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Barry, Alyce, Practically Shameless: How Shadow Work helped me find my voice, my path and my inner gold. This book is an uplifting and compassionate guide to transforming your life through Shadow Work. Using the author's own journey towards healing and contentment, including a riveting first-person account of Shadow Work processes, this life-affirming narrative demonstrates how to honor your life, understand and befriend your resistance, and effect the lasting change you desire. Practically Shameless Press,, 2008, Audio CD format (Five hours 32 minutes) ISBN 978-0-9798326-2-8 Also available in paperback ISBN 978-0-9798326-1-6

Barry, Cliff & Mary Ellen Blandford, Shadow Work Basics Audio Cassette Tape. If you have heard of "the shadow" and wondered what it was, this tape will help. Even if you're an old hand with shadows, this tape should still offer you new insights, from two master facilitators who have been working with people's shadows for more than a decade. On the tape, Shadow Work founders Cliff Barry and Mary Ellen Blandford address, in simple language: 1) What is a shadow? 2) How we can see what's in shadow for us? 3) How we project our shadow onto the people around us? 4)The four archetypal energies, Magician, Sovereign, Lover and Warrior. And 5) The purpose of each archetype, the masculine and feminine parts of each archetype, the way it goes into shadow, and what kind of a tool will bring it back out of shadow. Included with the 90-minute cassette is a printed map of The Shadow Work Four-Quarter Facilitation Model. The cassette costs $4.00 plus $3.95 for shipping and handling. You can order by visiting: or call 970.203.0400 (toll-free 888.406.0703)

Barry, Cliff & Mary Ellen Blandford, The Tombstone Process CD: A New Way to Transform Core Issues. This is a guided visualization which can help you work through and let go of difficult issues or painful patterns in your life, like chronic psychological habits or problems in the body. The Tombstone Process is particularly good for dealing with issues of love, family and relationship. The CD has really powerful music. It costs $19.95 plus $3.95 shipping and handling. You can order by visiting: or call 970.203.0400 (toll-free 888.406.0703)

Bly, Robert & Marion Woodman, Facing the Shadow in Men & Women. There is a mystery around the word "shadow". Do women have a shadow or only men? Do ordinary people have a shadow or only politicians? We throw out parts of ourselves in childhood, or put them in a bag; it is precisely those abandoned parts that become the shadow, which can then act destructively and independently of our will. On the other hand, if these parts can be reclaimed, much of our vitality and passion returns. In this lively and funny presentation, Robert By and Marion Woodman, using stories, poems, music and discussion, challenge us to face the shadow in all areas of our lives, from politics to parenting. Oral Tradition Archives, PO Box 51155, Pacific Grove, CA 939950 $29.95 + S&H

Bly, Robert, Iron John: A book about men. 2 Volume Set. 1991, ISBN 679-40289-6

Brandenburg, Mark, 10 Secrets of Effective Fathering

Cathy & Marcy , Nobody Else Like Me: Songs that Celebrate the Diversity of Children is the second in 'Cathy & Marcy's Help Yourself" series of children's songs. This album celebrates the diversity of children from different cultures, languages and different physical abilities at the same time as showing how special each individual child is. From acoustic fold guitar, lively socca band, rock and toll, rap, hammered dulcimer and African percussion. This album is an inspiration to children, parents and teachers in sharing our diversity with each other.

Clay, Gordon, Healing the Father Wound® & I Wish I Knew Now What I Knew Then, each a 2 Volume set, ME-40, ME-7, 1991, Sounds True

Collins, Susie & Otto, Spiritual Partnerships: How to create more trust, passion and intimacy in your relationships. In this three-audio cassette series on relationships, you'll learn: (1) How to create more safety and trust in your relationship. (2) How creating Spiritual Partnerships instead of "just relationships" helps you to grow. (3) How to love someone the way he/she wants to be loved. (4) How power and vulnerability issues affect your relationships. (5) How to connect with your partner and create more passion than you thought possible. (6) How to speak your truth to your partner and break old patterns. (7) How to apply powerful action strategies for creating outstanding relationships to your life. Bonus tape "7 Spiritual Keys to Manifesting Abundance" also included inside. or The "Relationship Toolkit" includes the above plus two booklets Love and Relationship Success Secrets and 101 Relationship Quotes Worth a Million Dollars!

Deida, David, The Nuts & Bolts of Spiritual Intimacy Part I, II, III Talks David recorded live in Telluride, Co, August, 1999. or or

Deida, David, Questions & Answers at Breitenbush Vol. 1. or or

Directions for Dads. An interactive CD ROM that will help you become the best father that you can be. Come along for a journey where you will encounter helpful advice and exercises for dealing with the most important issues facing fathers today. Navigate through these sections: Where are you now? Good man good father. Developing healthy relationships. Raising healthy, compassionate, responsible children. 2003. Free while supplies last. Contact the National Fatherhood Initiative, 301.948.0599 or or visit

Estes, Clarissa Pinkola & Michael Meade, Ovarios Y Cojones: Labyrinths of Memory and Danger within Women and Men. A 6-tape set of a February 21, 1993 event at the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre in San Francisco. One of the best times for women and men. Sounds True Recordings, 735 Walnut St, Boulder, CO 80302 303.449.6229

Estes, Clarissa Pinkola, The Boy Who Married an Eagle, Myths & Stories About Male Individuation. Jungian analyst and writer draws from a wealth of traditional myths and stories to weave this best-selling audio tape about the process of becoming a man. With tales drawn from world folklore, including Zuni, Greek, Hopi and Assyrian cultures, this tape will intrigue listeners with its mixture of seamless storytelling and cutting-edge psychology. Topics include deciphering pain, sexual and spiritual appetites, the sacred animal-man, much more. 1991 Sounds True Recordings, 735 Walnut St, Boulder, CO 80302 303.449.6229

Estes, Clarissa Pinkola, How to Love A Woman: On intimacy and the erotic life of women. This is for everyone who thirsts to love and be loved by a woman. She shares a treasury of knowledge about what women really need from a relationship, including many stories which show the hidden dimensions of relationship from a woman's viewpoint. 1993 Sounds True Recordings, 735 Walnut St, Boulder, CO 80302 303.449.6229

A Father's Love. Heartfelt somgs celebrating the bond between father and child. Includes songs by Dave Matthews, Michael McDonald, Loudon Wainwright III, Buddy Jewell, Solomon Burke, Will Downing, Carlos Ponce, Jon Secada, Phil Collins, Kirk Whalum, Smokey Robinson, Richard Marx and a reading by James Earl Jones. A portion of the proceeds from this album will benefit the Golden Dads Project and the National Fatherhood Initiative. The NFI is the nation's leading fatherhood organization whose mission is to improve the well-being of children by increasing the proportion who grow up with involved, responsible and committed fathers. The Golden Dads project is an annual event that honors everyday fathers across the USA who set a positive example by demonstrating these values. Hum Records, 2005, 8128451072

Fossum, Merle, Catching Fire: Men in Recovery Coming to Terms with Their Lives. My all-time favorite book for every man has been retitled "Men in Recovery: Finding Our Direction! For me, it has more to do with being a man and surviving in this culture rather than being in recovery from something. The tape is an easy intro into the book and provides numerous connections for any man to see he's not the only one. It is an illuminating resource examines the special problems men face in coming to terms with their lives. Detailing the blocks - aggressiveness, self-hate, fear of intimacy and vulnerability- that keep men "asleep", it describes the responses necessary for men to "awaken to life" in all its dimensions. Hazelden Foundation, 1989

Gottman, John M and Julie Schwartz Gottman, 10 Lessons to Transform Your Marriage from America's love lab experts. They share their startegies for strengthening your relationship. By the authors of The Sever Principles for Making Marriage Work. Random House

Halpern, Steven & Royal Phillips, The Father Connection: Bonding with your child. International Childbirth Educator, Royal guides you through a step-by-step exercise and imagery program that is specifically designed to help fathers-to-be "tune in" to the experience of being a father. These guided visualizations are short enough so that you can fit them into your schedule easily, and meaningful enough so that you will want to repeat the experience many time. Sound Rx, 415.453.9800

Hightower brings his special talent for working with men to the problems of anger and rage, providing them with the tools for getting their lives back on track. Must listening for men with anger problems. 713.436.9898

Hillman, James, & Robert By, Wild Men. This is an exploration of the male soul and its mysteries. Recorded live at a five-day workshop deep in the Minnesota woods, where men gathered to drum, chant, sing, dance, make masks, tell stories - and help them each rediscover the fierce wild man within. 1990, Sounds True Recordings, 735 Walnut St, Boulder, CO 80302 303.449.6229

Hopcke, Robert, Men's Dreams, Men's Healing: a psychotherapist explores a new view of masculinity through Jungian dreamwork. 2 Volume Set. Shambhala Publications, 1990

Ishtara, Total Ejaculation Control: A step-by-step sexercise Training. Learn timeless sexual secrets that will enhance your health and self-confidence. A fun and easy 5-step daily program to loosen up, energize and arouse your body: It includes increase arousal, strengthening your erection, controlling ejaculation, prolonging love making, building sexual stamina, heightening pleasure, keeping your prostate healthy, and experiencing multiple orgasms. This can transform your sexual life into an amazing ecstatic adventure. Ishtara Seminars, 454 Las Gallinas Ave #142, San Rafael, CA 94903 1995

Johnston, John L. "Jack", Male Multiple Orgasm, Step-by-step: Fully Revised Third Edition. This breakthrough seminar teaches you how to separate orgasm from the physical limitations of ejaculation, without using any "squeeze technique" or other holding back. Instead you learn how to bring on and express incredible orgasms as often as you want, even without erection. This powerful information offers you a dramatic expansion of your erotic life! Intended for individuals 18 years or older. Jack Johnston Seminars 800.349.9866 e.mail: or, 1996

Kamm, Bob, Real Fatherhood: The path of lyrical parenting. In 1979, Bob Kamm gained custody of his four-year-old son, Ben. By the end of 1981, he faced the unavoidable fact that pursuing a career as a performing artist was incompatible with single-fatherhood. He barely touched his guitar for twenty years. During that time, he devoted himself to being the real and present dad his son deserved. Much of his experience during those first years of single-parenthood is chronicled in the book, Real Fatherhood. As he began work on this book, his passion for music returned full force and he knew it was time to give life to the songs he had created to chronicle and celebrate his experience of fatherhood. This CD is the result of that determination. or Available from 2002 ISBN: 09300 00672 Buy This CD!

"Global Discussion on Multiple Orgasm for Men and Their Partners" at hosted by John L. "Jack" Johnston, M.A.. It has over 400 files of information, articles, and annotated index with links to full transcripts of three years of "coaching/discussion" chats, an indexed Knowledge Base Forum for continuing tips, stories, testimonials, and Q&A. By request, I host periodic free coaching/discussion chats, including chats on "MMO" for disabled men. My work is endorsed by author Barbara Keesling PhD, Mitch Tepper MPH PhD host of - a site for sexuality and the disabled, Sib Burton, Vermont State Chairman of the American Parkinsons Disease Association, and others. Jack Johnston Seminars 800.349.9866 e.mail:

Lee, John, The Flying Boy: Healing the wounded man. Why men run from relationships?  HCI Audio Books, Health Communications, 1989 ISBN 1-55874-041-4

Leonard, Linda Schierse, The Wounded Woman: Healing the father-daughter relationship. From her book, originally published in 1982, something every father of a daughter should listen to and read. An excellent understand of what fathers do. While directed at daughters, it gives you a clear picture of what you do and you can change things for the better from there. Shambhala, 1990

Lerner, Harriet, On Anger: Where your anger comes from and how to transform it. On this probing session, the distinguished psychologist offers a provocative new view on how anger shapes women, and how they can reclaim this emotion as a vital, life-changing force. Our culture encourages and even rewards aggressive, angry men. Yet when a woman shows anger, she is shunned and devalued. Here, she traces the roots of this paradox, and shows how women can use anger as a constructive, natural emotion. Includes many real-life examples, advice and techniques from her work with women of all ages. ISBN 1-56455-328-0 1995, Sounds True Recordings, 735 Walnut St, Boulder, CO 80302 303.449.6229

Millman, Dan, The Peaceful Warrior's Path to Everyday Enlightenment: 12 gateways to your spiritual growth. In this audio and video series, the author connects the heart of spiritual teachings with the practical realities of daily life. He prodvides down-to-earth perspectives on everyday issues like money, sex, relationships ... unraveling the mysteries of body, mind and emotions to make the spiritual ascent simple and attainable. Favoring practical outcomes over abstract philosophy, he provides sound adbvice so that, entered one by one, each of the 12 Gateways frees your attention to see Spirit everywhere, everyday, in everyone and everything - leading you to a realistic practice of everyday enlightenment. Here is an opportunity to gain deep insight into the meaning of life. Whether you're looking to find your true life-calling or a great sense of awareness, this will help illuminate your journey toward a richer, more meaningful life. Nightingale Conant,

O'Neill, Jessie, The Golden Ghetto:  The psychology of affluence. It is a peculiarly American notion that money will guarantee happiness, bring us personal fulfillment, strengthen our relationships, give us smarter, better adjusted children - in short, make all our dreams come true. Here the author, granddaughter of Charles Erwin Wilson, one-time president of General Motors, provides a penetrating look at why attaining wealth proves to be a hollow achievement for many. She has based her professional practice on understanding and treating the problems of those who have amassed great wealth, and her book is both a description of their lives and an analysis of and prescription for the problems they've had to face. While the author's main focus is on the very rich, the lessons to be learned from their lives have a far broader application. This book is in fact inhabited by millions of Americans, rich and poor alike, who embrace and endlessly pursue the fantasy that more is better, while allowing all that is truly worthwhile - loving relationships, the selfless giving of oneself, and spiritual growth - to fall by the wayside. This books shows us how to right our own relationship with money, and offers insightful suggestions for repairing the psychological and cultural damage our misguided beliefs about money, power and happiness have caused. Hazelden 1.800.328.0098 1997 (Audio-Cassette, CD)

O'Neill, Jessie, Speaks on Affluenza:  The myth of the American dream, author of The Golden Ghetto:  The psychology of affluence. "Affluenza" is a dysfunctional relationship with money/wealth, or the pursuit of it. Globally it is back up in the flow of money resulting in a polarization of the classes, and a loss of economic and emotional balance. Also on CD. Hazelden 1.800.328.0098 (Audio-CD) (Book) 1997

Pike, Bill, Molested Boys: Wounded Men. Recovery from Sexual Abuse. This tape was put together as a community service by a therapist from San Francisco. It contains very helpful information that would be of service to any man who was or thinks he might have been molested growing up. Whether by a relative, a coach, a minister, older neighborhood children, or parents. The damage needs to be healed and this tape can be one point on that journey. Bill Pike, 134 Duboce #2, San Francisco, CA 94103 415.552.4270

Sheehy, Gail, Passages: Predictable crises of adult life. 1981, Success Motivation Cassettes, Waco, TX

Siegel, Bernie, Getting Ready: Preparing for surgery, chemotherapy, and other treatments. On this uplifting audiocassette, you'll hear a series of visualization exercises to help you mentally prepare for medical procedures such as surgery and chemotherapy. The author explains how your desire and intention affect the physical world, and how these visualizations can help you alter your perceptions and heal. The first exercise will help you prepare yourself for the challenges you will confront. Three related exercises specifically prepare you for chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. He guides you so that these medical treatments may become gifts to you, not poisons. He helps you use these exercises to prepare your body and soul for an effective treatment that heals you and is free of side effects. With the right attitude, you can make your day of surgery one of rebirth! Hay House Audio, 1999. 800.654.5126 or To find our more about the psychoacoustically refined music of the Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble, call 888.657.2678 or or

Siegel, Bernie, Healing Relationships: Your relationship to life and creation. Who is the most important person in your life?  Is it you?  Well, it ought to be and the author tells us on this heartfelt audiocassette. The most important force that you have available to you to change all your relationships is love. Here he leads you through a series of meditations, helping you to speak your truth and share forgiveness with those surrounding you - even your so-called enemies, and to see yourself as a blank canvas from which you can create a work of art. The author concludes with several moving stories about relationships, which will help you empathize with those who are dealing with life challenges. Hay House Audio, 1999. 800.654.5126 or To find our more about the psychoacoustically refined music of the Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble, call 888.657.2678 or or

Sniechowski, James, Fathering the Boy Within, Guided Healing Meditations for Men. This tape is for about about men - and the boys that live within them. It is one of the guided-meditation tapes in a series, Reclaiming The Self. The purpose of this tape is to assist men in identifying their own inner boy and their relationship with him. This tape is in praise of men and all that is male. 1989 James Sniechowski, 12021 Wilshire Blvd #692, Los Angeles, CA 90025

Some, Malidoma and Sobonfu, We Have No Word for Sex: An Indigenous View of Intimacy. In this live presentation, we're taken into the Dagara village and given their tribal view of intimacy, relationships and marriage. For a subject as overworked as sex, here are some fascinating and important lessons from the heart that are fresh and relevant as they are ancient. Topics include the sacred meaning of pleasure, preparing a ritual space for intimacy, the connection between sex and spirituality, clearing a relationship of unspoken hurt and resentment and how the Dagara balance their inner masculine and feminine selves through gender-specific ritual. Oral Traditions, 800.779.1116 1994 or or

Some, Malidoma, Robert Moore, John Lee, Robert Bly, Who Welcomes the Newborn to this World? African and Western Perspectives. What barriers to intimacy do men face while they are growing up? In this remarkable recording well known teachers offer their perspectives on the American experience while Malidoma Some contrasts the process of birth, growth and initiation in his native African Dagara tribe. Ally Press Center, 800.729.3002 or

Sonkin, Daniel & Michael Durphy Learning to Live Without Violence, A Worktape for Men. Domestic violence has many facets within an intimate relationship and many effects on both men and women. If you choose to prevent or end your violence, these tapes provide you with tools and exercises that you can use on your own or with counseling help. We do know people can and do change their violent behavior. If you are considering such a change, we encourage you to take the first step today. The path may not be easy, but in these tapes you will find techniques that have helped people learn to live without violence. 2 volumes. 1992 Volcano Press, 800.879.9636

Steele, David, Conscious Dating for Relationship Success: How to find the love of your life, AND the life that you love. Finally! Real-world, practical, effective, comprehensive, do-able advice and information for singles. A must-hear BEFORE you commit to marriage! This audio (CD) program will help you: Decipher dating in today's confusing world; Avoid the deadly dating traps; Learn the secrets of finding your perfect partner: and Make a plan to get what you really want in your life and relationships. RCN Press,, ISBN 0-9755005-6-2 (See Book.)

Sun, John-Michael, Code Red. On April 5th, 2003, at the beginning of the Iraq war, an extraordinary event took place that changed me. Whether you believe my story or not, it doesn't change the truth; if everyone in this country could feel war, the nightmare of it, vicariously through the eyes, heart and mind of a child, peace would prevail. Code Red is my desperate plea for the thousands of innocent children, who have died, to the ones who have been ruined for life, to the ones who still have a chance to survive, and maybe someday live a normal lilfe. Listen to Code Red with an open heart, an open mind from beginning to end. Be willing to imagine bigger than you ever have. Journey to the deepest darkest scariest place in the world, the heart and mind of a child in the middle of a war. I promise, you will come away changed. It will make you cry and break your heart, yet, hopefully, inspire and motivate you to do more, for even in the middle of the "shock and awe" bombing, even in the horror of what's going on now, there is grace, a grace meant for you and me, for the whole world watching, a grace that is sent to awaken us from our deep sleep of denial. Consider all of it a gift from the voices from the grave and those still living. Listen, live, and learn. Share the gift and expand its sphere of influence. Change the world. Peace. Visit or

Vandross, Luther, Dance with My Father. Released as an album and a song 6/10/03, it tells a story of growing up with a father. It's a sweet love song from a son to his departed father. It makes you want to check in before he checks out, if he hasn't already. The CD includes other cuts with Foxy Brown, Busta Rhymes, Queen Latifah, Steve Wonder and Beyonce Knowles. EMI, 2003, 2876-51885-2 Buy this CD!

von Koss, Doug & Friends, Night Work. A collection of songs and chants that represent a journey into night work for men. A haunting, healing, and whole experience that brings forth the beauty of men, not experienced in choral perfection, coming together in song. Self-produced. or

von Koss, Doug, How Sweet the Sound (w/booklet) "For those who know Doug or those who don't, this CD and booklet shows a master at work, taking ordinary untrained mens' and womens' voices, with care and inspiration, turning them into a single woven voice, rising prayer-like and powerful." - Bill Benham, poet. "Doug von Koss is a great Earthshaman who is helping us begin singing a post trival Earth Community into existence." Robert Moore, co-author of King, Warrior, Magician and Lover. "Doug's music creates a most exquisite trance. (After listening) you shouldn't operate heavy machinery in this state."  Larry Lease, MFC therapist. "Doug, I love your CD. It is just like being at one of your evenings with all the joy and beauty that you inspire in the singers." Dan Zola, mythologist, producer Great Night of Rumi. Get a copy, invite friends over, and join Doug and The Noah Project for an evening of joy. Self-produced, 2004, or

What the Bleep do We Know!? Science and spirituality come together in this mind-bending trip down the rabbit hole. This DVD is a deftly woven, entertaining and enlightening tapestry of live action drama, interviews, and visionary animation. Academy Award winner Marlee Matlin plays Amanda, an unhappy, self-loathing professional photographer. By "chance" she meets nine-year old Reggie (Robert Bailey, Jr.) who asks her "Just how far down the rabbit hole of mysteriousness do you want to go?" Thus begins her Alice-in-Wonderland-like confrontation with the depths of her soul and the quirks of her psyche. Interlaced with her unfolding dissolution, transformation and rebirth are ongoing interviews with 14 top scientists and mystics. They relate our current understanding of the nature of the universe and our place in it, including what and how we human beings are wired. Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, 2004

Woodman, Marion, Leaving My Father's House: A journey to conscious femininity. 2 Volume set. Shambhala Lion Editions, 1992
Yumm, MMO Male Multiple Orgasm, Step-by-step. Finally for men, Multiple orgasms. Without ejaculating, without "holding back", even without erection. In this seminar, the author suggests ways you my combine stimulating certain multi-orgasmic hot spots in the lower genital area with new patterns of breathing, a special physical position and new ways of using your voice to help bring on and express incredible, intense orgasms as often as you want. Yumm, PO Box 3587 Dept 111, Ashland, OR 97520


Tapes of the First, Second and Third International Symposium on Circumcision, 1989. Master Duplicators, 11042 Bettes Pl, Garden Grove, CA 92640.

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