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Menstuff® features an action that we feel is important for men to take towards making this a country that also cares about men. See Take Action. The following are responses we have received from our actions.



Qantas' response of 12/19/05 was an automated message. We have also received automated responses from American, Delta, and United. (Click here to track our success with other airlines. With many, we are still in the process of finding out "Who to Contact.")

We received an real response from Qantas on 12/21/05.

Qantas - 12/19/05: Thank you for your feedback about your experience with Qantas. One of our Customer Care Executives will contact you within the next 28 business days.

From the information you gave us, we could not automatically identify you as a Qantas Frequent Flyer or Qantas Club member.

We appreciate your patience while we get back to you.

This is an automated message from Qantas Customer Care. It is an 'outgoing only' address, so please do not reply to this email as we will not receive your message.

Kind regards
Qantas Customer Care

Editor's note: Since it was a major task to get through to Qantas Customer Care in the first place (of the 257 FAQs we had to go through, our question didn't fit any of their criteria), and the fact that they are going to take their time (up to 5 1/2 weeks) to reply, we've decided to go ahead and post a Take Action on the subject. And then, to our surprise, we received a response from an actual person - Diane Fineo, of Qantas.

Qantas - 12/21/05: The press story you have read is correct. We do have a policy whereby we seat unaccompanied minors separately in the aircraft. Our policy states that these children must not be seated next to an adult male customer, in emergency exit rows, or - in some circumstances - in a window seat.

We accept that different groups and individuals may have divergent views on some of our policies and in this case, we regret that our seating policy for unaccompanied minors may have caused unintended offence.

This policy is not new. It is a long-standing policy which is mirrored in the approach of leading airlines from all over the world.

Parents place their trust in us to ensure the well being of their children and we take that responsibility seriously. Where possible we aim to seat children near crew areas or next to any empty seat. We try to pre-seat children in the most appropriate areas to avoid any disruption or misunderstanding on board. However if there are late bookings or check-ins, we will sometimes need to move the child or another customer.


Diane M. Fineo
Customer Relations Manager,
The Americas

Delta - 12/26/05 - Thank you for taking the time to get in touch with us. We appreciate every opportunity to listen to our customers and act upon what we hear. Our response to your e-mail may take a little longer than usual due to the high number of customers who have contacted us recently. In the meantime, thanks for your patience. As this is an automatically generated message, please do not reply.

United - 12/26/05 - United's response, to date, was to send us a copy of our e-mail to them and nothing more.

American - 12/27/05 - We sent the same request to United, Delta and American Airlines, since Qantas claimed other airlines have the same policy. We received an electronic generic return from Sean Bentell, Costomer Relations, American Airlines that it will be past of to a Customer Relations Specialist (which I guess he isn't). We would reproduce it here but it contained a warning that their e-mail to us is copyrighted and that any reproduction of the message is strictly prohibited. I wonder what they are so afraid of? We will let you know if we get a real reply from them or any other airlines. We'll also let you know if we don't, which we would take to mean that they have such a policy but don't want us or others to knokw about it. They, I guess, we'll just have to talk to some flight attendents to learn the truth.


We have gotten two responses from John Bonomo (no title given) at Verizon as of 12/14/04. Both are nice PR letters.

11/16/04: The first was what we call a "stall". It didn't offer any information regarding whether the ad will be pulled or continue to run. Here it is:

"Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us about Verizon's "The Elliotts" television commercial. We appreciate your concerns and that you took the time to convey them to us. We can assure you that it was never our intention to insult anyone with this ad, nor to portray fathers as inessential to families." about the action.

12/2/04 We asked Verizon, "Can you hear me NOW!" And, Verizon heard us and responded. They have informed us that the "Homework" ad which was the subject of our protest will no longer be aired. We commend Verizon for understanding our concerns. It is our hope that, given the extensive publicity and support our campaign has received, Verizon and other companies will keep these concerns in mind when planning future advertising campaigns. Thanks to the thousands of you who called and wrote Verizon.

12/8/04: We received a second letter from John Bonomo. It used the exact same paragraph as his 11/16/04 letter and added the following paragraph: "You should know that the commercial is no longer on the air, having run its normal air schedule."

So, in essence, the "stall" letter on November 16 has designed to get us to hold off any further action until the commercial ran its planned schedule and the new campaign started. At least the commercial is off the air. And, hopefully, Verizon and their advertising agency got the message that advertising directed at minimizing women or men is not appropriate. It would really have been nice if they had demonstrated that concern a month earlier by removing the commercial from continuing to air its "normal air schedule."


We won the decisive battle of the campaign against the "Boys are Stupid--Throw Rocks at Them" products at Claire's, a jewelry and accessories retailer with stores in nearly a dozen countries. They agreed to drop all products bearing the anti-boy slogans from its product line.


ASKO Appliances would like to apologize for any offense caused by our advertising campaign. We certainly understand that eating disorders affect millions of Americans, and it was not our intention to add to that problem.

This advertising campaign was already due to be replaced, and the offending ad will not run again.

We want to thank you for reminding us of our obligation to not only provide the most environmentally-conscious products but also to promote them in a socially responsible manner.


Joe Yoder
Director of Marketing
www.askousa.com or



Hella Shawn


We were told by someone who talked with "Tom" at Rotten Cotton that "their distributor was no longer making the Old Crow T-shirts and that page had been removed from the site some time ago because of the article that appeared in Bitch magazine about them." We're not sure what "Some time ago" means, since we saw it on their site in February and the title "Old Crow" was still on their side bar this morning (4/24/02). It did disappear by the afternoon, which we also found interesting. So, the Old Crow T-shirts are gone but the "Dead Girls Never Say No..." and "My kid raped your honor student" T-shirts and Stickers remain.

A direct response from Hella Shawn at Rotten Cotton (4/25/02)

You would probably expect me to respond to you with four letter words, attitude, and hate. But that would be a waste of my energy and I've got better things to do with my pent-up anger.(Click here to see what they actually said on their web site). Instead, this letter is to thank you for the free publicity and controversy. After all that's what Rotten Cotton is all about, we sell t-shirts with a sick sense of humor, you either love 'em and wear them proudly or ya hate em' and get offended. And you were offended enough to create and entire page about us, so we must be doing something right! It flatters me that we are receiving this much attention from you guys. Thanks! Anyway you keep doing what you do best (protesting and complaining) and we'll keep doing what we do best (selling twisted clothing). You see, all this "buzz" helps us sell more t-shirts! In fact, most of the shirts you are complaining about never sold...until now! It basically comes down to this, we have the right to sell such t-shirts as much as you have the right to protest. Right? Just don't forget, we FEED off your protesting and complaining...Take care guys -Hella Shawn

Hella's right. It may sell more T-shirts. And, that's not all bad. If the people who purchase the "Dead Girls Never Say No..." and "My kid raped your honor student" T-shirts have the guts to wear them in public, it serves us all to be able to spot them more easily and it lets everyone else know what they think about girls and women. I'd say that's the best publicity of all - having the purchaser's go public. Gordon Clay

Rotten Cotton's actual response on their web site under Hate Mail on their side-bar www.rottencotton.com/hatemail.htm

We get tons of hate mail here at the Rotten Cotton Compound. It's a daily occurrence… Some people are just too close-minded to comprehend our special brand of fucked-up humor. It's a free "Cuntry", if you do not dig our shit, simply stay the fuck away from our site. We don't want your pansy ass here anyway. Believe it or not, there are people that enjoy the FREEDOM of wearing whatever the fuck they want no matter who it offends…But there will always be a few people that simply cannot ignore something they lack the intelligence to understand, and they lash out…Taking hours out of their day constructing hate mail. And here is where they end up…

4-25-02 Closet Faggots

Wow! A lot of crap has been going down lately, it seems that every politically correct piece of shit, has jumped on the bandwagon to bring us down. It all started with BITCH Magazine, then a bunch of feminists and bull-dikes (see below). Now a group of "men" are on our asses. Go here and check these pieces o' shit out: www.menstuff.org/issues/byissue/rottencotton.html

They claim they are an organization for Men, "Working since 1982 to end men's isolation." Whatever the hell that means... If you ask me, these guys need a few shots of whiskey and a cheap Asian hooker... Blowing a load on some hooker's face my lighten them up a bit. Anyway, take a look at what these clowns have to say and make sure you send them an email, if they can bitch, so can we right?

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Political action is the highest responsibility of a citizen. - John F. Kennedy

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