Sleep Assault

Menstuff® has information on men assaulting women in their sleep. (Make that drugged or faking it. I don't think anyone sleeps that soundly.) Some guys want girls to get drunk! The drunker - the better! But now with girls never drinking that much to get totally drunk and be ready for everything, new lewd methods are invented! Soporific, drugs, liquid ammonia, chlorine and more! Girls are not ready for it as well as they are not ready for what happens to them after they pass out.

Below are from web sites and are taken in the act of sexual penetration. We believe that if a woman (or man) cannot make a conscious choice to be sexual during the entire act of intercourse, or anal or oral penetration, the act could constitute rape. Many web sites show men's faces in the act of sleep assault They ought to be tracked down and prosecuted. These guys are probably not in the US but if you recognize any of them (1) let your district attorney or police know, and (2) let the authorities know where you saw the picture(s) (

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The girls these men are having sex with can't say no. They have been drugged or passed out or are dead. Reminds us of the T-shirts that Rotten Cotton ,out of Antioch, California, is proud to sell that reads: "Dead Girls Never Say No." Not much of a difference in the thought process and how they see women. It seems like the only way they can have sex with a woman is without her consent.

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