Danica down the front straightway at Michigan International Speedway during Saturday's practice 7/30/05


 Danica will start in 12th in the Daytona 500 in 2017.

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Gets spun at Daytona
Gets spun at Chicagoland.
GoDaddy Banned Super Bowl Ad
GoDaddy Super Bowl Ad
GoDaddy Enhanced Ad
Danica and Road Rage
Shape cover shoot
Takes 2nd in Texas
ARCA Practice - Daytona
ARCA Debut Highlights
Phoenix Nationwide 2008
First Stockcar Race
Danica Wrecks at Daytona
Danica & Duno
NASCAR guys would have to workout to race IndyCar
I Did Everything I Could in IndyCar
Prelude to the Dream Danica Patrick on Dirt
Danica Patrick on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 1
Danica Patrick's SHAPE Bikini Shoot video
Banned Godaddy Commercial w/ Danica Patrick
Danica Patrick and Katie Couric Interview
Danica Patrick Hard Crash at Daytona - NASCAR Nationwide Series 2012 (Spanish)
Dale Jr, and Danica Patrick -- Nascar "swapping" in future?
Danica Patrick at Letterman Show 2008
Kyle Petty on Danica: She's Not a Driver. She's JUST a Marketing Machine.
Carl Edwards on Danica: "It's Going to be Tough"
Indy 500 double next year
Bristol Nationwide Race
Bristol Cup Race
It's Buescher's Fault
Richmond crash
Danica takes first Cup Pole at Dayton 2013
Takes pole
Daytona Pole Winner
Leads Daytona

Short History

Charlotte Crash

About Danica

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Danica Patrick Ad Ruffles Some Transgender Feathers
Danica Patrick's Moob Signing Became a New Commercial for Boost Mobile
Danica Patrick Go Daddy Speeding Commercial - Internet only version!
Danica Patrick's autobiography
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Get Used to it, Boys
Features in FHM  (4/03) , Hot Rod magazine and the newspaper supplement version of Life magazine (8/19/05), a revisit to FHM (9/05), and covers on ESPN (10/10/05), TV Guide (7/31/05), and SI (6/6/05). The Wall Street Journal where Jeff Gordon and Danica were mentioned in a story about reaction times. Secret Deodorant
Danica's Photo Gallery 1 2 3 4 , Wrigley, MIS Photo Gallery, Sports Illustrated 2009 Swimsuit edition, More , More videos
Danica Patrick-SI Swimsuit 2009
Patrick appears in Jay-Z video
Peak TV Commercial
TV Guide Tunes in with Patrick
Great Buddy Rice, Dan Wheldon,Vitora Meria Photo
Patrick honored among top 100 women
Dear Diary (Ended 9/20/06.)
Our Favorite Quotes

Danica Sue Patrick
Sport: IndyCar Driver
Birthday: March 25, 1982
Residence: Phoenix, Arizona
Height: 5-2
Weight: 105 lbs
Parents: TJ and Bev Patrick,, Sister: Brooke
Birthplace: Beloit, WI
Residence: Phoenix, AZ
Career Hightlights:
IRL's rookie of the year (2005)
Fourth-place finish at the Indianapolis 500 (2005)
12th in points standings

Danica Patrick epitomizes the life of fast cars and hot women. In 2005, she was the first woman to lead the Indy 500 and finished fourth after dueling winner Dan Wheldon in the final laps. Her rise to prominence helped increase IndyCar ratings by 40 percent in the past year.

Patrick is the jewel of the racetrack and was honored with several female athlete of the year recognitions. She is constantly being sought out by the media -- appearing on late shows (Letterman is part-owner of her racing team) and making "SportsCenter" ads, for example -- and she also has posed for FHM and the cover of ESPN The Magazine's Hot & Cool issue. The black-haired bombshell keeps her toned figure by doing extreme yoga sessions in a 100-degree room.

With all the attention, she proves that she definitely can take on the heat -- on and off the racecourse.
Source: sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/features/hottestWomen?num=8


Danica Patrick on racing go-karts in her youth, the short history of women racers, and her groundbreaking win.

A series of 14 snippets


Childhood Ambitions:

Veterinarian … then secretary … then singer … then racecar driver.

Champion Focus:

Her edge as a driver is, “a little bit of mind over matter… Putting yourself in the mood and feeling positive, feeling optimistic, feeling confident. I can flip a switch pretty easily.”

A Strong Marriage:

“You have to be willing to sacrifice for each other so that you can spend time together because I feel that if you don't spend a lot of time together, you keep growing, but you don't grow together.”

Advice to Young People:

“Don't try and be like someone else cause you never can be. You have your own path and that's what makes you unique and that's what makes you interesting.”

Danica Patrick is the most successful woman in the history of American open-wheel racing, and is one of the most famous and recognized female athletes in the world. She is the only woman to ever win in the IndyCar series as well as holding the highest finish by a woman (3rd place) at the Indianapolis 500.
Source: www.makers.com/danica-patrick?icid=maing-grid7%7Chtmlws-main-bb%7Cdl18%7Csec1_lnk2%26pLid%3D432124

Briscoe holds off Patrick for Texas win

Roger Penske, wearing a tan Stetson in Texas Motor Speedway’s Victory Circle, hugged Ryan Briscoe about a long and as close as he did in 2008 when the Aussie driver gave Team Penske its 200th victory at The Milwaukee Mile.

After an Indianapolis 500 that started with promise but ended in the SAFER Barrier, Briscoe appreciated the show of support. He definitely earned it on the fast and furious 1.5-mile Texas Motor Speedway oval.

Briscoe, who started from the pole, overtook Danica Patrick on Lap 193 and held off the Andretti Autosport veteran over the remaining 35 laps to win the Firestone 550K on a heated night when sparks and tempers flared.

Patrick, running second to Briscoe between Laps 170 and 189, took the point as the top half of the field cycled through the final round of pit stops.

“Danica got by us and I didn’t want to make any aggressive moves and block,” Briscoe said. “I gained some momentum on the next lap, used the push-to-pass and was able to pass her out of Turn 4 and into Turn 1. She gave us a real run for our money tonight. It was fun racing side-by-side with her.”

Patrick, driving the No. 7 Team GoDaddy.com entry, led her first lap of the season and posted her best finish since winning at Twin Ring Motegi in April 2008. It also was her first top 5 of the season, and her first since Richmond late last June.

Patrick, who started eighth, said the race “was my best from top to bottom.”

“It was a good weekend last weekend in Indy and it was a good weekend here in Texas,” she said. “Sometimes the little victories that I have throughout the season are not necessarily obvious on the track. Maybe they’re in other aspects of what I’m doing, winning little victories here and there to get everything in line to perform from top to bottom on race day. I’ve been working hard all season. It’s just really nice to have a result to show how hard I’ve been working and how hard the team has been working as well.”
Source: indycar.com/news/show/55-izod-indycar-series/37946-briscoe-holds-off-patrick-for-texas-win/

Danica Possible 12-race NASCAR Nationwide Series Schedule

The announcement of Danica Patrick's 2010 NASCAR Nationwide Series schedule of events has brought ARCA continued media exposure. Patrick, who announced that she will compete in up to 12 NASCAR Nationwide Series races with JR Motorsports yesterday, has entered the February 6 ARCA Racing Series presented by RE/MAX and Menards Lucas Oil Slick Mist 200 at Daytona International Speedway. Her participation in ARCA's season opening event continues to be referenced in the subsequent media released by the popular IZOD INDYCar Series star as she attempts to make the transition to stock cars racing.

According to Meltwater News, ARCA benefitted with exposure through references in more than 350 media outlets after Patrick's Nationwide Series schedule announcement on Thursday, January 28. Meltwater News, formerly known as Magenta News, is an international media monitoring service.

In December, when Patrick participated in the ARCA open test at Daytona International Speedway in preparation for her upcoming competitive debut, Meltwater News reported that ARCA received thousands and thousands of media exposures worldwide, with an estimated media value of over $7 million.

The 2010 ARCA Racing Series presented by RE/MAX and Menards kicks off with the Lucas Oil Slick Mist 200 at Daytona Int'l Speedway on Saturday, February 6, 2010. The race is live on SPEED beginning at 4:30 p.m. Eastern.
Source: www.arcaracing.com/news.php?contentid=9245

Danica’s new IndyCar deal opens door to NASCAR

Danica Patrick unveiled her splashy new car in New York’s Times Square, its bright green, black and orange color scheme right at home with the flashy billboards and lights above.

A car with fenders could be next for IndyCar’s most marketable star.

Patrick signed a three-year contract extension with Andretti Autosport on Monday, which could pave the way for her desired foray into NASCAR.

“When there are more races on the schedule, my life almost feels more predictable,” Patrick said during a segment on Fox News. “I’d be excited about the challenge. We’ll see.”

The IRL deal done, Patrick may be free to turn her attention to a NASCAR ride and a potential Nationwide Series deal with Rick Hendrick and Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s JR Motosports.
Source: www.kansascity.com/sports/story/1603209.html

Danica Patrick Ad Ruffles Some Transgender Feathers

A new television ad for telecommunications company Boost Mobile featuring spokeswoman Danica Patrick has ruffled a few feathers in the transgender blogosphere over its use of cross-dressing actors.

In the thirty-second spot, Patrick, famous for being the pioneering female competitor in the male-dominated sport of NASCAR racing, is shown pulling up to a pit stop, where her car is serviced by a crew of men wearing high heels, miniskirts and bright orange tops.

“What? You think this is wrong?” Patrick says to the camera before launching into script about how “wrong” it is to pay too much for phone service. “It’s just teamwork,” she concludes about her oddly dressed servicemen, before speeding off again.

The Trans Universe blog published a commentary by a Sprint Nextel employee decrying what it calls the use of “men in women’s clothes in a negative context.” The author, Monica Helms, describes her attempt to raise a complaint with the company on behalf of the transgender community which she says “went ballistic” after seeing the commercial.

A second spot in Boost’s “Unwronged” ad campaign shows several men asking Patrick to sign their particularly ample breasts, or “moobs,” as one of the creators of the campaign calls them in an explanatory video, after which Patrick recites essentially the same script.

Not all members of the GLBT blogosphere shared Trans Universe’s objections however.

Outsports.com pointed out Patrick’s unique role as a woman in a male-dominated sport whose “entire career and persona has been built on bending gender stereotypes.” A comment on Helms’ article suggested, “Let’s not position ourselves in opposition to this barrier-smashing woman. She’s not going after us, and I don’t think this has anything to do with us.”

While reactions have been decidedly split on Boost’s humorous ad campaign, the ultimate outcome was probably best described in a headline on the Deadspin blog: “Add Trannies to the List of People Faintly Annoyed by Danica Patrick.”

Check out the video below and decide for yourself. Offensive or not?
Source: www.gaywired.com/Article.cfm?ID=23034

The Commercial

Making of the Commercials


Danica Patrick's Moob Signing Became a New Commercial for Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile -- it's a classy company that allows you to pay per month for cell phone minutes in advance. It's also the company that's now rocking out a new commercial featuring Danica Patrick signing mens' breasts. So, yeah, classy as all get out. (Although still pretty funny, so credit to the marketing people who continue to find hilarious/attractive ways to get Danica involved in advertising, even if they did manage to cheese off the transgender demographic.
Source: backporch.fanhouse.com/2009/06/05/danica-patricks-moob-signing-became-a-new-commercial-for-boost/

Danica Patrick drove for Rahal-Letterman Racing 2005-2023 where she is shattering records, becoming the first women in history to win a pole position in the Toyota Atlantic Championship.

At the age of ten, Danica exploded onto the karting scene, placing second in points against 20 other drivers. In her second year she began to climb, racing in the WKA Midwest Sprint Series in Yamaha Sportsman and US 820 Sportsman, placing second and breaking two track records in a single day.

By Danica’s third year, she had seized her first national points championship in WKA Manufacturer’s Cup in the Yamaha Sportsman class. By the age of thirteen, she had won the WKA Great Lakes Sprint Series title in the Yamaha Restricted Junior and US 820 Junior classes.

Danica solidified her reputation the following year in the Yamaha Jr. and Yamaha Restricted Jr. classes winning a knock-out 39 of 49 feature races. In her last year of karting she won the Grand National championship in the Yamaha Lite and HPV Lite classes.

By the age of sixteen Danica was racing in the Formula Vauxhall Winter Series in England, placing in the top ten of the 14 races.

2000 was a record year for 18 year old Danica when she finished second in the England Formula Ford Festival, the highest finishing American driver since 1998, stunning the critical British racing community. This success brought her to the attention of three-time Champ Cat titleholder and 1986 Indy 500 winner Bobby Rahal, who believes that Danica is the next female sports star in North America.

Danica became a household name when she entered the Toyota Atlantic Series and became the first full-time female driver in the history of the series.

2003 has been a key year for this young and talented driver as she shows that she’s got what it takes to win. With a choice of the Indy or Champ Car series next year, this could be the time that she climbs into the racing limelight.

Favorite Quotes

"I don't feel insecure about BEING GIRLIE," says Patrick. "I do as much media as I can because I want this IRL series to be so kick-butt that NASCAR goes, 'Huh?'"

"I'm just another driver out there trying to kick butt. The car doesn't know or care that I'm a chick."

Patrick would relish a proper F1 test opportunity

Every driver would love to drive a Formula One car at some point in their life, so yeah.

Danica Patrick, who made history when she claimed her first IndyCar race win two weeks ago, has confessed to wanting a Formula One test.

Patrick made her IndyCar debut in 2005, however, it was not until three years later, driving for Andretti Green Racing, that she claimed her first victory, winning the Indy Japan 300 and thereby becoming the first woman to win an IndyCar race.

The American is now hoping to test her skills in Formula One, admitting that she would relish a 'proper' test with one of the teams.

"Every driver would love to drive a Formula One car at some point in their life, so yeah," she told Autosport.

"I don't think there's anything wrong with a real, proper test.

"I was asked to do a demonstration lap at Indy in 2005, and I said, 'No way. You're making me a show. That's embarrassing.' But I would say that a real test is absolutely something I would do."

And one team who would welcome her testing with them is Honda. "We haven't instigated anything, but if Danica wanted to be a test driver then we'd be more than happy to talk about it," Honda CEO Nick Fry said.

Patrick appears in Jay-Z video

Was that Danica Patrick driving a sports car at breakneck speed on the treacherous roads above Monaco?

The IndyCar Series driver makes an appearance in a video for the new Jay-Z single "Show Me What You Got." The opening scene of the four-minute James Bond-inspired video shows Patrick racing against Jay-Z. The video, directed by F. Gary Gray, premiered Oct. 16 on MTV and is also featured in a new ad campaign for Budweiser Select.

"Show Me What You Got" marks Jay-Z's first single from "Kingdom Come," his comeback CD scheduled to be available Nov. 23.

"Getting a chance to appear in the new Jay-Z video was a pretty cool opportunity," Patrick said. "I have been a big Jay-Z fan for a long time and to be part of his comeback video is a thrill."
Source: www.motorsport.com/news/article.asp?ID=236381&FS=IRL

World's Most Beautiful People 2006

World's Most Beautiful People From Angelina Jolie to Eva Longoria, see what makes the most captivating stars so utterly gorgeous in People's special issue, on newsstands April 28. Danica Patrick, the 2005 5'2" IndyCar Rookie of the Year, 24, led the Indianapolis 500 for 19 laps – a first for a female driver. And there's buzz about an even better showing at Indy this month. Still, racing can get bumpy. "You sweat so much," Patrick says. "We have a helmet and this head sock; the sun's on you. The skin takes a beating. I do MicroDermabrasion every month. And facials – they hurt so good."

IndyCar Series driver Danica Patrick is in the GQ spotlight for November

In an 18-page feature “The Originals: 16 of the coolest sports heroes of all time,” the magazine looks at the 2005 Bombardier Rookie of the Year’s flair on and off the racetrack. The Patrick package, including a full-page photo, highlights her drive toward perfection that “makes her one of the most unbridled – and entertaining – competitors out there.”

Other featured athletes include Willie Mays, Joe Namath, Kevin Garnett, Michael Vick, and Kelly Slater. The magazine is available on newsstands.
Source: www.indycar.com/news/story.php?story_id=7726

TV Guide tunes in with Patrick

Danica Patrick is coming to a checkout line near you. Her rise to prominence this season in the IndyCar Series are detailed in the July 31-August 6 issue, just in time for ABC's broadcast of the Indy 400 at 3pm, July 31 from Michigan International Speedway. Patrick also has been featured on the cover of the June 6 issue of Sports Illustrated, becoming the first Indianapolis 500 driver to be a cover photo subject since A.J. Foyt in the pre-race story in the May 25, 1981 issue. She was photographed last weekend for an upcoming issue of Life magazine.
Source: www.indycar.com/news/story.php?story_id=5139

Patrick honored among top 100 women

Automotive News’ 100 Leading Women in the North American Auto Industry 2005 honorees include seven CEOs, three COOs, 13 presidents, 52 vice presidents, four assembly plant managers and one race car driver. One guess allowed for that person’s identity.

Results Recap


Danica is scheduled to run the entire NASCAR Cup series and she starts it off with the Pole position at the first race of the season - the Daytona 500.


Patrick left the IndyCar series to compete full-time in the NASCAR Nationwide Series


In 2010, Patrick began racing in the NASCAR Nationwide Series


She later placed 3rd in the 2009 Indianapolis 500, which was both a personal best for her at the track, and the highest finish by a woman in the event's history. Patrick holds the IRL record for most consecutive races running at the finish. Finished career-high fifth in IndyCar Series standings for Andretti Green Racing.
Recorded five top-five and 10 top-10 finishes, with a best of third at Indianapolis.
Posted third consecutive season of at least 10 top-10 finishes.
Earned seventh consecutive top-10 finish at Richmond.


Finished sixth in IndyCar Series standings for Andretti Green Racing.
Became first female to win a major closed-course auto race in April at Twin Ring Motegi.
Recorded 10 top-10 finishes and led two races.


Finished seventh in IndyCar Series standings in first season with Andretti Green Racing.
Recorded four top-five finishes and 11 top-10 finishes with a best finish of second at Belle Isle.
Runner-up finish at Belle Isle matched best finish by a female driver in the IndyCar Series (Sarah Fisher, Homestead-Miami 2001).
Qualified on the front row at Mid-Ohio and Infineon.
Voted Indy DownForce Most Popular Driver for third consecutive season.


Finished ninth in IndyCar Series standings for Rahal Letterman Racing despite sitting out season-opening race at Homestead-Miami Speedway.
Recorded two top-five and eight top-10 finishes with best finish of fourth (Nashville and Milwaukee).
Started 10th and finished eighth in Indianapolis 500.
Voted Indy DownForce Most Popular Driver for second consecutive season.


Won Bombardier Rookie of the Year Award after finishing 12th in IndyCar Series standings for Rahal Letterman Racing.
Recorded two top-five and seven top-10 finishes with best finish of fourth (Motegi and Indianapolis).
Earned three pole positions (Kansas, Kentucky, Chicagoland) to tie Tomas Scheckter's rookie record for pole positions in a season.
Started fourth and finished fourth at 89th Indianapolis 500 and earned Chase Rookie of the Year honors. The highest starting and finishing position for a woman driver in the event's history. Led 19 laps, the first woman to lead at Indianapolis.


Finished third in Toyota Atlantic series standings driving for Rahal Letterman Racing.
Became first female to lead in points when she led the standings after the Portland race.
Recorded 10 top-five finishes in 12 races, including a best finish of second at Portland.
Earned first career pole position at Portland to become first female driver to win a Toyota Atlantic series pole position.


Finished sixth in Toyota Atlantic series standings driving for Team Rahal.
Earned five top-five finishes, including best finish of second at Miami.
Became first female driver in series history to finish on podium with third-place at Monterrey, Mexico.


Won pro division of Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race at Long Beach Grand Prix from pole position.
Signed with Team Rahal and named driver for team's 2003 Toyota Atlantic series program.
Competed in five Barber Dodge Pro Series events for Team Rahal with best finish of fourth (Vancouver).


Competed in British Zetek Formula Ford Championship
Earned Gorsline Scholarship Award, given to top upcoming road-racing driver.


Competed in British Zetek Formula Ford Championship for Andy Welch and European Formula Ford Series for Haywood Racing.
Finished second at the Formula Ford Festival at Brands Hatch, England, the highest finish by an American in the event


Finished ninth in British Formula Vauxhall Championship.


Made European debut in Formula Vauxhall Winter Series.
Competed in a limited karting schedule while attending Formula Ford Racing School in Canada.

Early Career

Competed in kart racing, winning several World Karting Association Regional, National and Grand National championships.

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