How to Use
a Condom

Tear along one side of the foil, being sure not to rip the condom inside. Carefully remove the condom.

Put the condom on when the penis is erect, before there is any contact between the penis and your partner's body. Fluid released from the penis during the early stages of an erection can contain sperm and organisms that can cause STI's.

Air trapped inside a condom could cause it to break. To avoid this, squeeze the closed end of the condom between your forefinger and thumb and place the condom over the erect penis. Be sure that the roll is on the outside. While still squeezing the closed end, use your other hand to unroll the condom gently down the full length of the penis. Make sure the condom stays in place during sex; if it rolls up, roll it back into place immediately. If the condom comes off, STOP, withdraw the penis and put on a new condom before intercourse continues.

Soon after climaxing, while still erect, hold the condom in place at the base of the penis and withdraw. Wrap it in a tissue and put it in the bin.

Source: Couresy of Durdex,

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