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Heroin Use High Among Young N.J. Adults

Heroin is used by 18- to 25-year-olds in New Jersey at more than twice the national average, and officials who released a report on drug abuse Monday said the highly addictive drug is easy to get in the Garden State.
Source: www.intelihealth.com/IH/ihtIH/EMIHC270/333/20789/432179.html?d=dmtICNNews

Drug Memorials

The Partnership has created a new Memorial website, www.drugfree.org/memorials to give families and friends a special place to remember loved ones lost to drugs and alcohol. Our new site (which is not final and in a testing phase) allows visitors to share their story along with photos and memories and offers a reflecting-pool design, easy-to-use forms, and a tool for friends and family to leave tribute messages. Please tell others about this new site so we can reach as many kids and parents as possible.


Murder Charged in Heroin-Fentanyl Overdose After Police Chief's Son Dies

The overdose death of an Illinois police chief's son has led to murder charges being filed against the man who sold a deadly mix of heroin and Fentanyl to the teen.
Source: www.jointogether.org/news/headlines/inthenews/2006/murder-charged-in.html

Deaths Prove Potent Lure for Drugs

Nine heroin users have recently been killed by a potent batch of drugs in Philadelphia and New Jersey, but the fatalities have only served to drive up demand for the drug among users.
Source: www.jointogether.org/news/headlines/inthenews/2006/deaths-prove-potent-lure-for.html

Nation's Largest Treatment Center Planned for Indy

Indianapolis' former Winona Memorial Hospital could become the largest addiction treatment center in the U.S., with more than 800 treatment slots for former drug offenders.
Source: www.jointogether.org/news/headlines/inthenews/2006/nations-largest-treatment.html

Student Play Addresses Youth Substance Use

High school students from Delaware County, Pennsylvania will be performing in "Stand the Pressure," an original play with original music and real-life stories.
Source: www.jointogether.org/news/headlines/communitystories/2006/student-play-addresses-youth.html

Senate Holds Hearing on Meth and Youth

The U.S. Senate Finance Committee held hearings last week on the impact of methamphetamine on youth.
Source: www.jointogether.org/news/headlines/inthenews/2006/senate-holds-hearing-on-meth.html

Mexico to Decriminalize Some Drug Possession

Mexico's legislature has voted to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and other drugs, and President Vincente Fox is expected to sign the measure.
Source: www.jointogether.org/news/headlines/inthenews/2006/mexico-to-decriminalize-drugs.html

Frequent Marijuana Use Associated With Depression and Anxiety in Teen Girls

Teens, especially girls, who use marijuana frequently are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety, say Australian researchers.
Source: www.kidshealth.org/research/marijuana_depression.html

Be Ready to be Drug Tested after School

Surprise! You could end up peeing in a cup before competing in an after-school debate tournament. In June, the U.S. Supreme Court decided that high school administrators can randomly drug test any student who participates in an after-school activity that involves interschool competition — that means sports, drama club, chorus, and yes, even the chess club!
Source: www.teenwire.com/infocus/2002/if_20020821p173_drugs.asp

Teens Not Receiving the Drug Treatment They Need

Nine out of ten children who need drug treatment are not receiving it according to the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse. Only 122,000 children out of 1.1 million between the ages of 12 and 17 received treatment in 2000 for problems with alcohol and other drugs. The Bush administration has recently agreed to focus their efforts on people of all ages who seek treatment but are unable to get it for a variety of reasons. Read more by clicking here:
Source: National Household Survey on Drug Abuse coldfusion.affiliateshop.com/AIDLink.cfm?AID=013898  

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