexism is Sexist
Gender Sameness

Women Stare Too - "Is it a righty or lefty?

Gender Difference

Social masculinity vs. natural masculinity

Reclaiming Natural Masculinity
Male gender roles

Male sexual roles

How are these roles enforced on men?

Mechanism of male oppression

Other traditional mechanisms of oppression:

Understanding Natural Masculinity

Men and Femininity

Reclaiming and Celebrating Natural Masculinity

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Sexism, Sex Roles

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Those Claiming Sexism can only be Perpetrated Against Women

Mary Anne Warren, 1980: Behavior, policy, language, or other action of men or women which expresses the institutionalized, systematic, comprehensive, or consistent view that women are inferior. The term probably was an analogy with the term racism. Both terms reflect a rising social awareness of the oppression suffered in our culture by those who are not white males. Sexism and racism discriminate and define individuals as inferior, limits their opinions, and subjects them to exploitation and demeaning treatment, on the basis of their membership in some general class.(Here are how some define sexism:

Linda Phelps, 1975: A social relationship in which males have authority over females.

Susan Sands, 1970: Is an unconscious philosophy based on the premise that men must have first choice in everything.

Dale Spender, 1982: Is no bias which can be eliminated but (is) the foundation stone of learning and education in our male controlled society.

Liz Stanley and Sue Wise, 1983: Is the name of the problem addressed by feminism.

Sonia Johnson, 1984: The polite term for the war on women. It is the model for racism, classism, ageism.

That Kind of Sexism is Sexist

While Sexism has often been defined as only affecting women, that, in itself, is sexist. A few more liberal definitions that leave open the possibility that sexism may also impact men directly when used to separate.

Sara Delamont, 1980: Is stereotyping people by sex; just as racism is stereotyping people by race.

Nelle Morton: A way of ordering life by gender "that robs people of their humanness and aborts the Spirit moving in the communities of which we are a part."

Angela Davis, 1982: Can never be seen in isolation. It has to be placed in the context of its interconnections with racism, and especially with class exploitation. (Ed. Homophobia might be a good one to add.)

Gender Sameness

We strongly endorse Cathy Young's statement (made as a chapter title) in Ceasefire!: "Men Are from Earth, Women Are from Earth." The similarities between the genders far out weigh any differences. Specifically, loving your children and nurturing are not simply female traits, but human. That men do not express themselves the same way as women should never be taken as lack of feeling, commitment, or love.

This page cites scientific studies from among the vast body of research on fatherhood.. One of America's leading researchers who has a website is Richard Warshak, Ph.D., which provides numerous supporting papers. His book, The Custody Revolution (New York: Poseidon Press, 1992) and Ross Parke's Throwaway Dads (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1999; Prof. Parke also a leading researcher into fatherhood) contributed greatly to the construction of this page.

Gender Difference

But denying the however subtle differences between the genders is equal folly. Each gender has things about which to take pride, and in which the other should equally rejoice. Fathers have been found to be particularly important in developing social skills, independence, a strong moral sense, and intellectual skills:

Social Development

Moral Development

Intellectual Development


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The dogma of women's complete historical subjection to men must be rated as one of the most fantastic myths ever created by the human mind. - Mary Ritter Beard

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