American Girl Series

The Menstuff® library lists pertinent books for adolescence girls, published by American Girl. See also books on mentoring, 13th generation, ritual-initiation, gangs and issues on fathers & daughters, health-testicular cancer, gangs and publications plus a slide guide on safe dating and a special card for guys and a free Know Fear bumper sticker.

American Girl Series: Targeed for adolescent girls, many great topics are covered from books about their bodies, to feelings, sports, divorce, staying home, and guides to boys, friendship troubles, surviving tricky, sticky, icky situations, and more. See


Individual listings will happen. However, if you have a adolescent daughter, you can't go wrong with any of these books. So, don't wait for our review. Order one or more of these books now! Just click on the icon next to the book you would like to purchase and it will take you directly to that book at Search for other authors or book titles by using the search engine at the bottom of this page.

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In American, 77% of girls will have had intercourse by the age of 19 - 25% by the age of 15. 44% of teenage women use the pill most frequently followed by 38% using the condom, 10% using the injectable, 4% using withdrawal and 3% using the implant. 40% of teen pregnancies happen before 18. Almost 1 million teenage women become pregnant each year.

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