Women's Lifestyle Periodicals

Menstuff® provides information on what women's periodicals are telling women. Why does a "men's site" have women's magazines. Like the periodicals directed to teen girls, it is important that men understand what primarily women are telling women about men, relationship, beauty, and sex. The listing also includes the editor's name and mailing address, if you'd like to make your thoughts known about a particular issue directly. Click on the "Lenny" icon below to see the latest cover.

Note:  I overheard a twentysomething woman in a low cut tank top with navel exposed at the magazine section in Border's Books in Marin County, California comment to her girlfriend. "It seems that all the new men's magazines are just selling nude women."  I asked her to show me what she meant. She pointed to the section with Arena, Esquire, FHM, Gear, GQ, Loaded, and Maxim. I asked her to show me a nude woman in any of them. She couldn't but retracted to say they were selling women's breasts. I asked her to join me in the woman's section where Cosmopolitan, Elle, Mademoiselle, Vogue, etc. etc. were sold and commented that it seems that's what women's magazines are using to sell copies to women. "That's different," she huffed. "That's fashion," she said and walked off. Now I've often heard that women don't dress for men, rather they dress for women. So they wear Wonder Bras, low cut tops, high cut skirts, slits to the crotch for women?  Interesting perspective. A follow-up note:  In reviewing what each magazine says about it's editorial policy in SRDS, none of the women's write-ups used the word sex while several of the men's magazines included the word. However, seldom will the word appear on the cover of a men's magazine, and many of the women's magazine can't let an issue go by without using the word. Interesting. See our sections on Breasts and Sexual Confidence.

While we could, we aren't offering the purchase of women's magazines through our site. While we recommended fathers of daughters to purchase one or two of the teen publications for your personal enlightenment, we don't recommend purchasing a subscription and supporting most of these women's magazines because they aren't healthy. What we would recommend, however, is to pick up one at the grocery store now and then just to see what they are fabricating about men and about being in relationship with men, and the tools of seduction, and manipulation that they are promoting. The purpose for the email and web site links is to let them know what you think about what they are telling women, especially about men. Besides, if you have a pre-teen son, he might stop sneaking that special copy of The National Geographic and start sneaking the latest issue of one of these like Elle. Some of the women's magazines have a lot more exposed nipple shots.

Legend:  A-Atheletics, B-beauty/Cosmetics, C-Career/Business/Finances, D-Drink, E-Entertainment, F-Fashion/Style, H-Health/Fitness, I-Image/Self-Improvement, J-Journalism-Investigative, L-Leisure/Lifestyle, M-Music/Movies/Media, P-Politics, R-Relationship, S-Sex, T-Technology. (circ/cost of a 4 color page of advertising) The "@" at the front means that the publication is primarily local in nature. The date at the end denotes the most recent issue we've received.

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Women Talking to Women

Allure. (B F H I - trends in cosmetics, skincare, haircare. (845M/$52M) 1/00: Happy New You!  Special makeover issue. 23 before-and-afters. Is Your Look Dated? Try our overnight overhaul. Winona Ryder: Spills some secrets. A Better Butt Now. From lunges to liposuction: real women test everything. Ask Allure's Experts: New beauty advice column. Hair Color 101: Do it at home: A goof-proof guide. Linda Wells, Editor, Allure, 360 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10017 alluremag@aol.com

American Woman. C F G K L R S. (113M/$4M). 10/99: 10 Hot New Sex Positions: You must test-drive immediately! 30 Make-Him-Crave-You-Quickies: Sexy tricks to try anytime, anywhere. The Ultimate Kiss...master these man-melting moves that'll leave him breathless. The Practice's Kelli Williams dishes about life on (and off) the set, her favorite role, and kissing sexy Dylan McDermott. Get-Skinny Secrets from your favorite celebs! 5/99: The Sexiest Thing You Can Do For Him:  15 men reveal their ultimate turn-ons. 7 Women Confess:  Why I sleep with other women. Sizzling Moves: That'll drive him insane. My Parents Arranged My Marriage. Celebs Dish the Dirt: Who hates who in Hollywood. Melrose's Newest, Naughtiest, Neighbor Rena Sofer Talks. I Gained Weight:  And my sex life has never been better. Beauty Bargains:  How to save money on your favorite cosmetics. 8 New Places to Meet Men. Preventing Breast Cancer:  The diet that will lower your risk. 2/99: Special Issue:  Men, Sex & You! Red Hot Tips On:  How to give him what he really wants & needs in bed. Mind-Blowing Orgasms: Techniques that'll make yours & his the Ultimate. Size!  Does it really matter? I Have Affairs...and my husband approves. What's Sexy Now!  6 couples reveal what keeps them in lust! Get a Better Body (By Tonight) without Dieting. Free 1999 Love & Sex Horoscope Guide. Alyssa Milano: Chats about her "charmed" life, her love affairs & why she needs passion!  Beauty Secrets of the Stars, Pro tricks, tips and must haves. 1/99 Sex-Rated Survey Results - readers confess what turns them on, what's outragesouly sexy and what they will and won't do in bed. 50 Things to Do to a Naked Man. Get Any Guy Your Want - surefire sex tips that'll bring him to his knees. Eat Your Way to a Great Sex Life. (Is there an obsession here? - ed) Then, Menopause at 19 - How it changed my life. Backstage at the Beauty Pageants-the good, the bad and the ugly. Jennifer Aniston talks about sex (of course), being single and kissing Brad Pitt. Plus 25 Quick Vacation Deals & Discounts and The Day Diana Died-how she spent her final moments. Ilona Price, Executive Editor, Goodman Media Group, Inc., 1700 Broadway, New York, NY 10019

Bare, Home, Trips, Wellbeing, Skin. 3-4/01: Erotic Issue. What to Feed Your Lover, Philippe Starck: Bare person. The Smell of Sex. Hot Monogamy. Spas for Couples. Win a year's supply of Vodka+Vitamins. Ilse Crawford, Editor, John Brown Publishing, The New Boathouse, 136-142 Bramley Rd, London England W10 6SR

Bitch: Feminist response to pop culture is a print magazine devoted to incisive commentary on our media-driven world. They feature critiques of TV, movies, magazines, advertising, and more—plus interviews with and profiles of cool, smart women in all areas of pop culture. No. 16: Sandra Tsing Loh. Bindi 'n' Books: Ethnic trendspotting. Cheryl Dunye. The Whole Oprah/Franzen hoo-ha. Plus: Infidelity! No. 15: Lost in Space: Looking for black women in sci-fi. Allison Anders. Fat Suits: The new blackface. Plus: 9-11 resource guide. Rotten Cotton. No. 14/01: "I Was a Black Feminist Metalhead."  Mr. Lady, boy-band-o-rama. Plus: Shhh...librarians on film, Carol Queen and more. Master of Her Domain. No. 13/00:  The Interview Issue: Featuring: Bell Hooks, Lynda Barry, the Guerrilla Girls and more plus: Virginity! No. 12/00: Ann Powers, Action Girl, witches, drag kings, and femme-tastic TV. Plus: "I'm not your China doll!" 2765 16th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 (2/$21) www.bitchmagazine.com or lisa@bitchmagazine.com

B:  Everything you want, (12/$) 11/99: Sexual Chemistry: Get it, use it, keep it! 10-page report. Men Reveal: What turns a one-night stand into love. Plus! Judge the Stars in the B Style Awards. Heroin Housewives: the town where bored women share a deadly addiction. Rhythm Kings: Sexy dancers show us their moves. Boost Your Career: Just by changing your diet. "The shocking secret that made our friendship". 17-18 Berners St, London W1P 3DD England

Bust: For women with something to get off their chests, Sum 02: Hot Mama: Cynthia Nixon on motherhood, sex and the city. All Ova That: The facts about your fertility. Rufus Wainwright: Loves his mommy. The Sperminator: When daddy is a donor. My Mother, Her Cell: Visiting mom in prison. Spr 02: Fight Like a Girl. Powerpuff Man: Meet the guy behind the girls. Booty Camp: A woman yearns to join the Army. Do or Die: Sri Lankan female suicide bombers. Lili Taylor: The strong, silent type. Sum/01: The Living Single Issue. Natasha Lyonne: Takes up the whole bed. Solo Mothers by Choice. Spinster Pride. Sex and the Single (Gay) Girl. Kicking Butt with Dr. Ruthless. TV Singles:  From Mary to Carrie. Win/00: F Word: Feminism. Gloria Steinem & Kathleen Hanna. Sleater-Kinney, Sarah Jones, Ian MacKaye, Joss Whedon and More. Fall/00: Men We Love: John Cusack, David Bowie, John Waters, John Doe and a rundown of the bustiest men from A-Z. (4/$12), Cooper Station, PO Box 1016, New York, NY 10211. www.bust.com

Complete Woman 6-7/02: Guys Confess: 80 sex secrets they want you to know. Bring Out Your Inner Rock Star: J-Lo, Britney, Faith & Jessica are only a makeover away. Oh-Oh Orgasms: New bedroom tricks to try tonight. Warning: Close the windows. 5 Weeks to a Bikini-Ready Body. Sensual Scents: What type of man does your perfume attract? Shakira: Rock's hottest new superstar. Make Him Crazy for You: Our guide to reeling in Mr. Right. Erotic Fantasies: What they reveal. 10 Questions: How deep is your love?  Buy the Perfect Body: Lingerie shopping list. Sexual Astrology: Touch him in his astro hot spots. 2-3/00: Your 2000 Sex & Love Horoscope: 365 days of love & sex-life predictions for the new year (Ed. - the new year has 366 days.) Find Mr. Right: and get married by 2001! - Honest. Southern Women:  What is it about them that makes men melt?  House of Style's Rebecca Romijn-Stamos: Get to know this year's hyperhot star! Glitter Girl! High-voltage beauty secrets to make him notice fabulous you. Explosive Orgasms: Secrets to toe-clenching, bed-rocking climaxes with or without him. His Sexual Hot Spots: Touch these & listen to the moans of joy. Bras that will make you look amazing!  Suddenly Single: How to survive the agony of being alone. Are Your Sex Secrets Safe with Him?  Ask him these 6 questions. Sexy Bachelors: You can e-mail today! 10-11/99: Ecstasy Sex!  Make the lovemaking so good his body will throb when he hears your name. Put the OH in Orgasm!  Deliciously luscious ways to longer, more explosive orgasms. "What Turns Me On About My Lover's Body?"  Uncensored sex survey. Vanessa Marcil: talks about men, love & fame!  Bitchy, Bitchy:  When it's better to kick butt, not kiss it! Wake Up Gorgeous!  Special little beauty hints he'll love. Hot Bachelors You Can E-Mail Right Now!  Diary of a Breast Implant Surgery:  One woman's makeover. Ciao. Sayonara. Adios. When it's time to say goodbye. Astrological Guide to Seduction: Secrets to making love to his star sign. Trick Tip:  How to analyze any guy just by his face. 8-9/99: Your Summer Sex & Love Horoscope:  Meet Mr. Right & make this your very hottest summer ever. Meet Rich, Single Men:   Where to go, what to wear, how to snare. The Big Date:  Sexy beauty moves to make him melt. Incredible Orgasms!  Women share secrets to deepen the pleasure!  His Sexual Fantasies: Men reveal their wildest dreams. Look Great Naked:  Hot body secrets!  Will & Grace's Debra Messing:  Love, fame & her new life. Lusty New Sex Positions:  That will rock his world!  Does Size Count?  Hear what our readers say. Superstar Hair Color:  Insider secrets from Hollywood's hottest hairdresser. 4-5/99: Shameless Sex Questions - 5,000 men blush and reveal their wildest, kinkiest secrets. Multiple Orgasms:  Yes, you can climax over and over. Last Minute Marriage Test:  Don't say "Yes" until you've read this!  Spring Beauty Horoscope. Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place's Traylor Howard talks about men, love and those pizza guys! You can be a Sex Goddess (Bring him to his knees!) Men & Intimacy: Lusty ways to get him to talk to you tonight. Diary of a Liposuction - One woman's makeover. First Dates: What turns men on - and off. The Affair:  Okay, you caught him, now what?  Office Romance:  Play with fire without getting burned. 12-1/99 Cover stories:  What makes a Woman Sexy in Bed - men reveal what really turns them on sexually. How to Catch a Millionaire-where (and how) to find wealthy guys. Multiple Orgasms-you can climax over & over. Erotic Confessions-real people share steamy stories. 4 Big Love & Sex Quizzes-revealing tests for you and your man. Birth Control-what you must know. (Thank goodness. I was fearing a population explosion there. - ed)  Then there's Dumped-yes, you can make it through the split. Ultra Hot Hair color Makeovers-to make now. Why I Had My Breast Enlarged. And, finally, Heather Locklear on marriage, beauty (and of course) sex. Bonnie Krueger, Editor-in-Chief, 875 N Michigan Ave, Ste 3434, Chicago, IL 60611.

Cosmopolitan: B C F H R S. Pop culture and just about anything else young women want to know. (2,768M/$112M; Spanish edition 41M) 3/02: Our Most Sizzling Sex Survey: 12,000 men confess what makes their toes curl, even we were shocked. The 6 Signs a Guy is Hooked. Sexy Hair! New do, new you. Real-Life Read: Did she poison her husband? You be the jury. Cameron Diaz: The girl behind those famous blue eyes. The Last Sex Taboo: and why you'll love breaking it. His Butt: What the size, shape and pinchability of those sweet cheeks reveal about his true self. "A Big Star Made Me Shave Her Pits" Hollywood stylists spill the bratty, bitchy behavior celebs are desperate to keep under wraps. Is Your Ego Big Enough? 2/02: Your Guy's Body: 4 secret pleasure trails every man has (take a private tour tonight!) You and Him, Happy as Hell: How to stay blissfully bonded. Sleep Naked: And other surprising ways to feel sexier in your skin. She Caught a Rapist with a Straw: A sex-crimes detective tells her riveting story. Britney Spears: Fun fearless female of the year. Sweet Surrender: The one thing you must give up to have utterly satisfying sex. "I Raced to My Car Wearing His Curtains" The most wickedly funny walk-of-shame stories ever. Diet Tricks Experts Don't Dare Tell You (but we will). Introducing Cosmo's Fashion & Beauty Discount Coupons. Your Hair-O-Scope: Style tips for 2002. 1/02: Sexy. Sexier. Sexiest: 3 seductive new looks. Best Ever! Bedside Astrologer 2002: Your 365-day guide to finding true love, sexual bliss, and total harmony. Blow His Mind! Lock the doors, dim the lights, and try this naughty "number" tonight. Turn-On Tricks: How to make him ache for you all day long. "Forgive Me, Cosmo, for I Have Sinned" These readers behaved so badly, we had to punish them (See if we were too harsh). Mon on Top: The 5 yummiest, most successful male models on earth. Real-Life Read: Her boyfriend did a shocking thing in his sleep. Could yours? 12/01: 99 Hot Things to Do With a Man: Just wait till you try #43 - He'll thank God he's a guy. The 7 Secrets of Soul-Mate Couples. Sexy Holiday Looks: Warning: It won't be a silent night. Gyno News Your Doc is Too Wimpy to Tell You. Julia Stiles and other babes on Hollywood's Buzz List. Pick-Him-Up Tips from the Editors of Maxim: "Whoops, I forgot my panties" and more no-brainer lines. Is Stress Making You Bitchy?  We show you a new way to calm down - like now. A Chilling Report: One Cosmo reader tells how she survived the World Trade Center attack. 11/01: Inside 69-page All About Men Section with 713 mind-blowing tips on men, love and lust. Be His Best Ever! How to satisfy the naughty male needs most women ignore. Tighter Love. 5 magic words that will totally fuse the two of you. Spanky Panky: Mortifying but wildly amusing tales of bad boys who got busted, uh, monkeying around. Bloated? Lose 5 pounds of "pooch" by eating 3 new things. Sexy Beauty. The knockout look guaranteed to make his jaw drop. Are You Really a Good Friend?  This test will tell. 5/01: Tease and Please Him! The magic fingertip trick. The start-stop-start technique. A wild new use of your loofah. The Cosmo Way to Make a Man Commit (It's shockingly easy). Sexiest Swimsuits: Bikinis, tankinis, and bare-to-there thongs. Reach the Deepest Level of Love: 5 surprising secrets supertight couples know. 4 Sexy Studs: You won't believe the bad, bad thing we made them do. "He Saw Me Guying Granny Panties" Readers reveal their most excruciating, ego-shattering ex-boyfriend bump-ins. Fab Abs in 21 Days: Get a Britney-Flat belly without a single sit-up. The Swimsuit Issue! 8/00: The Hot Issue! Our Biggest Sex Survey Ever: Thousands of guys reveal what sends them over the edge (their answers will shock you). 10 Girlfriend Goof-Ups: Teensy-weensy things you do that work his last nerve. You say: Ow! He says: Wow! The naked truth about the Brazilian bikini wax. Erotic Astrology: Searching for your sexual soul mate? Suss him out with this amazing strategy. Make Him Ache for You: Our 6 frisky phrases will have him burning up by bedtime. Caught With Their Pants Down! Bedroom busts that'll make you die laughing - and vow to lock the door. Pamper Your Inner Princess: 21 ways to spoil yourself for next to no dough. Summer 00: All About Men!  Special issue 52 Ultra-Hot, Love-Hungry Guys Are Dying to Hear FromYou. What Are You Waiting For?  Be a Total Temptress! 7 seduction secrets that make him want you bad. Bonus: Bedside Astrology Cards: Your instant guild to any guy (including the perfect pick-up line and his secret pleasure zone. The Date Look He Lusts For. Freddie Prinze Jr., We know who he's in love with this summer. What's His Favorite Position? Cosmo's uncensored sex survey reveals the shocking answer and so much more. Confession Special! The steamiest, stupidest, stinkiest tales we've ever collected from the opposite sex. Are You a Dummy at Love? The 5 ways smart women screw up relationships. 6/00: Cosmo's Guide to the Ultimate Summer. American Beauty's Mena Suvari. The Worst Dates We've Ever Heard Of! Compare your nauseating nights out to these encounters with the sleaziest cheesiest creepiest losers of all time. Cosmo Readers Confess!  1001 of you reveal the wild things that make a man whimper (Warning: Don't try them all in one night). Intensify Your Love: Say these 7 little words and seal the deal on his devotion., Sexy Summer Beauty: Tan-talizing touch-me skin, simple, seductive makeup. You, You, You! Secret ways to stop stressing on hideous days. The 5-Minute Jeans Trick Guys Go Gaga Over. 1/00: Bedside Astrologer 2000:  Your cosmic guide to men, sex, money and more in the new millennium. Sex Tricks Only Cosmo Would Know: 20 earth-quaking moves that will make him plead for mercy - and beg for more. Super-Sexy Hair & Makeup (Be a 21st-Century fox!) She Put What in Where?  Outrageous diet and health regimens that Hollywood stars swear by). Cameron Diaz on Beauty, Boys and Kicking Butt. When Not to Do It on the Third Date: 19,000 guys reveal the new romance rules. 6 Words that Will Make Him Worship You. Is Your Skin Aging too Fast?  7 simple ways to stop the clock. 9/99: Cosmo's Kama Sutra 2:  12 naughty new sex positions, including our personal favorite p - "The Dragon". How to Make a Man Yours Forever:  Or for as long as you want him. Tell Instantly if He's Your Soul Mate!  What the shape of his face reveals about him. 250+ Fall Fashion Finds:  Gorgeous Luxe Stuff at Amazing Prices. The Bedroom Trick that Will Blow Him Away:  All you need is a hair scrunchie. "I Was Dragged Four Miles by a Train"   One coed's commute from hell. Crazy Busy?  4 brilliant ways to get everything done. How Hollywood Stylists Make Chubby Celebs Look Sleek & Sexy. 8/99: The Sex Issue. Your man unzipped:  How to be a genius with his you-know-what. Lust Survey:  3,000 men confess their deepest, darkest, dirtiest desires-and the sex position they rank # 1. Tear-Out Tarot Cards:  Learn your love destiny right here, right now. Fall Fashion Preview Under $50, $100, $200. Sex on Movie Sets:  Why some celebs can't keep their hands off their costars. Be the Babe Who Never Stops:  4 simple ways to feel soooo energetic. The Amazing Thing to Do With Your Eyes that Will Make and Man Choose You. Weird Cramps?  Wicked Itches?  Pregnancy Panic?  Solutions to your most private gyno problems. Summer 99: All About Men!  Special issue. Cosmo's Ultimate Guy Guide:  Find your perfect man from our best-ever batch of bachelors. His Secret Sexual Hot Spots:  9 sizzling places men love you to touch; One Night to Win Him Over:  How to be the first date he'll call again...and again. The Guy Lie Detector:  Body language that tells you what he's really thinking. Bedside Astrologer Special:  What his sign says about your long-term love potential. Noah Wyle:  Plays doctor with us. 100% Uncensored Sex Survey:  3,500 guys confess their raunchiest romps, most mortifying moments, and biggest in-the-sack freak-outs. Hubba Hubba:  Revealing photos of guys so sexy, it hurts. 7/99: Sex Tricks He's Never Seen Before:  The outrageous "rock" technique and 21 other moves that will make his thighs go up in flames. Cosmo's New Boyfriend Rules:  Sneaky ways you can break down all his love barriers. Hollywood's Hottest Haircuts:  How to get the sexiest redhead looks (including Meg's). Guy Butt Watch '99:  Tons of taut, tan, utterly fant-ass-tic naked star buns. When to Flick the Bitch Switch:  4 times you must be nasty-not nice. 5 Perfect Pickup Lines:  Never again let a guy get away because you can't think of anything to say. See how These Real Women Snagged Hunky Celeb Husbands. Cosmoland Adults-Only Board Game! 6/99: Sex-clusive!  1,000 men confess the squeezes, licks, and teases they long for-and the most important square inch on a man's body. Meet a Guy by the Fourth of July:  These 6 sexy tips will have scores of sun-bronzed studs begging to be your beach boy. Money? Success?  Happiness?  The freaky little mind trick that makes dreams come true. Cosmo's Seduce-Him Beauty Guide:  Eyes+lips+hair that will turn you into his ultimate fantasy (see our centerfold!) Sarah Michelle Gellar Kisses-and Tells All. Crotch Crisis:  4 scary things gynos tell you and why you shouldn't wig out. The Love Mistakes Even Smart Women Make. "I Made Out with Matt Dillon" True stories of real women who got hit on by major stars. 4/99: Introducing Cosmo's...Hot New Sex Position:  You've got to try the "Butterfly" a move so erotic you'll wear out the mattress springs this month. 5 Come-and-Get-Me Tricks:  They make men cross crowded rooms to meet you. The Confessions Issues!  The steamiest, juiciest, most outrageous, heinous and mortifying true stories you've ever heard (Bonus: Shocking Celeb Secrets, Too). 10 Hollywood Haircuts to Copy Right Now!  Killer Cramps?  Freaky Flow?  Big-time Bloat?  Your most pressing period problems-solved. Brides Behaving Badly:  Why they cheated just weeks after the wedding. Electrify Your Love: Snoop through his stuff and other surprising ways to make him ga-ga over you again. You, You, You> The secret to feeling totally relaxed when your world gets to wild. 2/99:  1999 Fun, Fearless Female Awards. Be the Best Sex in His Life-how to tease him mercilessly, seduce him slowly and then rock his world in ways he's only dreamed about. Want Your Crush to Call Now?  Make-the-phone-ring magic and 4 other love spells. The Weird Reasons You're Sooooo Tired-besides not sleeping. Get a Movie-Star Mouth-Cosmo's tricks for luscious grab-me, kiss-me lips. What Type of Girlfriend are You?  Find out if you're the kind who gets hitched-or ditched. Shania Twain-Fun, Fearless Female of the Year. Make an Unforgettable Entrance and 15 more ways to focus everyone's attention on YOU. I Woke Up Naked in a Strange Place-the deadly new date-rape drug. Previous Issues: A centerfold to weaken you-now two super guys! (Patrick Muldoon & David Chokachi) continuing our family tradition. Three-year plan to get sexier, smarter, thinner, happier, funnier, braver, richer by New Year's Eve 2000. Claudia Schiffer, inside and out. Inside, Cosmo finds out what makes her so stunning and smart. Fantastic, classy, lifesaving ways to love a man, boss, parent, girlfriend. The man-woman thing: how to be very good in bed, how far should you go to please him, why a woman's sexuality gets better as she ages. Women who are making their careers happen: New York Hospital Doctor, Assistant Movie Director, In Her Own Business. Auto worship: when it excites him more than you do. Whither Now, Princess Di. What I did for love. Roping a man in. Why dating is like dieting. How to live happily without your dream man. Helen Gurley Brown, Editor, Hearst Corporation, 57th St at Eighth Ave, New York, NY 10019 www.cosmomag.com

Crunch, Premiere Issue: Lose Weight: Watch TV. About a Boy: Hugh Grant. Cool Stuff You Can't Afford. The Truth According to Gil Scott-Heron. Sex: Because we know it sells. Just Juliette. Gentlemen & Playaz. Alone in a Field. Consuming Passion: Scoring at the Flirting Academy. Brigit Bailey-Grant, Editor-in-Chief, The Pecking Order. Profile Pursuit, Inc, 51 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017 www.profile-pursuit.com or general@profile-pursuit.com

Ebony. 12/00:  New Poll: What Black Men Really Want. The Rise & Fall & Rise of Toni Braxton. The 55 Most Beautiful People of 2000. Whites in Black Sororities and Fraternities. How to Have a Hassle-Free Holiday. (12/$17) PO Box 690, Chicago, IL 60690 or www.ebony.com

Elle: B C F H P R  Shopping source for style-conscious women. (974M/$ ) 2/03: Your Spring Fashion Essentials. Makeover: Unleash your inner vamp. Shakira Shakes It Up! Her plan to take over the world. The New American Beauty: Why multiculturalism makes everyone look better. How U.S. Designers Define Sex Appeal. Unfaithful: Is cheating always wrong?  Potrait of a Commitment-Phobe: One woman's story. 3/00: Biggest Spring Fashion Guide Ever. Naughty & Nice: The 2 fresh faces of beauty. Sexual Confidence: Glittering, sheer, bare, lighter-than-air looks. A Few Good Men: John Cusack, Dylan McDermott, Don Cheadle. Hollywood's 7 Show-Stoppers. Meet the New Classics. 1/00: Chic & Sexy: The best new accessories. Effortless weekend style: Leather and lace. Jump-Start 2000: Diet, skincare, & workouts that work. A Guide to the Good Life: from love to money. Elizabeth Hurley's Secrets: Hard times, good times, and Hugh. 10/99: 56 Fall Looks to Buy Right Now. Men, Sex and Jealousy. 32 Skin-Care Secrets. 9/99: 570 Page Guide to the Season's Best. Beauty Secrets:  Great makeup, gorgeous hair. The Hot List:  Ashley Judd, Tom Cruise, Jude Law, Puff Daddy, Paradise 2000. Staying Slim:  3 real-life strategies. Must-Have Fall Fashion: the coats, boots, bags and suits to buy right now! 4/99: Special Beauty Issue:  Get great skin right now from high-tech treatments to the quickest fixes. Spring Fashion Essentials:  What you'll want to wear all season long. Why Matthew McConaughey is worth watching 24 hours a day. Meet the Wild Woman who's turning medicine upside down. The best place in America to lose weight. Elaina Richardson, Editor, Hachette Filipacchi Magazines, 1633 Broadway, New York, NY 10019 www.ellemag.com

Essence. For black women. info@essence.com (1,001M/$  ). 6/01: Breezy Summer Beauty: Carefree hair, easy makeup. Secrets & Lies: What's your family hiding? You've Been Played: 10 ways to get over him. The Condom Broke: Now what? Serena & Venus: Courting destiny. 11/00: Oh Henry! NYPD Blue's Finest. Bad Boys: Loving a Roughneck. What Fathers Wish Every Woman Knew. Celeb Hunks Get Buffed. 41 Bullets: Amadou's Mom Remembers. Fashion According to Him. 2/99:  Losing it?  15 ways to keep stress in check. Can You Love God & Sex?  What happy couples know. When he's married. Are you being played?  Wedding belles. 11/98: Special Men's Issues. The Trouble with Johnson-everything you ever wanted to know about the little head that sometimes rules the big one. Daddy Hunger - a daughter finding and letting go again plus a roundtable of experts on how fatherlessness can affect girls forever. Sex Junkies-men who screw up their lives. Puff Daddy's Growing Pains. Men who make us:  Strive, Think, CringeLaugh, Sweat. Main Men: Chris Rock, Taye Diggs, Jamie Foxx, Tavis Smiley. Susan Taylor. Essence, 1500 Broadway, New York, NY 10036 letters@essence.com or www.essence.com

Fierce: for women too bold for boundaries. 2004: The Sex Industry Issue: The Business of Pleasure. Free Sex: It's the Law. Ravaging the Chains that Enslave. In Pursuit of the Wild G-Spot. Not losing my Virgnity but Gaining my Sexual Liberation. Thinning: A nation with common sense. An Altar for All Seasons. The Passion of the Election. Athletes in the Centerfold. Freedom and Thrifty Kink for All. Divorcing Marriage. Heliocentric Represents with Heart and Soul. In Full Swing: Enter the world of sex clubs. Risky Vocation of the Flesh. Interchangable Orlan. Freaky in Frankfurt: A boy, a girl, a wet wipe and a stranger. The Secret of Happiness. Dance from Within. Eroticism Preserved: The Museum of Sex. Candida Royalle: Sexy enough for a woman. Anais Nin. Asata Reid. Editor-in-Chief, Fierce Magazine Inc., 595 Piedmont Ave, Suites 320-331, Atlanta, GA 30308 404.412.8000 or www.fiercemag.com

First for Women. B F H L Contemporary issues, real life needs, concerns, interests-service. family, kids, food, house, personal life style, general interest, nutrition, 30 something women. (1,604M/$57M) 1/00: Send Your Energy Sky High: and lose 10, 20, 50 lbs or more. A dynamic new plan from the world's leading longevity specialists. Antioxidant breakthrough. 2000 and You:  Money, health, love life, career - Your personal horoscope. Enjoy more good laughs every day!  5-step formula. Your Beauty Blueprint: Look absolutely fabulous! Flawless face. Best makeup for your skin type. Perfect hair. Best styles for your face shape. Great body. Best exercises for all trouble spots. Experts' formulas, customized for you. Land Your Dream Job This Year. Be 100% Healthy! 17 pages. Research breakthroughs that Stop the flu. End winter breakouts. De-stress your mind & body. Slimdown Cookbook: 240 light recipes - Quick 'n' easy. Low-fat and...so delicious! New Series: Outstanding women of the new millennium. Oprah: Share her secrets to success & happiness. Life Strategies: Make time for what matters to you. 8/23/99: Send Your Metabolism Sky-High:  Be your all-time best by Labor Day. Stop Your Stress Hormones. 92 Yummy Summer-Harvest Treats. Real Women Tell How To Get a Man to do His Share. The hottest hair since Friends:  Discover your personal best hairstyle. Easy-to-do with our styling formulas. Ace Every Job Interview. 16 pages:  New Health Research:  Look & Feel Fabulous:  Reverse-sun damage. Stop-heat exhaustion. No More: swollen feet. Outsmart Internet Predators. 3/29/99: Real Women Tell:  How to outsmart a tightwad man. 4 Success Strategies:  Be happier today. Enjoy debt-free spending. Create your own spa bath. Psychology Update:  How women find passion when sexual boredom set in. New Discovery:  If your body won't let go of stubborn bulges. Scientifically Proven:  Burn Fat at the Cellular Level. New antioxidant finding from the University of California. Lose 10 lbs this month. Cure It Yourself:  Spring allergies, tiredness, adult acne, technostress. Get a Bigger Tax Refund: The new changes in tax law. 5-Minute Hairstyles:  The hottest spring looks. The latest styling techniques. Do you push yourself too hard?  Parenting:  Cure bad behavior. Complete Cookbook:  217 healthy spring recipes. Previously: 4 surefire ways to get a raise. Lose 10 lbs and lower your cholesterol in just 10 days! Your personal star-studded hair and makeup guide-look like a million! Get the look you'll love. What's that lump? Lifesaving advice. Fashion know-how-the right way to layer clothes. Comfort cookbook-21 recipes to chase away the chills. Protect your rights as a working mom. Weekend decorating-add touches of spring to your room. Relieve tension in just 5 minutes. I'm so doggone smart-how to be even smarter. 5 steps to lasting love.

Fitness: Mind, Body, Spirit for Women. 2/00: Get Glowing: Back-to-basics skin care. Target Your Body Type: Lose pounds, gain energy, get firm. The Real Reason You Can't Lose Weight. The 500-Calorie Walk. Lust lost?  7 mojo motivators. Winter's Biggest Fat Burner. Constant Cravings?  Beat your body at it's own game. 1/00: Detox Your Diet: 7-day jump start. Burn, Baby, Burn: 400 calories up in smoke. Smart Women, Stupid Food: Test your nutrition IQ. No Results? Work the muscles you missed. Get a Celebrity Body:  Star trainers' secrets. Don't make Oprah's mistakes. Down-there updates: Gyno guide to your 20s, 30s, & 40s. 52 Ways to stay motivated, lose weight and feel amazing. 12/99: Get a Smaller Butt: No-Guilt Eating: Party pig-out survival plan. Sofa Sculpt: 5 couch potato moves. Can Pills Burn Fat?  11 Ways to Make Yourself Merry. Body Breakthrough: Stronger, leaner, longer muscles. Free pull-out 12 month fitness calendar. 6/99: Instant Swimsuit Confidence - You DO look great. Lower-body blast:  Shortcuts to firm hips, legs, butt. No Suffering Required!  25 sneaky ways to slash fat and calories. Get More Energy - It's easier than you think. Emergency Body Rescue Plan:  10-minute trouble-zone workouts. Look Leaner Today:  6 fast moves to get strong and sculpted. Previous: Diet Discipline-how to get it and keep it. New Year New Body-burn fat, boost energy, build sexy muscles. The naked truth-see yourself as men see you. Winter Power Walking. 1997 Buyer's Guide-the best home treadmills, steppers, bikes. Rachel Hunter. Sally Lee, Editor, 110 Fifth Ave, New York, NY 10011

Frank:  The new magazine for women, 6/99: Caged Birds:  Lesbian, sex, violence, hard-bitch warders. How to Talk Dirty and Influence People. Neon Nipples. Sex Addiction:  It's not a male fantasy. Killer bikinis. Jennifer and Drad's burning desire. Sun, sea, sand and sex addiction. Chill! It's getting hot out there. The supermodels' Hideaway, Power Swearing, Neon Nipples, The Guru Sho's Saving Hollywood. 3/99: Dirty - What turns you on?  Flirty - Fashion loses its innocence. Cool - women we adore, who's the greatest of them all?  + Natural facelifts:  Jade Jagger's hideaway: TV's funniest sketch show:  Space age fruits. 1/99:  Hot from the UK. The girl of 99 wears head spinning hard-core fashion, seeks low maintenance body perfection, pushes sex to the limit and knows that the future is here and now. Catch her if you can. Vroom plus Vince Vaughn, Jane Horrocks, Catherine Zeta-Jones. Exmouth House, Pine St, London EC1R 0JL England

Gender Policy Review is a zine journal created to provide insight into current debates on the status of women and gender power relations. The magazine focuses on political, economic, and legal policies, in the areas of international affairs, environment, trade and development policy. We are interested in the writings of policy professionals, grass-root advocates, as well as individuals directly affected by gender related policies, whether they be a domestic violence or World Bank loan guidelines. Our primary goal is to create a dialogue concerning the removal of power imbalances, through academically providing background and policy strategies on topics of interest. 10/00:  The Attack of Ultra-Conservatives on European Women, Who's better for Women - Gore or Bush? Political Action at Work - The Second Wave of US Feminism. 9/00: Solutions to Prostitution, Gender Aspects of Conflict Resolution, Female Prisoners in the United States. Register now for your free subscription at gender-policy@mailcity.com For the latest issue, visit www.genderpolicy.org

Glamour: B C E F H R Contemporary American women, trends, how to adopt trends to her needs, motivates to take action. Plus travel, food. (2,282M/$83M) 8/00: Supersize Summer Issue: Guys, dos & don'ts + fashion. 65 Intimacy Secrets Men Need You to Know By Tonight. 1. His hidden sexual wants. 2. What part of a woman's body is his biggest turn-on? 3. The biggest lies he'll tell to scam you into bed. 4. How many lovers are too many for a woman?  Body Like a Model? Who cares? Men don't!  Body image strategies to unblock your "I hate my hips, thighs, etc." blues. Sexual Health: Protect "there" from summer bummers. The Deadly Disease Affecting Young Women: Do you know how to save your life? Lower Your Rape Risk Instantly. 15 FBI tips every woman should know. 1/00: Happy New Hair Makeovers + 300 Dos & Don'ts: Fashion disasters and best dressed Hollywood beauty yucks + yeas! 21st-Century Sex Dos & Don'ts: Ultra orgasms, love positions, lust advice.com. Man action: Here's how to give your single love life a himplant. Droopy Butt Begone! Quick saves to keep your rear end up, up, up!  You Gatta Have Faith (Hill). Astrological Special Guide: 2000 & beyond. Glamour Investigates the Gunning Down of American Women. 10/99: New Making-Love Manners:  Sex 2000 Etiquette Dos & Don'ts:  Should you get to orgasm first?  Is first-date sex a no or a go?  Plus 17 other delicate dilemmas resolved. Beauty Blowout 25 Packed Pages. 100 New-You Ideas:  No-bull step-by-steps to repair skin and hair. Fat-War Winners:  Diet-success secrets of former heavyweights. Is He A Sexual Keeper?  Are You?  Immediate signs you're erotically in sync. "Is This Lump Cancer?"  Doctors on the difference between deadly lumps and normal bumps. Think About This:  Are you and he connecting on the 7 levels of love?  Find out inside. Exclusive Interview:  Elizabeth Dole:  Should you make her president?  Glamour Tribute:  John & Carolyn Remembered. 9/99: SuperSize September Issue (386 pages) 30-Day Climax Class 102. Sex You Up Secrets:  From highly satisfied women and extremely happy men. All New You!  Hair & Makeup:  + What's in, What's over. Singles' Field Report:  Dating Dos & Don'ts:  Male and female daters reveal how to make a date instantly great. Fall Fashion Checklist: 1. Style, 2. Price, 3. Size. 232 best buys to meet your every new wardrobe requirement. Courtney Cox Talks About Love and Marriage On and Off Friends. How to Go From "I Hate" to "I Love My Body":  Real women share their 9 biggest body confidence boosters. Whispers, Oohs, or Yahoos:  Wouldn't you like to know what he thinks about your lovemaking novice level?  Outrage!  Why you can't have your perfect birth control - who's to blame. 7/99: New Shocker Stats:  Orgasm dos & don'ts survey. 288 men and women reveal their secrets to becoming sexually inseparable (and orgasmically compatible). Quizlet:  What's your lovemaking personality?  Juice up your sexual repertoire. Trusting Your Men Instincts:  How to get your gut to lead you in the right guy direction. Gotcha:  The bad-hair spy cam. Salma Hayek:  Hollywood's new heartbreaker. Breast Cancer at 24:  Could your doctor miss the signs?  A rip-out report. Top 10 Hair Trends Top 10 Disaster 'Dos:  plus star styles and cuts to copy. Is Your Sexual Health in Danger?  Immediate steps to protect your female parts now. 6/99: What He Thinks When He First Sees You Naked:  Surprise!  Read why he's hot for what you hate and hide. Wedding Night Sex Survey Secrets. 19 Hair Envy Eliminators:  Get the look you love now. Cellulite Erasers?  We test the best blubber blasters. How to Make Him Worship the Ground You Walk On. Shania Twain Interview:  From poverty to pop star. First Ever Bride Dos and Don'ts Guide:  The Galmour perfect wedding workshop. Get Moregasmic!  Shameless tricks to double your pleasure. Jailed Unjustly:  Do these women deserve to rot behind bars?  4/99: Sin-sational Sex Advice:  How to get extreme desire back into your love life. Want to up your like-ability?  Personality pointers from irresistibly appealing people. Hello!  Free Makeup Inside:  Open and apply spring's newest, sexiest eyes. (Did we mention they're free). Try-on Makeup Samples: No April Fooling. 8 Relationship Sinkers:  When not to submit your sensitive secrets to his grand-jury grilling. Oscarworthy Hair Dos:  32-a-list actress hair looks to inspire your new look. Pap Scares:  Why checkups do not guarantee you're cancer-free. Previously: Secrets of seduction-sweet, sexy, shy-what really works. New sexual health survey-6 critical mistakes women make. 22 pages of answers, advice, makeovers-and more-the great hair issue-bonus! over $500 in hair discounts and freebies. The real reasons good guys do bad things. Your job/your money-complete get-a-grip guide. Ruth Whitney, Editor, Glamour, 350 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10017 or GlamourMag@aol.com or www.glamour.com

Good Housekeeping B F H R food. home decorating, home care, child care, consumer and social issues. (4,679M/$183M) 2/02: The Quiz That Will Get You Thin. 20-page Health Tear-out: The best way to cure anything! Home remedies, cancer tests, new vaccines & more. How to Fake Perfect Skin: 51 tricks, products and solutions. Major Marriage No-No's: A wise-up guide for women. Teacher Troubles: When to speak up for your kid. Is Your Home Disaster-Ready? 17 supplies to buy today. Jennifer Aniston: The kind of friend she really is...and the life change she and Brad refuse to make. Keep Your $$ Safe. 1/00: Collector's Issue. Our Amazing Soup Diet: Lose 10lbs Fast! Financial Intimacy: A couple's guide to getting rich. Cellulite Cures: The good, the bad, the bogus. How to Get Through Almost Anything...and a quiz to rate your inner strength. Stay Healthy This Year: An easy action plan. The Real Meg: What she did to get happy, and the private choices that changed her life and her look. Plus How to find your own natural style. Bonus: Your child's horoscope. The inside scoop on your little star. 4/99: Girl Talk with Goldie:  On the joy of crying, outfoxing age, and keeping it how with Kurt. Plus: Her exercise to wake up the soul. Take-It-Off tips from 200 successful dieters. Steal These Ideas!  Great decorating makeovers. Beauty Clinic:  How to get gorgeous eyes, pretty lips...and that glow! 10 Things You Should Never Do with Your Husband. So Good, So Fast:  5-ingredient dinners. Stop Suffering:  Allergy drugs that really work. Too Little Sleep?  9 ways to feel alive and stay sharp. Ellen Levine, Editor in Chief, Good Housekeeping, Hearst Corp, 959 Eighth Ave, New York, NY 10019. www.goodhousekeeping.com, letters@ hearst.com

Harper's Bazaar. B F H Interiors. For sophisticated, influential women with exceptional taste. (733M/$57M, Spanish 109M) 1/00: 21st-Century Beauty: Perfect skin, precision liposuction & the ultimate high-speed shape-up. Fashion Flash!  First look at Spring from Paris, Milan & New York. The Heat on Handbags. Breaking Away: Seven designers on the verge. 8/99: Fall's New Dress Code:  100% Sexy. Sharp suits, sharper shoes. Jerry Hall's Emotional Rescue. Celibacy:  Can it be erotic?  Estrogen:  The age-defying hormone. 4/99:  Spring Fashion: 100% pretty. Couture Awards, Sandra Bullock & Ben Affleck (just friends, really), Stars Onstage:  Nicole Kidman, Natasha Richardson, Judi Dench, & More. Elizabeth Tilberis, Editor-in-Chief, Harper's Bazaar, 1700 Broadway, New York, NY 10019 www.hearstcorp.com or kpinto@hearst.com

Honey:  Entertainment, Style, Life for her... 2/01: Crazy, Sexy, Single Issue. The Evolution of Eve. 69 Ways to Sizzle: Red-hot makeup, clothes he can't resist, head-turning hair. One Girl, Three Guys, Six Hours...Details of a dating marathon. The Abortion Pill: One woman's story. Real Men Tell Us What They Love About Our Looks. 10-City Get-Your-Groove-On Guide. 10/99: A Passion for Fall Fashion. Dynamite Denim Sexy Leather Hot Shoes & Bags. MTV's Anamda Lewis:  Smart Girls Rule! Missy Elliott & Co. Beauty Alert:  Cocoa Loco Cornrow Magic. STD's Act Like You Know. Blaque Destiny's Child 702. Tyson Beckford Gives it Up. (6/$12) Editor in Chief: Kierna Mayo, 1115 Broadway, New York, NY 10010 honey@harris-pub.com

Jalouse, Fast Forward Fashion. 5/01: Laid Back. Sexy Beasts. What ever happened to the counter culture?  Molly Ringwald, Vivienne Westwood, Wonder Women, Betsey Johnson. (6/$9) Stephen Todd, Editor in Chief, Jalou Publg Inc, 580 Broadway, Ste 700, New York, NY 10012. jpublishing@jalouceusa.com

Jane. B E F L New generation of confident, media-savy 18-34 women. Relevant issues, computers, cars, fiction, food, pop-culture, politics, travel, sex, internet. (?M/$29M) 310.312.2184. 3/03: Halle, Renee, Nicole, Ben: Pics their publicists want burned. 314 Sexy Looks for shoestring budgets. The Hottest New "Spot" Trick (we're not talking stain removers). Free Inside: $250 shopping sprees, makeup and lingerie. One-Minute Solutions for Every Skin Problem. We Go Undercover to see What Guys Really Do at Sex Joints. Beyonce: Reveals how she dethroned Britney. 4/02: Change Your Breast Size Daily, like a pop star we won't name. Celebs Out-Weird Themselves: Gwyneth, Rob Lowe, Mariah, Jay-Z, R. Kelly, Matthew McConaughey. Sickest New Sex Crime: Your boyfriend sets up your gang rape. 50 Miracle Skin Fixes: for zits, wrinkles, whatever. It's Not His Shoe Size: The real way to tell is... Job Interview, Second Date, Wedding, Funeral...200 "appropriate" outfits. 8/01: 300 Celebs Reveal Things They Probably Shouldn't. Madonna, Pam Anderson, Cameronn Diaz, Gwyneth, Heather Graham, Winona, Bjork, Britney Spears, Bono, Beyounce, Sean Penn, Heather Locklear, Oprah and tons more. Inside: More free stuff than Jenna Bush has booze busts (at press time). Kicking and screaming, Paris Hilton gets a makeunder. A top for $11? 100 crazy bargains. "I was strip searched by cops for no good reason." 11/00: 128 Stars (some naked). 10 men in thongs. Be a model in 8 stupid steps. Inside the Laker Girls' locker room. Public virginity exams: We didn't believe it, either. Music bonus: PJ Harvey, Jakob Bylan, Green Day, Flea, Christina Aguilera. Kate Hudson: by Goldie Hawn, Chris Robinson & Jimmy Fallon. Free beauty goodies inside! 100 looks under $100. 100 looks under $100. 11/99: Free Orgasms! We test other mags' lame tips to trap a man. Which stars are gay this week?  And who says so. No more body angst: 20 head-to-toe miracles. "I lived through that massive earthquake."  Lisa Kudrow lovefest starring Meg Ryan and Mira Sorvino. 100 fashion scores under $100. 8/99: Sex-obsessed Issue: 3,000 of your wildest sex confessions. Our writer gets supernaked for Playboy. 10 cheapo tricks that will make your skin look expensive. Wear jeans to work without getting fired. What kind of reject would throw acid in a woman's face? Courtney Love on celebrity dating, threesomes and why fatter is sexier. 4/99:  99 stars give it up. Courtney Love's secret snack. Michael Stipe in a skirt. Madonna's butt (it ain't just yoga), Inside Beck's dressing room. Drunk with the Goo Goo Dolls. 9 rock studs for your pleasure...and more, in our first music issue. Sex in the Fridge?  Jennifer Grey on why she got those nose jobs. Sleeping with Mariah. Jane Pratt, Editor-in-Chief, Jane, Fairchild Publications, 7 W 34th St., New York, NY 10001 www.janemag.com

Ladies' Home Journal, The Underestimate the Power of a Woman. B F H food, medicine, personalities and current events for active, empowered women evolving into new directions. (4,576M/$  ) 4/02: Special Issue: The Best of America. 5 Habits that Help you Heal. Top Doctors for Women: from coast to coast. Great Hair for Less: $2,500 in discounts, cuts, styling, products. Best Places to Raise a Family:? Where does your town rank? 859 Ways to Get it Done, Do it Right, and Enjoy Life More. Dream Desserts Made Easy. Workouts Women Swear By. Amazing! The world's shortest pregnancy. Do His Hormones Rule Your Life? Julia! How she keeps trying to get the guy thing right and 14 other things only her best friends know. 11/01:  Your Stress Zones: Map 'em, then zap 'em. "More pie, please!" The REAL reason you should stop dieting. Men & Sex. The new rules for intimacy. The Face-Lift in Your Fridge. Fibroids: Best new treatments. Rip-off Alert: 8 ways stores make you spend more. Rule Your World. 21 one-minute power moves. Who Inspires 'The View'?  Meredith, Star, Joy, Barbara and Lisa choose their heroes. The Power Issue. Today's 30 most influential women: Oprah, Katie, Madonna and more. 10/01: "What I've Learned," by Laura Bush. Red-hot Reba: She's the anti-Diva who says faith and family keep her strong, but confesses to one secret, expensive vice. 8 Healthy Ways to Blast Fat: Try our Farmer's Market diet. Bonus: Raising Teens: 14-page guide to what they love, how they think, what they need. Breast Cancer at 34: How one survivor fought back in a new way. Hit Snooze! Beauty shortcuts to get you out the door in a hurry. Chandra Levy: Her mom shares the never-ending anguish. "He said we were going to be rich..." 30 Great Fall Sweaters. 4/99: Cancer in the Family?  How to outsmart your genes. Does It Work?  The "eat your dessert" diet drug. Tax Tricks 100% Legit!  In stores now: The prettiest clothes at the lowest prices. "I married a Sex Therapist". Cozy, warm, inviting:  Decorate to soothe your senses. Cook It Better:  Secrets only food pros know. Fergie:  Is she or isn't she a Royal pain?  Flo-Jo: Her True Story. By Jackie Joyner-Kersee.Myrna Blyth, Ladies' Home Journal, 125 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017 www.lhj.com or lhj@nyc.mdp.com

Latina. 1/00: Special Health Issue. Horoscopo Espiritual: Walter Mercado's guide to your future. Searching for amor Online. "Why I'm no longer Catholic."  Ruben Blades on our next generation. Julia Alvarez on Latino literature. Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, New York and More. We found the best spas near you. Thalia: Telenovela star tackles the movies. (12/$15). Latina, PO Box 58761, Boulder, CO 90323-8761 www.latina.com

Mademoiselle. The magazine for your me years. B C F H R Smart careers oriented 20-29 women staying ahead and make right choices about every aspect of their lives. (1,191M/$61M) (11/01 - the last issue - OOP) 11/01: Your New Haircut States Here. Our biggest style guide ever!  Exclusive! Cadee Condit Interview "Why I'm sticking by my dad." Engagement Special: Yes! Yes! Yes! From the panic to the parties, how your life will change...and more. Plus America's most wanted rings. Is Your Job Sabotaging Your Sex Life?  Keri Russell: New hair, new look, new future. Are you only staying together...because you're afraid of being alone? 8/00: Shop 'til you pop! 217 Fall Fashion Finds. 8 Flirty Hairdos: that must be obeyed. Dear Sexy Diary...how a page a day can make you freakin' irresistible. 6 Guys To Do before you say "i do". Live Like a Rich Bitch for $75 or less. 14 Rules We Want You to Break - Today!  Free! Mademoiselle pink nail polish worth $$$. Does Your Boyfriend Own a Gun? Are you sure? 1/00: 21st Century Foxy: Sexy sequins, slinky slips, sleek swimwear. Diet Hollywood: What Neve Campbell, Matt Damon & Heather Locklear really eat to stay thin. Are You & He History? How to know when it's time to go. Holy Haircut!  The perfect style for your face shape. Got Love?  Our 12-month plan guarantees romance. Makeovers, 1 Year Later: They made real changes - did they make them stick?  Kiss-Me Lips: Instant lip plumpers. 9/99: Sex on the Brain:  What the guys in your office are really thinking. 25 Amazing Makeovers:  Find the hair & makeup that's right for you. Heidi Klum:  Return of the supermodel? Special Pull-Out:  Insta-work wardrobe-just add you and go. Finding a Job You Love:  Plus the skills, looks and smarts to make your career take off. Fashion Frenzy!  350 must-haves for workdays, wild nights. Flawless Skin-Really:  A trouble-shooter's guide. Pay Dirt!  Find out what everyone else is making - plus how to get a big, fat raise. 4/99: Look Great Naked!  5 moves to a sexier body. Good Hair Days-Guaranteed:  How to blow (dry) like a pro. Love Trends:  The pleasures & perils of practically living together. Special Foldout:  Rent, Read & Rock!  The 150 best videos, CD's and books of our time. Yes, Tonight!  Tracking your cycle's 8 sexiest days. Spinning Your Wheels?  8 zoom-ahead career moves to make now. Katie Holmes talks about love & lust on Dawson's Creek. 11/98 is the Special Love Issue. Bring him to his knees-how to be a sex goddess or just act like one. Mistake-proof new hair colors. Kinky or Curious?  All your weird sex questions answered. Fitness secrets-of Hollywood's Hottest Bodies. Men & Seduction - what sex with you means to him. A Little Romance - pretty dresses, rich velvets, sultry scents. The Sex Survey - 1000 couples tell us the steamy truth. Elizabeth Crow, Editor, Conde Nast Publications, Inc., Conde Nast Building, 350 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10017 www.swoon.com

Marie Claire. B F J. Modern women, one-step shopping, style & substance. (840M/$49M). 2/00: Fashion Preview:  What's In, What's Out.  656 Best Buys + save 30% on your next haircut. Hair & Makeup: 6 new looks & how to get them. Your Clothes: What attracts men most. What Some Women Do For Better Sex.  Give Yourself an Energy Makeover:  Tone your body in 2 weeks. Special Report: Children rescued from prostitution. 1/00: Look Sexy With Style:  300 new ideas + best party buys under $100. Horoscope: Your guide for 2000. Get a Better Body: By tonight!  Men & Sex: 400 confessions. Beauty to Suit You: 9 best products = 3 great looks. Who Cheats More - men or women? Make Next Year Your Best Ever. Women Killed for Refusing to Marry. Plus Free Skin Cream, Win A Diamond. 9/99: Fashion 376 New Looks at Every Price:  Save 20% on fall fashion plus free skin care. Hair Special:  Get the best style for you. Men, Sex & You:  What attracts him most?   How to Get More Dates.  How safe is the food you're eating? 72 Best Beauty Buys. 10 sex secrets you're entitled to know. Get More Time, Less Stress. Runway to Realway:  What to buy now. 8/99: Men:  The one question you should never ask him. Find Mr. Right in one month. Sex:  What's hot, what's not. Your Body:  What does he really think?  Health:  The truth about the new fat pills. Stress:  What is your body trying to tell you?  Report:  Women punished for being raped. What's New:  628 fashion & beauty ideas + free skin cream. Update Your Look:  What's in, what's out. Winona Ryder: the women who changed my life. Inside:  "I was raped in front of my family." 4/99: 99 Best Beauty Buys:  + secrets of shiny hair. Do You Get Enough SEX?  You Can Buy Great Skin:  17 best figure fixers. "I was raped and no on believed me' American women forced into arranged marriages. "I sued the man who have me an STD'. Drew Barrymore: The real me. Clothes That Work for You:  327 fashion ideas + free mascara. Previously: Why men pay for sex. Your fastest & easiest makeup ever. Stress-busters that really work. Fashion Special - top 100 buys - how to update your look. What men think about your body. Women who risk death for sex. Look best undressed: max your body potential. Sex success: seducers' tips & tales. What to wear now - 200 new looks - save 20% on your next haircut, fashion-win a new look, beauty - best tips. Would you risk your health for money? I'm married to five brothers. Feuds of the rich & famous. Ilona Bailey, Editor, Marie Claire, 250 West 55th St, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10019 lmichaels@hearst.com www.hearstmags.com

McCall's. B E F H food, parenting, home, decorating. (4,203M/$131M) 2/00: Beat Stress: Getting over your perfection trap and other ways to do it. Send him a valentine:  passion fashion, quickie desserts. Oprah: TV star, actress, now professor, internet mogul & editor. What drives her need to do more, more, more? Her Untold Story: Marie Osmond's socking postbaby breakdown. 5 Health Risks: You thought you'd escaped. Cancer-Fighting Recipes: Plus, fast, easy potluck dishes. Free Weight-Loss Booklet. Look-Younger Hair & Makeup. 11 Tips Experts Wish Every Mom Knew. The new secret to finding a job. "I Married My Organ Donor" 1/00: Happy 2000: A super-easy millennium party. Makeovers of the century. 13 amazing haircuts to steal. 9 instant confidence boosts. 10 simple resolutions that cut stress fat. Drop 5 lbs. this month...no diet!  Plus: Clothes that make you look thin. Natural ways to beat colds & flu. Exclusive: Susan Sarandon - what her kids say about mom-the-sex-symbol, and why she's in no big rush to get married. Return anything!  Insider secrets. How to nurture your child's spirituality. Your 10-year astrology guide to love, money, family, work, you. Free 16-page horoscope pullout. 4/99: Dream vacations at bargain prices. Sandra Bullock's stress busters. Lifesaving News:  Shocking risks from household products. 15-Minute Chicken: Simple Easter recipes Cameron Diaz's fave dish. Kirstie Alley:  Divorce. Nast rumors. Sniping about her weight. Veronica's Closet's star tells how she survived it all and spills her secret for getting everything you want. Spring's Hot Haircuts. "I couldn't live one more day with my 38L breasts." Eat cookies!  No diet!  Drop 10 lbs the easy way. 2 million U.S. kids smoke dope. How to keep your child off drugs. You talk. He listens. Make this happen at home. Sally Koslow, Editor-in-Chief. SDE Communications, 375 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10017 mailcall@mccalls.com or www.mccalls.com

Mirabella. B F. Style and substance for the accomplished woman. (567M/$42M) 12/99-1/00: New Year's Ease: Bring on the parties we'll dress you up. The Future of Facelifts: Bye-bye knife. Exclusive: Cher, Whitney & Lauryn on the diva life. Julianne Moore: Wants so much more. Plus:  Tim Robbins, John Irving, Hot Gifts, and the Sexiest New Makeup. The Mob Squad: Dinner with the Sopranos. 9/99: 10th Anniversary Special. Sex Therapy 2000:  Desire lost & found. Brooke Shields on life after André. The 25 Smartest Women in America. Fall Fashion Essentials. 8/99: The Top 40 Looks for Fall. Libido Loca:  The curious cure for womanizing. Is Your Therapist Making You Crazy?  Your Face or Your Butt?  We choose for you. Plus:  Chrissie Hynde, Albert Brooks and Erica Jong. Bella Mira:  It's the summer of Sorvino. The Vigilante Granny: Did she rape a rapist? 3/99: Dharma Queen:  Jeanne Elfman wears the comedy crown. Spring Fashion Special:  The best shapes and the brightest colors. Plastic Surgery Game Plan:  When to cut what. Therapy Wars:  What to do if you're on the couch and he's not. The President's Worst Nightmare:  A tale of sex, lies and doing time. Plus:  Deborah Harry, Jay Mohr, and the Best Golf Schools for Women. Previously: Spring fashion forecast: the first really new look in years. Health & Happiness-science finally proves the con-and the implications are staggering. The politically correct orgasm-Sara Davidson volunteers to check it out. Michelle Pfeiffer-the most glamorous hosefile in Hollywood. Plus makeup-what the pros know. The wittiest Brit. The joy of kicking ass. Amy Gross, Editor, Hachette Filipacchi Magazines II, Inc., 1633 Broadway, New York, NY10019

Mode:  Style Beyond Size, (12/$18). 1/00: Do or Dare Issue. Love Your Hair: 15 mane changes. Horoscope Special: Y2K Revealed. Web Fashion: The ultimate shopping guide. 2000 Style: Breakthroughts: Bold jewelry, fresh prints, fab makeup. 9/99: Sexy in Sizes 12, 14, 16. Makeup Alive and In Color. Just a Little Crush on Lisa Nicole Carson. Fall Flair:  All dressed up and everywhere to go. Emme American beauty. Model Search Exclusive. (2 men on staff of 33). 22 East 49th Ave, New York, NY 10017 www.modemag.com

More, smart talk for smart women from Ladies' Home Journal. 2/04: Special Bonus:  The surge in plastic surgery - what's that all about. Why he just bought a 'vette and other midlife crisis tales. What they really think about sex, sports and success. Beauty Secrets: Psst! Products the pros use themselves. 59 ways to more radiant skin. Style Smarts: sexxxy suits - daytime, nighttime, anytime. The hottest shoes in town. Before You Schedule Lasik, Read This. No More Ms. Nice Guy: 10 things I don't do anymore. Breast Cancer's Unlikeliest Victims Speak Out. Sela Ward: Makes a big move into movies. Hit the Road: Run the More marathon next month. 2/00: Style Secrets from Lauren Hutton & Isabella Rossellini. Better Than Ever! Our hot list to enhance your life. Forever Healthy: Medical miracles for this millennium. The Alpha Woman: She likes to be on top. Makeup Update: What to keep, toss, add. When Your Parents Need Your Help. "I am the Other Woman."  8/99: No More Hollywood Wife:  Rita Wilson steps out while husband Tom Hanks kicks back. Hormones Select, Don't Settle:  "How I escaped from the fast track." From Cycling to Yoga"  Suit-yourself fitness. How Far Would You Go for Your Kids?  Making the Most of What You Know. Madeleine Albright on Power (and Men). The Pretty Woman Complex. Hot Weather Sytle Guide:  Faking natural beauty, should you dress your age, 50 ways to thicker, sexier hair. (6/$15.00), 125 Park Ave, New York, NY 10017 www.moremag.com

Ms, Sum 02: Special Anniversary Summer Reading Issue! Best of 30 Years Fiction & Poetry. News: Breast cancer controversy. Women's Voices from the Middle East. Frances Kissling: The Cardinals sin. Margaret Atwood, Sandra Cisneros, Lucille Clifton, Rita Dove, Tess Gallagher, Mary Gordon, Marilyn Hacker, Ursula K. Le Guin, Robin Morgan, Toni Morrison, Joyce Carol Oates, Grace Paley, Adrienne Rich, Alice Walker and much more... Spr 02: Special! Collector's Issue. The Best of 30 Years. Reporting, rebelling & truth-telling. Plus Updates: Moving into the future. Afghan Women - A feminist family tree. 12/01-1/02: Women of the Year. Response to Terrorism: Women on peace and war. Our 30th Anniversary: Let the celebration begin. 10-11/01: Be Who You Are. Naomi Wolf Blasts the Birthing Biz. 'Stripping' the Dykes Next Door. First Person: Confessions of an abuser. Nudity Sells. Do you buy it?  Why Everyone is Reading The Red Tent. 8-9/01: Express Yourself. Women Caught in the Drug Wars. Kathy Najimy Tells off Tinseltown. The Virgin Gets a Makeover. The Latest Lie about Abortion. Campus Life: Speak-Outs to Kiss-Ins. 6-7/01: Turn Up the Heat. Bush's War on Abortion. Ms. Goes Under Cover in Iraq. Did the Women's Museum Wimp Out?  First Person: Slut, Interrupted. Can Your Boss Deny You Birth Control? 4-5/01: Special Report: Saluting Champions: Women who stand and deliver on the environment, human rights, political and social justice. Don't Be (George) Bushed! Advice, inspiration and calls to action. Winona Laduke reflects on the Green Campaign, Activism and Motherhood. 2-3/01: Oh my god! I'm a hardcore feminist! Humanist Womanist Equalist Mujerista: Ms. asks what's in a name. Special Report: Why most women can't afford to retire. Fem Fairy Tales. Uncloseted Art. Title IX Goes Off-Field. The Abortion Pill. 12/00-1/01:  She Slams: Alix Olson is a road poet on a mission. Exclusive: Gloria's Wedding Photos. Robin Morgan's Memoir. The Aunt Jemima Dilemma. Susan Estrich on Sex & Power. The Body Shop's Anita Roddick on Money & Mayhem. Jean Kilbourne: Decodes the Ads. 10-11/00: Fearless Feminist Theater: Sarah Jones rocks the house. What's Female? The surgical solution. Childless by Choice. Women on the Right: The Slick "Sisters." Death by Marriage. Naked Old Women. Ecofems. Newsmakers. Agitators of All Ages. 8-9/00: Running for Her Life: Hillary's do-or-die gamble. Are You Making Love in the Dark?  Activists' Guide: Shaking up the system. Toni Morrison, Kathleen Hanna, Annie Sprinkle. 4-5/00: What's Up with Men?  Susan Faludi, Dan Savage, Kate Millett, Kevin Powell. Expose! The real deal on family-friendly benefits. Plus: Is suing a rapist legal? The woman behind the landmark case. Breast Cancer and the Environment. 1/00: The Feminist Century: Was it good for you, too? Celebrating Feminism: The first century. 8-9/99: Aaahhhh, SEX:  Mind over mattress? Going Ape!  Women Activists:  On preventing war and making peace. Gloria Steinem on Boys & Girls. A Hip-Hot Feminist on Rhythm & Rage. Buffy Sainte-Marie:  Folk songs, laptops and Native American cyberculture. 6-7/99: Wild Thing:  The truth about women's aggression; Chick Music:  Lilith's farewell missy Elliott on the B word; Monica:  The Morning After; Custody:  Can you bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and still lose your kids?   Divas, hell-raising & profiles in courage. (6/$35) PO Box 5299, Harlan, IA 51593-0799 800.234.4486. www.msmagazine.com (24 women, no men.)

Muffy, New Girly Life. Sum 02: The Skin Issue. Band Nerds. Strippers. Hot Housewives. Pussy Licking. Hitchhiking. Dumpster Diving. The Ronelles. Calvin Johnson. Rose Melberg. Julien Donkey-Boy. My My Le Figre. Carly Earnshaw and Regina Gelfo, editors, Muffy! c/o Regina Gelfo, 4941 Winchester Dr, Sarasota, FL 34234 www.muffymagazine.com. (19 women, 7 men)

New Woman, You Can't Put a New Woman Down. B C E F H R  Women's issues, actionable beldn of resources and information for women who are motivated to lead the most fulfilling lives possible. (1,179M/$50M). 4/01: 296 Ways to Change Your Look: 146 get-slinky fashion finds, 30 expert makeover secrets, 120 flawless face tips. Horoscope Special! Find "the one" by tonight. 'Then Del Boy bent me over the shopping trolley' Your worrying celebrity sex dreams analysed. Be 100% Happy: Secrets of the naturally chirpy. Real Life: Gassed and molested in the dentist's chair. The Real Dr. Ross: True traumas from an American ER. 'I was violuntarily sterilised at 21'. Patsy Tells it All: 'I'd turned a blind eye so many times...The list was this long.' 1/00: You-2K! Red-hot horoscopes for passion, power & partnership. Men Tell How to Make Sex More Loving. Break One Habit, Change Your Life: A 2-week quitting plan. Can't Lose Weight? 6 ways to start slimming again. More for Your Beauty Bucks: Pro pricks under $5 plus a fab freebie. 9/99: Love Your Looks!  Your perfect-makeup finder Foldout. Sexy Hair Tricks. Plus Free Makeover. 3 Greedy-Doctor Scams that Can Hurt Your Health. 16,000 Women Name the Sexiest Man of the Century. Sex & Health Report:  The biggest breakthrough since the pill. Are You in Shape?  Are you sure?  Fashion to Fall for 125 Ideas You'll Love for Work and Weekends. Fall Beauty Blockbuster! 8/99: Is Stress Hurting Your Looks?  Anxiety-proof your skin, hair, body. Healthier Body, Sexier Sex:  15 easy changes for lots more lust. shape-up Shortcuts:  Fitness in 15, 10 or 5 minutes flat. 10 Health Questions:  To ask your mother now (this talk could save your life). The Pros' No-Fail Trick for Gorgeous Hair. Dump That Diet!  Experts admit a major mistake. 5/99: Unzip his Secrets: A daring Q & A for lovers, Pro Tricks for Saturday Night Hair, Makeup Miracles-7 skin solutions, 4 Must-Read Can't Believe Fertility Stories, What's Up With Your Period?  News on pain, MAGS and sexual surges, Men Disk the 9 Most Amazing Things a Woman can do in Bed, Plus Jiggle-free arms, can you trust a home pregnancy test? What never to put on your credit card. 4/99: Suddenly Sex:  21 no-fail frustraters. Better Health, Less Hassle:  10-smart new moves. Beauty Spree!  93 new hair, skin makeup finds. What marriage teaches a man about sex. How to Have the Best Job interview of Your Life. 24 Hours, Zero Stress:  How to make more days great days. 1/99:  Love It Up!  6 stay-hot, stay-happy secrets. Beauty Treats - that banish stress. Your Breasts-the newest facts, healthiest moves. 7 Signs He Still Thinks You're Sexy. Are You Too Hard on Yourself?   How to live guilt-free. A Tighter Tush-fast! Previous: 25 best buys from clothing catalogs. Special: The Glory of Love. The life cycle of your relationship. How you fall in love at 15, 32, 74. Why certain foods put you in the mood. What do hormones have to do with it? Survey Report: How your passions reveal the real you. The world's healthiest diet. Head-to-toe guide to winter skin care. Wanting to get married-do men feel the same way you do? Men talk about women and lingerie. News about the way you dream...The powerful attraction of old flames...The safety of your 401(k). Betsy Carter, Editor, New Woman, 2 Park Ave, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10016 www.swoon.com

On the Issues: The Progressive Woman's Quarterly. Carolyn Heilbrun of Patricia Ireland, Feminist Street Fighting. Phyllis Schuster - A true story from the "ex" files, The Dad Debate. Silver stein-The myth of the male role model. Trash Wilson-The organization of angry dads. Carter Hey ward-What's really wrong with the faith of our fathers. Rosemary L. Bray, Editor, Choices Women's Medical Center, 97-77 Queen's Blvd., Forest Hills, NY 11374. www.echonyc.com/~onissues or www.igc.apc.org/onissues or onissues@echonyc.com

O The Oprah Magazine. 6/04: MEN! Sex is like pizza... & other startling insights into the hearts of men. Men who adore real women: We've found them! Good-Guy Hall of Fame: Brains, looks, charisma to burn 2004's Best Men. Man Trouble? Dr. Phil's got answers. My Girl. Your Father, Yourself (six writers). Foreign Affairs. Token Guy. The O Interview: How the mahvelous Billy Crystal made Oprah laugh and cry. The Wrinkle Report: Treatments that actually work (Science finally does something good for women!) Exclusive: Vitamin Alert: Labels that lie vs. pills that deliver: we name names. Editor's note: All magazine management and staff lsited on pages 12 and 16 of this issue didn't have names of their own. They were all listsed as "daughter" or "son" of their father's. Nice gesture and it sure seemed like they had enough room to put the daughter or son's own name, too. The Oprah Magazine, 1700 Broadway, 38th Floor, New York, NY 10019, 212.903.5366, ccare@hearstmags.com

Oxygen. 3/03: Tummy Troubles? 6 ways to flatten your stomach. Are Women the Stronger Sex? 3 New Diets: Drop pounds quickly & safely. Should You Give Up Meat? 8 Reasons You're Not Getting Results: How to pump up your motivation, beat boredom, and reach all your goals. Target Your Body Type: Tone up by next month. 7/01: The Naked Truth: Is liposuction for suckers? Now Monthly! Our biggest issue - You gotta have it!  "Hey Sexy!" 55 swimsuits inside flaunt your foxy body. Temptation Island: Sweatin' thighs bedroom lies. Yes! You can lose back fat in six easy moves. Was It As Good for You As It Was for Me? Canusa Products Inc, 5775 McLaughlin Rd, Mississauga, ON Canada L5R 3P7 905.507.3545 or 888.254.0767

Paper: The Pervy Monthly with the Curvy Readers. Heart Attacks!-Tim Burton has a Heart on for Lisa Marie. Food & Sex. Aphex Twin. Nuyorican Soul. Believin' Las Vegas. Balthazar Getty. More Style Than You Can Handle. Kim Hastreiter, Editor, Paper Publishing Co., 529 Broadway, New York, NY 10012

Playgirl: Entertainment for Women. 1/99 Primetime's Sexy Young Stars Exposed. Countdown to Climax-naughy ways to ring in the New Year. 12 Sizzling Centerfolds-Ready to score with you. Toyz in the Hood - the best in erotic home shopping. Bottoms Up-hot celebrity buns. Seduce any sign in the Zodiac. Baywatch's Best Body-Jose Solano. Claire Harth, Editor-in-Chief, Half Moon Media Reps, 801 Second Ave, New York, NY 10017 www.playgirl.com or letters@playgirl.com Toy Story - 10 percent of American adults, or 13.9 million, use sex toys. Most common age group 30-49. Although 9 percent of married couples use toys, 15 percent of indulgers are divorced, separated or widowed. 12 percent of whites play with toys, only 2 percent of blacks do so. Use increases with education (About 8 percent have less than a high school education while 11 percent are college graduates.) It also increases with wealth and, as the number of partners increases, do does sex toy use. (If the Jannes Report has any validity, they're probably all Republicans that say they never insert.)

Redbook, balancing family, work, love, time for you. B F R 30 something young married and young moms. Front half topics related to personal needs, 2nd half latest news, practical information on kids, work, money, travel, home. (2,868M/$84M). 10/00: SEX: the #1 secret to making it hotter than ever. Your Breast Cancer Risk Just Went Down!  New findings on aspirin, diet, stress in our bonus booklet. What Keeps Happy Couples Close: 4 surprising love boosts. Should You Fire Your Doctor?  8 warning signs. Go Part-Time without going broke. Meg Ryan: The painful truths behind her split. Fall Looks You'll Love: The sexiest hair, makeup, fashion + amazing free stuff. 1/00: 100+ Ways to Add Fun to Your Life. The Best Time to Shop for Bargains: Your month-to-month guide. True Crime: One woman's terrifying discovery about her husband. 6 little moves to make your sex life hotter!  600 Men Confess: How you can get them to do anything. 17 surprising things that are making you tired. Meg Ryan Exclusive: Girl talk about her total devotion to her two "boys," the silly ways she and Dennis stay close, and the one thing she secretly dreams of doing onscreen. 10/99: Hot New Sex Position:  Guaranteed to bring you closer. Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg:  What Jackie taught her about being strong. 13 Diet Lies and One Truth to Live By. 297 Inspirational Ideas:  To bust a bad mood, beat stress, change your life. 8 Secrets to Perfect Skin. "A man liked my child too much." Lifesaving Booklet:  What to do when you find a lump. Sarah Jessica Parker:  She's conquered her insecurities and helped her husband, Matthew Broderick, cope with the tragedies of his past. Now, there's just one thing she desperately wants. (Hint:  It's not an Emmy) 7/99: His Secret Turn-Ons:  Take our sex quiz and make him insane with desire tonight. Look 5 pounds thinner!  A cheater's guide. 31 Ways Happy Couples Get Closer:  10 habits of highly confident women. Free! 12-page health & beauty booklet:  Gorgeous Skin-at any age. How Private is Your Home?  A chilling story of a neighbor who spied. Heather Locklear:  Why the sudden end of Melrose Place triggered her darkest fears - and how she found unexpected strength in her two loves. Kids' Health Alert:  The deadly risk your dentist may take. 4/99: His Most Secret Sex Wish:  It's not what you think! Eat to Beat PMS. Got an extramarital crush?  Use it to supercharge your marriage. 43 Tips for Smooth, Sexy Skin:  Our no-lie guide to hair removal. Pediatricians favorite home remedies. Stars On:  How to keep the love sparks flying. Lea Thompson:  TV's Caroline bares all about growing up with an alcoholic mother, her wild single years with one of Hollywood's hunkiest starts and her passion for marriage and motherhood. 1/99 Cover stories:  Sex every night-can it deepen your love? Yes! Yes! Yes! - and that's just women speaking. Your breast cancer risk just went down-finally, real breakthroughs in prevention and treatment. 4 secrets of winter weight lost. Get gorgeous skin at 20, 30, 40 our step-by-step guide. Vaccines for strep and other scary kids' diseases. I was a Monica Lewinsky (and yes, I kept the skirt). Stressed?  Tired?  12 smoothing bath recipes. Joan Lunden talks about life after losing her job on Good Morning America, the joy of rediscovering her kids, and the satisfaction of taking charge of her career. Leslie Jane Seymour, Editor-in-Chief, Redbook, Hearst Magazine Division, 224 West 57th St, New York, NY 10019 redbookmag.com

Self: 1/00: Your New Year's Shape-up Kit: 42 pro pointers to get you fit and flab-free. Flat Abs in this Lifetime!  Healthy Year 2000: Your 12 month mind-body futureflash Horoscope. A Self-esteem Check Every Woman Needs. Be Naturally Gorgeous! The 10 simple secrets of looking great, not fake. Doctors Confess Their Worst Mistakes: Nightmares you need to read to stay safe. Is Your Weight Healthy? Find out page 132. 3/99: Self Challenge Workouts. Get the Body You Want:  3rd annual fitness kit:  Tips for high energy and stamina. Your personal workout planner. Feel Great Naked:  Our head-to-toe bare skin guide. Trust Yourself:  What you intuition is telling you. Boost Your Immunity:  Dr. Andrew Weil explains how. Rochelle Duel, Editor-in-Chief, Self, 350 Madison Ave, 6th Fl, New York, NY 10017.

Sexy Style: A Woman's Guide. Dating. Fashion. Lifestyle. Shopping. 8/01: Talk Flirty to Me by Anka Radakovich. Getting Glam: How to look city chic. Quiz: Who is your ideal mate? Pour It On! Mini bartending guide. Dating Horror Stories: Tabs from the front lines. Free Photo of Manolo Blahnik Shoes! H&S Media Back Orders, 2121 Waukegan Rd, Ste 120, Bannockburn, IL 60015. 800.995.7197 backissues@hsmedia.com

Shape, 2/00: Kickboxing Butt: 8 new moves for a knockout tush. 5 Healthiest Ways to Eat. Jolt Your Metabolism: Blast calories with our super strength-training workout. 3 Simple Moves for Great Abs. 6 Steps to Sure-Fire Weight Loss. Courtney Thorne-Smith on boobs and body image. Shape Tested: The best tasting energy bars. 12/99: Get a Great Butt: 3 simple cardio routines. 27 Fabulous Fitness Gifts. 4 Fast Moves: A 30-minute workout to keep you fit. Will a Little Alcohol Hurt or Help You?  10 Ways to Boost Your Sex Life. Luscious Low-Fat Holiday: Plus free recipe cards. Make it to Y2K without those extra holiday pounds. Win Our Annual Fitness Makeover. 4/99: Fantastic Abs:  Brand new moves to get'em. Lose Those Last 10 Pounds:  Expert tips & celebrity secrets. What's hot!  We found the best...sports clubs, exercise classes, workout spots, health remedies, action-packed cities, gotta-have gear. Readers' Luscious & Low-Fat dessert recipes. Burn fat and build muscle:  A revolutionary plan. Barbara Harris, Editor in Chief, Shape, 1 Park Ave, 10th Floor, New York, NY 10016 www.shapemag.com http://www.shapemag.com

She: For busy modern women. 10/99: Look Great, Feel Great:  Trousers & skirts, the new shapes. Sexy boots for autumn. Beat the Blues:  Wake up in a better mood. My panic attacked started at 30. Diary of a nervous breakdown. New Horoscope Section - Your Destiny: Use your star sign to get what you want. Too Tired for Sex?  Improve your love life overnight. Love, Marriage Affairs, Kids:  How the cast of cold feet handle real life. What Jennifer Aniston's Friends Reveal about Her and Brad Pitt. Alison Pylkkanen, Editor, National Magazine House, 72 Broadwick St, London W1V 2BP, England

Sports Illustrated for Women, 9-10/00: Gear, Training, Real Beauty, Nutrition. Bonus Pullout: Top colleges for women athletes. Sydney Special: Who to watch in every olympic sport!  A Great Sports Bra for Every Body Type. Be A Better Team Player. How to Eat Like an Olympian. Marion Jones takes flight. Winter 1999-2023: Sportswomen of the Year: The US Soccer Team! Plus Athlete of the Century. Muscles are In! Boost your body image. Our Great Gear Gift Guide. Bonus Pullout! The 100 greatest female athletes. Summer, 1999: Women who Win!  27-page blowout:  Julie Foudy & the U.S. World Cup Team. New Stars of the WNBA. 10 Great Sports Bras. Play Hard, Stay Fit, Have Fun!  Your summer guide. Sharpen Your Competitive Edge. Athletes & Eating Disorders What You Must Know. Meet the WNBA's bravest heart. letters@siforwomen.com, 1271 Avenue of the Americas, Rm 1948, New York, NY 10020-1393.

STyLO, Contemporary Sports Gear & Lifestyles, Winter, 98/99:  SEXclusive. The Untouched Erogenous Zone. Erotica Review:  Voyeur within. Fashion Expo:  Sportswear, Club gear, Lingerie and more. Beauty or Bulimia?  Gay Teens Speak Out. Up Close with Roselyn Sanchez. PO Box 1596, Thousand Oaks, CA 91358 stylomag@aol.com

Today's Black Woman, 1/00: Beat the Blues Naturally: Let Your Spirit Soar!  A Guide to Health & Fitness 2000! New products & ideas. A New Year Woman! The Notorious Lil' Kim. Can she override her sex & money image?  Turn Up the Heat!  Sex strategies: to try with him!  Keep him coming back:  10 ways to make him stay!  Will you Marry Me?  Why men pop the question! (9/$27) 40 Violet Ave, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

Vanity Fair, 1/00: There's Something About Cameron Diaz: and it's not just the smile and the killer body. Terry McAuliffe, Clinton's Midas King. Pulp Goddess Jackie Susann. The Messiest Rockefeller Divorce Ever. New York's Hottest New Restaurant. High-Tech IPO Madness. (12/$12) Vanity Fair, PO Box 51333, Boulder, CO 8032301333 www.epicurious.com

Vogue. B F H Changing roles and concerns of women, evolving fashion, style and important ideas of the arts, health care, politics, world affairs. (1,212M/$70M) Springs New Look-flirty dresses, soft suits, sexy tops. A lust for luxury-fashion's accessories frenzy. Head hunting-in search of the perfect haircut. Katharine Graham-the most powerful woman in Washington. 4/02: The Shape Issue: What to wear when you're tall, short, thin, curvy, athletic, pregnant. Angelina Jolie: Rebel with a cause. The Biggest Sex News Since the Pill. Extreme Measures: How to change your shape from head to toe. 1/00: Supermodel Story: 6 decades of secrets & success. Complete Collections Report: A new chic for both day & night. Is Bill Bradley too offbeat for America?  Today's Stars: Gisele & Carmen. Anna Wintour, Editor, The Conde Nast Publications Inc., Conde Nast Bldg, 350 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10017

WIG: Women in General. Art, Music, Sports, Culture. Kathleen Gasperini, Editor, WIG, PO Box 158, Heber City, UT 84032

Wit: Women in Touch, Smarts, Style, Attitude. Life, career, home, humor, technology, finance, trends. (6/$12), Fall/99: Why Everybody Loves Actress Patricia Heaton (Especially when she gets angry). Investing in IPOs-The highs and lows. Stressed Out? Take a mini-sabbatical. From Wine Tasting to Filmmaking - camps for adults. Break the Rules of Decorating. Collecting Mania: America's newest obsession. Plus:  How your body reveals the state of its health. The perfect mother myth. Why you need a will. Do your political reps deliver the goods? A report card. Spring/99: Amsterdam:  Sin city turns family. Is your child Kinesthetic? CNBC's Hot Commodity:  Maria Bartiromo. What;s Your Decorating Style? On-line Investing:  Plug in and play. Y2K Fashion:  Fabrics, Shapes, Colors.(4 men, 19 women) 235 Park Ave South, 11th Flr., New York, NY 10211-0277. www.womenintouch.com

Woman's Day. 1/00: Keepsake Issue. Free! Bible calendar. Great Ideas. Quick & easy recipes. Save $2,000 in 2000. 173 Feel-Good Ideas. 60-Time-Tested Tips. Best health news from Top Doctors. Make Your Dreams Come True. New Year's Desserts. Special Section: Can't fail diet-lose 20 lbs by Spring. Walking Plan. 14 days of easy menus. AOL keyword: Woman's Day (17/$12) Woman's Day, PO Box 56034, Boulder, CO 80323-6034

Women's Fitness International. Expose reveals injustices against women. Kathy Smith-Fitness Industry Expert. Stop exercising wrong! First time ever-workout & diet charts for women only. Lorraine Eastman, Editor, Women's Fitness', 8085 38th Ave North, St. Petersburg, FL 33710

Women's Health & Fitness: Your complete guide to a balanced life. 2-3/03: Free Healthy Eating Magazine Inside. 4 Simple Changes: to boost your health. Carmen Electra: Dennis, Dave and the perfect relationship. Lose Weight: Even with a sweet tooth. Heart-Smart Health: Start today. Eliminate Back Pain: 10 proven ways . (12/$9.99) Highbury House Communications, PO Box 91178, Long Beach, CA 90809

Woman's Own: 4/99: Hot New Romance:  Fling or forever?  Amazing Diet Secrets!  Need to love 5 lbs. Fast? Those Bad Girl Days...Get almost any man with the famous "Oh-baby technique" Love-burned?  When to trust a man enough - to be yourself. How to make a man with money your honey. Stress Getting to You? Take this test. Sex Emergency!  The 20-second secret when things get weird in bed. Make Him Beg You to Commit:  There's one thing men can't handle losing. 4 Types of Affairs Woman Have:  And what you can expect from each. "What a Wild Weekend!" Grab your playmate, it's our sex games for grown-ups. "How I finally met the man of my dreams"  17 ex-wives tell. Take 10 years off your face:  Get futuristic results...tonight. Tiffani-Amber Thiessen's Broken-Heart Fix. Previously: Is it love? How men decide. How decadent could you be? The Dirty Dozen-12 most dangerous activities for couples. I'm having an affair with my boss. Exclusive-sex lessons from "J"-the sex techniques that made her famous. 10 superbly daring places to have sex. Are you happy with what you could suit you best. 1997 predictions! Love & Sex Horoscope-what love (and sex) would be like with the 12 types of men. Women who steal other women's husbands - how do they get married me to leave their wives? Lose 10 lbs this week-the cabbage soup diet is here. The secret to 'fitting in' at the office, at a party, anywhere. How you lived your first year of marriage could mean the difference between a marriage that succeeds or fails. How decadent could you be? Estelle Sobel, Editor, Woman's Own, Harris Publications, 1115 Broadway, New York, NY 10010

Women's Sports & Fitness. 1-2/00: Sexy Muscles: 6 exercises that will give you dangerous curves. Goal for It! Get motivated for your best year ever. Move It & Lose It: The no-diet way to drop pounds!  When not to trust your trainer. Spa vs Spa: 12 resorts that let you kick back -or kick butt. The greatest athlete of all time. 11/12-99: Got a Minute?  Get a workout - 10 moves you can do in no time. Fake Foods:  What you don't know could hurt you. Winterize Your Workout: The fittest women on the slopes share their secrets. The Athletic Tourist: 31 active vacations from spas to cummits. Brooke Shields takes the desert by storm. Bonus: The Best New Gym Classes. (6/$9.97) PO Box 50034, Boulder, CO 80323-0034

Woman's World:  The Woman's Weekly, 3/16/99: Be $2500 richer!  Beat your 5 biggest money drains. The Long-Life Vitamin:  You're not getting enough of. 3 simple steps to Young Looking Eyes. Surprising salmonella dangers in your clean home. Easy 3-minute energy charger. Angel with Fur:  It seemed hopeless...but the love of a special little dog brought 6-year-old Rachel back to life. St. Patty's Day Fun!  Scrumptious recipes, Lucky Shamrock cake, Irish-welcome wreath. The surprising way to get hired for your dream job. Lose 30 lbs in 40 days!  on the exclusive Woman's World plan that made her slim plus medical breakthroughs that work when diets haven't. Stephanie Saible, Editor-in-Chief., Woman's World, 270 Sylvan Ave, Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632 dearww@aol.com

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The great question...which I have not been able to answer, despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, is "What does a woman want?" - Sigmund Freud.


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