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Menstuff® has developed this section particularly for members of the press, lifestyle editors and radio and television talk show producers. We hope this is helpful in providing you with resources on some of the 300 men's issues we have listed. We've also included over 240 story ideas with contacts for programs and stories on men's issues and a list of advisor's who are available regarding specific topics. This site also includes information on hundreds of issues, events (broken down by international, national, regional and local-by month), book reviews and links to many other organizations and groups along with several thousand resources and books involved with a positive change in male roles and relationships.

"Men's issues?  Why should I care?"  We believe that women and men are each other's natural allies, not enemies. And that women and men's freedom is interdependent on the other's. Therefore, eradicating all sexism is in the interest of both groups. Information on women's issues abounds on talk shows and the news, through national and local support services and college courses, and on book shelves in bookstores and libraries. is our attempt to provide some balance. Welcome! Gordon Clay

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Never trust a journalist who asks shaming questions.

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