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Menstuff® has compiled the following information on the redesigned NFL, with new conferences, teams switching from AFC to NFC and vice versa, and new team names to match the current market penetration. Also, we take a look at the Myth that Domestic Violence is the highest of the year during the Super Bowl, as originally claimed in 1993.  It is just one of the many scams that have prevailed against men that the uneducated press picks up without verification and makes it big news. And, thought there is no other evidence to support these claims, the lies persists.

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Super Bowl Survey 2010 - Get in the game!

The Super Bowl is known for its commercials almost as much as it is for the game itself. Yet the type of products being advertised and the audience viewing those advertisements are of great concern. Results from the Drug-Free Action Alliance Super Bowl Survey 2009 revealed that two of the top three “most memorable” commercials, according to middle and high school students, were beer commercials. This falls in line with the studies that suggest alcohol companies are targeting youth in their advertising. Through research, we know that the more youth are exposed to alcohol in advertising, the more likely they are to consume alcohol underage.

In our quest to further research the impact of advertising on our youth, we invite you to participate in the Drug-Free Action Alliance Super Bowl Survey 2010.

Through a simple, three-question, student survey given Monday morning following the Super Bowl, middle and high school students share their thoughts on what advertisements they remember seeing and which commercial takes their top vote. This information is then collected, summarized and shared. You’ll see the results within several days post Super Bowl Sunday. This valuable, fresh and local information can then be used to educate parents, students, lawmakers and the media about the effects of alcohol advertising on youth.

In the Super Bowl Survey Kit , Drug-Free Action Alliance includes everything you’ll need to quickly and easily implement your local student survey, with additional ideas on student engagement and follow-up activities.

The National Football League’s Super Bowl XLIV is scheduled for February 7, 2010, with television coverage on CBS. Make the winning pass by taking advantage of this opportunity to get in the game!

If you have any Super Bowl Survey questions, please contact: Drug-Free Action Alliance Communications Director Michelle Morse, eMail or (614) 540-9985.
Source: Kristen Frederick, OCPS I, Kit

Super Bowl Myths: Nonsense, Bad Data, Have Sullied Reputation of Game and Its Fans

Today's homily concerns the dangers of Super Bowl Sunday — dangers real and imagined.

Researchers say there is a surge in auto accidents in the hours immediately following the Super Bowl — supposedly, celebrating or grieving fans having quaffed too much beer.

But this study is disputed by some emergency room doctors.

And 10 years ago some feminists reported another alarming study supposedly showing that on Super Bowl Sundays, beatings of women increased 40 percent.

This story swept the nation. Feminists funded a large mailing to the nation's media warning women about the Super Bowl: "Don't remain alone with him during the game."

No ‘Day of Dread’

A columnist — for The New York Times, of course — called the Super Bowl the abuse bowl.

So-called experts blamed provocatively dressed cheerleaders for turning men into testosterone-crazed brutes, which some feminists think men are at the best of times.

A woman professor — from Harvard, of course — said Super Bowl Sunday is, "a day for men to revel in their maleness and unfortunately for a lot of men that includes being violent toward women."

Several news organizations called Super Bowl Sunday "a day of dread."

Just before the game, NBC, which was broadcasting it, reminded men that domestic violence is a crime.


But this was utter nonsense. The studies supposedly linking football to violence against women were misrepresented — the data, nonexistent.

This fraud, disseminated by gullible journalists, demonstrated how easy it is for a few political activists to get a story going if the story fits a politically fashionable theory — such as the feminist theory that football is hyper-masculinity, and masculinity is a menace.

By the way, in that 1993 game, the Buffalo Bills were crushed in the Super Bowl, but there was no epidemic of domestic violence in Buffalo.

So ladies, relax and enjoy the game. Then, everyone drive safely.

Source: George Will,

Future Super Bowl Locations

Super Bowl XLV111 - 2014
East Rutherford, NJ

Super Bowl XLIX - 2015
Glendale, Ariz. University of Phoenix Stadium

Super Bowl L - 2016
San Francisco, CA Levi's Stadium

Super Bowl LI - 2017
Houston, TX - Reliant Stadium

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