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The Menstuff® library lists pertinent video tapes on men. Besides Babe, Don Juan DeMarco, Mrs. Doubtfire, KIDS and Baraka, here are some lesser known videos that have value for men. Also see Books and Audio Tapes

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Boys to Men

Journeyman A documentary about rites of passage, mentoring and male culture in America. The takeaway from this video isn't despondency, but hope...the one-hour film follows Mike Ericson and Joe Max, two troubled fatherless teens who move from desperation to transformation with the help of caring male mentors. This documentary suggest that there is an emotional and psychological crisis evident in American boys and men, which is finally being noticed primarily because of the increasing violence and the poor academic perfornace of boys. Yet public discussion has not gone far enough to find new ways of getting boys to function in what is clearly a dysfunctional system. Huge changes in men's work and family roles are reducing the time that men actually spend with boys. This is interrupting the essential transmission of male love, wisdom, and integrity from generation to generation. Boys may seem to be no different that the other Americans who are now swimming in excess consumerism, destructive media exposure, addictions, and the frenetic pace of activities. But boys are more vulnerable because the increasingly fractured male culture has left a vacuum of values and guidance which allows these other influences full room to undermine their development of values and character. Fortunately, there is a change in male roles and socialization that is beginning to lead men and boys into the wholeness that is new in our times., 2007, 8095900179 See Journeyman

Burning Man

You might think this is an unusual inclusion into a men's web site. We're listing several videos from an event that happens 100 miles north of Reno in the Nevada desert each year drawing over 50,000 people over the Labor Day week. There are no spectators, which means that everyone is expected to let their creativity out, whether it be in attire, an event, art, or a full-blown opera with 300 cast members. It is a time to let go of convention and let your creativity be free. Especially invigorating for those stuck in suburban and urban life. You can't buy anything there except ice and coffee (exchange, maybe), so you have to bring everything to survive the time you are there. Much of the art will be presented on the playa, seen, experienced and then most of them get burned. After the event, all residue is removed from the desert, every sparkle, and after the first rain, the only evidence left is the pathways used by the vehicles. Be prepared for the possibility of 70 mpg wind and rain storms. It happens. But it sure doesn't dampen the spirit. And it ends with the burning of a 40+ foot effigy of a man. The hope is that a similar event crops up in every state in the country. It's total joy. It could change your life. All videos are available through Also, see some of the out-growth of Burning Man.

Burning Man: Where's the Fire? An unauthorized hermetic journey. (1999) Burning Man is an annual festival help in the high desert wilderness of Northern Nevada. Each Labor Day Week, for five days and nights, thousands of artists, performers, and "free-spirits" converge on one of the Earth's largest outdoor performance art space. Citizens of Burning Man participate in an experimental community, which celebrates "Creativity and the Re-Invention of Self". The Celebration culminates in the Ritual Burning of an enormous Human Effigy. A ritualistic view. 57 minutes.

Burn: The Burning Man Arts Festival (1999) My favorite because, while including the people, it shows a lot of the art. Over Labor Day weekend, 25,000 people from all over the world gathered on a barren desert to create Black Rock City. We came for the annual Burning Man Festival, 7 days and nights devoted to Radical Self Expressions, where the principle is: Participants only! No spectators!  And since there are no utilities or running water and desert conditions often get nasty, it is also an exercise in Radical Self Reliance. Everything required must be brought in and then consumed, recycled, burned or hauled away, since another principle is Leave No Trace!  And because commercial activity is strictly prohibited, all transactions are conduced by barter, giving and sharing. The climax of the event is the ritual torching of a 50 foot wooden man. 90 min 415.TO-FLAME or

Fall of Man: Burning Man 99. In the most desolate desert on earth during the hottest month of the year in the final summer of the 20th Century, twenty-five thousand people gathered. They settled into tribes and villages to play, to celebrate, and to explore the ragged fringes of creative potential. And then they vanished without a trace. Mostly people. 20 min, 30 seconds. 805.965.0200 or or

Flash Back: Burning Man (1997). Touted by the media as the "New American Holiday," the annual Burning Man Festival is a participatory event that draws over 10,000 people to Nevada's isolated Black Rock Desert. Along with the basic essentials needed to survive the brutal desert climate, participants bring generators, massive art displays, PA systems, and create bizarre theme camps, all centered around an effigy of the Burning Man - a 40 foot wood and neon structure that is ultimately burned to the ground in a frenzied ceremony. The result is a week full of radical free expression that embraces the ultimate in technology and primal self-discovery. Now, with Flashback's "experimental" documentary, you can step into the chaos of the Burning Man event as never before. Blending computer graphics and outrageous footage, Flashback takes you on an insider's tour of this completely spontaneous event. Concentrates on the people and computer graphics (that I believe distract from the documentary.) 55 minutes. 813.933.0362 or or

Folding Time and Space at Burning Man: Travel through portals of time and space to this festival of community and self-expression. Burning Man is a community of 30,000 people embracing artictic creativity and self expresssion in the Nevada Desert each year. This DVD is a time-lapse video presentation of the rise and fall of Black Rock City over 4 weeks including Burning Man. By one of the creators of Folwind-Time, this DVD is a sseries of short movies and panorama slide shows, folding time and space at Burning Man Festivals 1999 thru 2004.,

Gifting It: A burning embrace of gift economy. (2002) The sensationalized story hits the public first, another story waits to be told. A stranger to what a "gift economy" means? There's a thriving experimental community creating itself anew each year in the desert of Nevada - revealing a unique glimpse into the natural power of the gift. Radical self-reliance and radical self-expression partner with a gift economy ethic resulting in a community of space and time unlike anything else. And it's spreading. This video marks the first time someone has taken the time to involve themselves in what the gift economy really means. It is a film that both experienced and new Burning Man participants will be given a chance to learn a great deal about the breadth of our community, particularly gift giving at Burning Man. People will be able to grasp what "gift economy" means after seeing this. 74 minutes.

Child Abuse:

Guarding Against Child Abuse and Molestation: How to recognize and prevent child abuse of all kinds. There is one neglected child in every 35 children of preschool age. Sexual abuse occurs in one out of four girls and one out of ten boys before age 18. After viewing this presentation, you will be better informed about many aspects of child abuse, neglect and molestation. This video will alert you to specific indications, provide a practical guide to help you and your child learn how to guard against abuse, and, most important, how to get professional help. 1985 Burbank Video, Pox 7107, Burbank, CA 91510

A System Out of Balance is an analysis on false allegations of child abuse and some of the things, from the legal standpoint, that might be encountered. Produced by the law firm on Clancy, Firpo & Weisinger, 510.256.6884

Wake Up. Join Peter Alsop and his friend John Ritter at this fun family concert as they mix their silliness with Peter's sing-alongs and the wisdom and skills of Irene Van Der Zande and Timothy Dunphy from Kidpower. A great way to teach child abuse prevention skills to parents and children. The kids and the audience laugh and sing delighted by the music and moved by the power and clarity of the information. This tape is a MUST for every home with children. 1992 Moose School Productions, PO Box 960, Topanga, CA 90290 800.676.5480, or



Peter Alsop's "Opening Doors" and "Costume Party" are great! Opening Doors was recorded life at the "Power of Laughter and Play Conference" in 1988. The concert focuses on flexibility and commitment to self-growth with hilarious and heart-rendering songs. He teaches the difference between "static" and "dynamic" lifestyles, why we should avoid "grabbing for simply answers", and how the "process-oriented" arts help us relieve caregiver stress. His humor rekindles the child within and opens doors locked by abuse, loss, anger and fear. Costume Party is a laugh, dance, sing along with a flock of costumed kids and family audience members at a wonderful outdoor concert in Topanga, California. His songs encourage open-mindedness and help build self-esteem. Kids laugh and learn healthy ideas about self-protection and substance abuse, while parents smile and sing about power issues in the family. This is humor with human values and entertainment at its best. And its songs kids really love to sing. 1988 Moose School Productions, PO Box 960, Topanga, CA 90290 800.676.5480, or

Soccer Kicking with Trophyman - TrophyMan is a series of videos designed to teach children the values of sportsmanship, teamwork, honesty, etc., along with the fundamentals of sports. It provides a unique perspective in instructional videos for kids. Watch as Fred P. Trophyman comes to life and helps Joey learn about Soccer. Then let Grant and Clark show you the Basics with Great Drills to help you get better too! Soccer is about having fun! Sports Learning Co. makes learning about Sports Fun! Pride and Confidence are the Rewards of Practice and Fair Play. This is a non-animated children's video with a positive "fun" message. Sports Learning Company 2000, PO Box 40897, Memphis, TN 38174 or


A Matter of Choice, a 20-minute neonatal circumcision video, color and sound, $29.95 from NOCIRC.

Circumcision: Breaking the Silence by Ronald Goldman, 60-minute cassette tape of talk at Interface in Cambridge, MA. $11.50, Circumcision Resource Center, PO Box 232, Boston, MA 02133

Facing Circumcision: Eight Physicians Tell their Stories and Reveal the Ethical Dilemmas of Circumcising Newborns. They struggle with their consciences as they examine the ethical and human rights issues of infant male circumcision. Three of the physicians tell why they stopped circumcising. The rest tell why they continue to circumcise or to advocate circumcision and discuss what considerations might lead them to change their minds. A must see video! For every parent considering circumcision for their newborn, every physician who circumcises and every medical student. 20 minutes. 1998. Nurses for the Rights of the Child, or 505.989.7377 or

First Symposium on Circumcision - 1989, Promo Video, 2240 Morley St #7, San Diego, CA 92111

NOCIRC Composite Video a 16-minute VHS videotape, with both male circumcision and female genital mutilation, available from NOCIRC with your $20 tax-deductible donation

The Nurses of St Vincent: Saying "No" to Circumcision: 17 minutes + NOHARMM Rally at CMA: 13 minutes, Fireball Films Ltd, 874 Broadway, 1005 New York, NY 10003 212.505.1139

Restoration in Focus: An Instructional Video. The theory discussed in simple practical terms including an explanation and demonstration of the terms POE and T-Type. Beginners: The first step to take. Achievers: Methods of restoration that require some development of the foreskin demonstrated. Advanced: Less well known methods. Some commercial devices discussed and demonstrated. Materials" What and where to obtain restoration material.40 minutes. 415.826.5972 or or

They Cut Babies, Don't They? One Man's Struggle Against Circumcision. Even though medical associations have pronounced circumcision unnecessary, a newborn boy is circumcised every 26 seconds in the U.S. alone. Circumcision is starting to be recognized as a long neglected human rights issue. Research has shown the function and erogenous qualities of the foreskin as well as the harm done by circumcision. In this documentary, anti-circumcision activist James Loewen revisits the damage done to his own body and protests the pain caused to countless babies worldwide. As one of a growing number of men angered by his own circumcision, James documents anti-circumcision protests, created a series of satirical photographs about doctors who circumcise, lobbied politicians, and chalked slogans on busy sidewalks. He is also one of a small but growing number of men determined to "undo" their own circumcision by following an age-old skin stretching technique. For James, as for other men, this is a way to recover ownership of his own body and restore a sense of wholeness. 30 minutes. 1998. 415.826.5972 or or

Whose Body, Whose Rights? explores the health and human rights concerns surrounding the medical procedure of infant male circumcision surrounding the medical procedure of infant male circumcision. This hour-long documentary reveals that circumcision grew out of a Victorian-era desire to cure and prevent masturbation. Experts in the fields of medicine, cultural anthropology, theology, psychology, law and ethics, including Dr Dean Edell, Jewish feminist Miriam Pollack, attorney Charles Bonner, discuss the cultural, social and historical perspectives around infant circumcision that control physicians and parents. Graphic footage shows that the procedure is hardly "a little snip" but an excruciatingly painful procedure for which the baby is frequently given no anesthesia. It first appeared on KQED-TV 9 in San Francisco, June 17 at 10PM. 1995. See a 90 second excerpt from the video and ordering information at: or phone orders at 415.826.5972. Executive Producer Tim Hammond can be reached at 415.826.9351. The documentary, is now available for online viewing. This is the only circumcision-related video that explores important issues not addressed in other programs and it's now the only video that can be purchased both as a videotape AND viewed online. The program is available to both high-speed DSL and 56K Dial-Up users. The viewing format is QuickTime, although a Windows Media Player version will be available soon. To learn more, visit:


Coping with Depression:  Self-help strategies, Mary Ellen Copeland. Experience a powerful message of hope. This video is for anyone struggling with depression, for family members, friends and health care professionals. It inspires confidence that you can achieve real breakthroughs in coping. Warm, helpful, and engaging, the video is the fruit of years of research and hundreds of interviews with depressed persons. Learn how you can incorporate into your life the strategies others have successfully used to keep their own depressive episodes at bay. New Harbinger, 1994


American Association of Diabetes Educators Patient Education Video Series. Designed for use by diabetes educators, this 20-video series presents easy-to-understand information for people with diabetes. Titles include Diabetes and Heart Disease, Diabetes and Exercise, Oral Medication, Diabetes and Weight Control, Emotional Aspects of Diabetes, Injecting Insulin, Diabetes Foot and Skin Care, and Diabetes and Nutrition. To preview a video, call Milner-Fenwick, Inc. at 800.432.8433. For more information, go to

Diabetes and Its Complications. This video describes diabetes complications such as hypoglycemia, neuropathy, cardiovascular disease, foot problems, and eye disease, using graphics and straightforward terms. Topics include a diabetes overview, as well as signs and symptoms, prevention, and treatment options for complications. An accompanying booklet includes a glossary. The video is available at

Diabetes for School Personnel, free. Produced by the West Virginia Diabetes Project and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this video is directed toward school teachers, principals, office personnel, and any school employees who may have contact with children with diabetes. 406.444.6677 or

Diabetes Road Map. This 60-minute video teaches people with type 2 diabetes how to make changes for longer and healthier lives. Divided into 18 sections, it features eight doctors, a certified diabetes educator, diabetes clinical nurse specialist, and a certified diabetes dietitian. or 877.TYPE276 (877.897.3276) or Southern Star, P.O. Box 18011, Tampa, FL 33679-8011

Gentle Fitness. Designed for people with such conditions as diabetes, arthritis, and Parkinson's disease, this 90-minute video features six easy routines to build strength, improve balance, and relieve pain, fatigue, stiffness, and cramps. Activities include stretches, self-massage, and breathing. or 800.566.7780.

Juvenile Diabetes. This 28-minute video shows how children can learn to analyze their blood sugar levels and manage their own care. Several children with diabetes and their parents show how to handle daily insulin injections and blood checks, and how to balance food and exercise. or 877.884.6872, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. ET, or The Doctor Is In, Media Services, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, One Medical Center Drive, Lebanon, NH 03756

Parenting a Diabetic Child. Based on soap opera star Gloria Loring's book of the same name, this 30-minute video describes living with the emotional and psychological challenges of diabetes. Available in English and Spanish, it features parents and children and is divided into three sections: Diagnosis, Coming Home, and What Lies Ahead. Proceeds benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. or 800.533.2873.

Domestic Violence:

Once Were Warriors. New Zealand filmmaker Lee Tamahori directed this brutal but powerful story drawn from the culture of poverty and alienation enveloping contemporary Maori life. Rena Owen plays the beleaguered mother of two boys--one of whom is already in prison while the other contemplates membership in a gang--and a daughter whose potential is being smothered at home. Temuera Morrison gives an outstanding and sometimes shocking performance as the violent head of the household, more adept at keeping up his social stature within his community of friends than holding down a job. The film pulls no punches, literally and figuratively, but despite the rough going, Tamahori gives us a rare and important insight into a disenfranchised people digging down deep to find their pride. New Line 1995 ISBN 0-7806-0800-3 Buy This Video!


Crystal Darkness DVD, The impact of crystal meth on a state, city , community, and individuals. A special version for Oregon. 2007


Fatherhood USA. This is a series of three videos: Dedicated Not Deadbeat; Juggling Family & Work; and Fatherhood Workshop. These are a potent and intimate look at fatherhood in America today. They explore the daily dilemmas, pressures, joys and successes of fatherhood in America. They go beyoond the popular stereotypes of "dead-beat dads" and "Mr. Moms" to explore the lives of fathers who are trying to be more involved in the lives of their children. Each is 56 minutes long. Produced by Cine Qua Non, 212.216.9315 or E-Mail.

Providing for Your Child (in English or Spanish) is a video program produced by the California Department of Social Services Office of Child Support directed to new unmarried parents about California's Paternity Opportunity Program. While not providing any guarantee that the new father will have access to his child, it is a start in parental responsibility. Hopefully, s much concern and effort will be directed to maternal responsibility to allowing and encouraging full participation by the natural father in the raising of their child. 1994

Revenge of the Musketeers. This is a general movie theater motion picture. I picked it because, to me, raising a daughter, it had a very nice father-daughter sense about it. A father that didn't know what to do with a daughter in the beginning. The story line:  Back and better than even, the heroic Three Musketeers deliver rollicking good movie fun in the action-adventure tradition of The Man in the Iron Mask!  Sexy international star Sophie Marceau (Firelight, Braveheart) plays Eloise, the beautiful daughter of renowned Musketeer D'Artagnan (Philippe Noiret-Cinema Paradiso). When she discovers a murderous conspiracy to overthrow the King of France, the feisty Eloise calls upon her father and his famous...though now retired...brothers-in-arms to reunite in the name of justice! A wildly entertaining story of courage, love and betrayal - you're sure to enjoy all the excitement as the classic trio takes comic adventure to epic proportions! In the swashbuckling style of The Mask of Zorro. 130 minutes.

The Vanishing Father, from the PBS series Frontline, explores the dramatic change in the American family and the startling findings of sociologists that, despite economic status, children from single parent homes are twice as likely to drop out of high school, to become teen-age mothers and to spend time in jail. An eye-opening analysis that confronts popular myth about raising children without fathers. 1992 A Frontline PBS Video FROL-316


Homophobia in the Workplace. This non-defensive, non-confrontational presentation clearly defines homophobia and explains the losses to everyone when homophobia exists in the workplace, at school or anywhere in our society. The producer, Brian McNaught, presents highly successful corporate workshops on the topic and this is a reflection of much of that experience. 800.876.7676. 1993

Coming Out Under Fire is a film that limits its view to how gays have been treated by the military, a microcosm of society here. People who tell other people to stop being who they are either don't understand human nature or don't empathize (or both) because it's just about an impossible demand - like asking someone to imprison themselves. Human beings have a central need to express themselves to the world as they really are. In one astonishing moment, a military officer testifying at the 1993 Senate hearings says, in all seriousness, "If you want to be in the military, serve quietly. Give up your right to be who you are." If that's true, they need to change their slogan to "Be Only Part of What Your Can Be".

Men & Masculinity

The Red Pill
Premiered in November, 2016 in San Rafael, CA, my old stomping grounds. Check out this story about the film It may open some eyes of people with open minds.

Inside a Men's Group: Exploring the issues men think about, Nick Theophilou. A 50-minute expose of how a men's group works and men's desire to communicate on a deeper level. Nick has facilitated men's groups and developed learning materials for 15 years. This dvd is aimed at men considering joining a group, or interested in promoting discussions within an existing group. , 2005, ISBN 0-646-45750-0

Men and Masculinity: A video anthology by Barry Shapiro is a ten part program of televison intereviews originally broadcast on Sacramento Community Access, hosted by Barry Shapiro. Barry interviews authors, activists, therapists, and academics on the subjects of male socialization, sex role identity,the prevalence and prevention of male violence, competition and hierarchies, male female relations, privilege and prejudice, homophobia, parenting, men in prisons, the intersection of race, class, and gender, internalized opression, the --ism's, and more. The two volume anthology runs approximately five hours. Each program is approximately 27 minutes long. Among the guests interviewed are: Terry Kupers, Paul Kivel, Judith Newton, Victor Lewis, Hamish Sinclair, Darien Mitchell, Jane Ariel, and Martin Rogers. Access Reality/Managing Diversity Successfully, PO Box 13312, Oakland, CA 94661 or 510.339.9861 or


Bowling for Columbine by Michael Moore. This superb documentary (following in the footsteps of Roger & Me and The Big One) tackles a meaty subject: gun control. The producer skillfully lays out arguments surrounding the issue and short-circuits them all, leaving one impossible question: why do Americans kill each other more often than people in any other democratic nation? Moore focuses his quest around the shootings at Columbine High School and the shooting of one 6-year-old by another near his own hometown of Flint, Michigan. By approaching the headquarters of K-Mart (where the Columbine shooters bought their ammo) and going to Charlton Heston's own home, he demands accountability from the forces that support unrestricted gun sales in the U.S. His arguments are conducted with the humor and empathy that have made him more than just a gadfly; he's become a genuine voice of reason in a world driven by fear and greed MGM, 8/03. ASIN: B00008DDVV Buy This Video!

Row Hard, No Excuses. A sixty minute documentary currently in post-production about the only American entry in the world's toughest rowing race, the 2001 Atlantic Rowing Challenge.

"Many of the men I talked to… felt that there was no middle ground anymore. Either you were this winner on display who just dominated everything and was larger than life… or you were a nobody, a loser." (Susan Faludi, author of Stiffed: The Betrayal of the American Man)

In the fall of 2001 John Zeigler and Tom Mailhot spent fifty-eight days at sea racing across the Atlantic Ocean in a rowboat. At fifty-one and forty-one they were among the oldest competitors to participate in the Atlantic Rowing Challenge, a three thousand mile race from the Canary Islands to Barbados. They spent three years preparing for the event in order to make their dream of winning possible, but once on the water, their boat and their bodies did not respond as they'd hoped. They suffered through to an eleventh place finish — the envy of those who came in behind them… but were left conflicted about the experience. Row Hard No Excuses is an observational documentary that follows Tom and John's endeavor and asks the questions why row an ocean and why the sense of failure.

Ocean rowing, as a sport, has only been around since the inaugural Atlantic Challenge race in 1997. Before then crossings were strictly Guinness Book of World Record affairs. In fact, fewer people have rowed across the Atlantic than have climbed Mount Everest. Race rules pit two-person teams against each other rowing unassisted with no food drops or navigational aid. Rowers have to contend with sleep deprivation, seasickness, isolation, boredom and cramped living conditions. Even with a steep entry fee and no prize money, the 2001 race drew thirty-six teams from thirteen nations including New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, China, and eight European countries.

An inherently exciting sports and adventure story on the surface, Row Hard No Excuses is more importantly an intimate portrait of two middle-aged American men and a deeper exploration of their personal quest. Although the film plays out on a grand scale, our approach is to maintain emotional intimacy throughout. Drawing from a compelling video diary of their two months at sea, it makes the audience Tom and John's companions and takes them for a ride across the Atlantic. Told with a curious and compassionate point of view, it doesn't shy away from the parts of their journey that are difficult and flawed, but presents this material with sensitivity. John and Tom's struggle to see their crossing as more than a failure speaks volumes about our culture's relationship with achievement, our unforgiving masculine ideal and the challenges of midlife. By incorporating the unique perspective of Tori Murden, the first woman to row solo across an ocean, and by placing John and Tom's story within the diverse context of the other teams… men and women, young and old… Row Hard No Excuses adapts the race into a meditation about shattered expectations and personal growth.

To make a donation to this project online you can do so by mail by sending checks to: Film Arts Foundation,145 Ninth Street, #101, San Francisco, CA 94103 Be sure to write Row Hard No Excuses on your check or money order. Thank you for helping us complete this film! Our goal is to complete it in the fall of 2003.


One of my favorites from Bill Moyers is his interview with Robert Bly called A Gathering of Men. It is one of the most available videos I have found where almost every man is drawn into to it by something that speaks to him much deeper than the words themselves. Films for Humanity, 800.257.5126


Cryosurgery: A new treatment for porstate cancer. What is Cryosurgery? Who is a candidate for the procedure? How does this new technology work? What are the risks and benefits? What about retaining potency? How long is the hospital stay? Dr. Israel Barken is a Board Certified Urologist in private practice in San Diego. Modern Medical Infotapes, 619.287.8866

Every Man Should Know About His Prostate, a Disease-Awareness Video presented as an educational service by Merck & Co, 1993 is valuable.

Not By Myself: Talking about prostate cancer. This educational video features Billy Davis, Jr. and wife Marilyn McCoo and addresses concerns faced by men diagnosed with prostate cancer, as well as the concerns of spouses and other family members. It includes: intimate interviews with prostate cancer patients and their families. Common reactions to diagnosis. Approacheds for coping with the emotional and physical effects of treatment. The video has a companion booklet Two Against One: A spouse's guide to coping with prostate cancer. Amgen, 2000. 877.550.9624

Prostate Cancer: Life Lines: A Guide to Life with Prostate Cancer with Barrie Cassileth, PhD Duke University Medical Center, providing valuable information addressing both symptoms and treatment options for prostate cancer. 1995. Available through TAP Medical Services, 800.622.2011.

Straight Talk about Prostate Health, 1994, HB Pictures, 75 Rockerfeller Plaza, NY NY 10019.
Uranus:  Self Anal Massage for Men, Joseph Kramer. Anal health is an important frontier to be explored. The Tabetan's have had a meditation for centuries within they massage their own prostate to keep it health. In Japan, the men have a higher incidence of the Prostate Cancer cells in their prostate but they are seldom activated into a cancerous state. This video will teach you impeccable hygiene, enemas, sphincter muscle toning, hip awakening exercises, self Rosebud massage, enlightened prostate massage, how to overcome resistance and fears, and breathing rhythms to relax the anal area. This self anal massage, besides being extremely pleasurable and erotic, can be important for men's emotional health since the anal area, especially the sphincter muscles, is the place where we hold our paranoia and fears. Total nudity. Available through Erospirit Research Institute, 800.432.3767.


Lee Mun Wah's five films, Stolen Ground, The Color of Fear, and Walking Each Other Home - The Color of Fear II, Color of Fear 3 and Last Chance for Eden Part 1 are about racism as it impacts lives today. The first is a film, Stolen Ground, puts a human face on the lingering effects of racism and gives a rare view of Asian-American men directly and openly addressing racism's impacts. Six American-born Asian-American men meet over dinner and share their experiences and perspectives of racism and what it has taken from their generation. Through their dinner dialogue, and their reflections afterwards, a seldom seen portrait of the so-called "model minority's" pain and anguish is revealed. 1993.

Color of Fear and Walking Each Other Home involve the pain and anguish that racism has caused in the lives of either North American men of Asian, European, Latino and African descent. Out of their confrontations and struggles to understand and trust each other emerges an emotional and insightful portrayal into the type of dialogue most of us fear but hope will happen sometime in our lifetime. 1994 & 1997. The Color of Fear 3 is a film about the struggle of the gay, lesbian and transgender community to be seen and understood in a predominantly heterosexist society. For the first time on screen, the original cast from The Color of Fear discusses what it is like to grapple with their fears and stereotypes of gays in this country. A ten-year restrospective has been added from Roberto Alamanzan and David Lee. They describe the compexities of being male, the fears that men have to each other, and their thoughts of same sex marriages. This film is thought provoking, intimate and painful. Through their personal stories and interactions we get a glimpse into the fears, the stereotypes, and the moral issues that are dividing and confronting us today. Not unlike the stories from the civil rights movement - the stories here need to be heard and to be believed. Last Chance for Eden Part 1 is about nine women and nine men who begin an honest and emotionally-charged conversation about how racism and sexism have affected their lives and families. Stir-Fry Seminars & Consulting, 2311 8th Street, Berkeley, CA 94710 or 510.204.8840 or Fax: 510.204.8572 or or eMail. Copies available: Individual $110; Non-Profit, College/University/Religious Organization-$460; and Corporation or Governmental Entity $1,210. Prices include shipping and handling. (6/11)


My favorites from Bill Moyers are his interview with Robert Bly called A Gathering of Men and Circle of Recovery, a portrait of seven African-American men who meet weekly to help one another in the process of healing and growth. The talk is frank and the subjects are personal as they share their struggles, hopes and achievements. Addiction is not their only struggle. They confront it in relation to all the other issues in their lives - family, anger, racism, love, sex, work, and their damaged but developing feelings of self-worth. A Gathering of Men is one of the most available videos I have found where almost every man is drawn into to it by something that speaks to him much deeper than the words themselves. Films for Humanity, 800.257.5126


This is not a pornography site. However, the materials that may be accessed through this site may be inappropriate for those under 18 and may include content that is sexual in nature. Do not use this web site if you are under 18 unless you have permission from a parent or legal guardian. Thank-you.

Further notice: These are explicit videos. Nudity and genital massage are shown. What you will see is sensitive, caring, meditative instruction.

Evolutionary Masturbation: An intimate guide to male orgasm, Joseph Kramer. What part of the male anatomy gets the most touch with the least creativity? If you masturbate the same way you did ten years ago with diminishing results, this video is for you. With this educational video, you can prepare your body for one of the most powerful and pleasurable experiences available to men. If you want what is erotically possible, this video will teach you more than twenty astonishing masturbation strokes that awaken self-love, creativity and boundless pleasure. The teaching also explores cock reflexology, self-massage, solo sex magic, ritual masturbation, erotic breathing rhythms and how to prolong orgasm. EROSpirit Research Institute, 510.428.9063, 1999 Adults Only

Expand Her Orgasm Tonight!  A pleasurable program for partners. Good lovers can learn to be better lovers, every time they watch this video. This program guides couples, step-by-step to:  Awaken the desire for greater orgasmic pleasure, bring a woman into extended full-body orgasm, explore variations on techniques shown here. Set the mood for loving connections. Discover the nature of a woman's orgasmic energy in the privacy and comfort of your bedroom. Learn specific manual techniques guaranteed to produce exquisite pleasure. Adapt these to oral sex and intercourse for increased variety and enjoyment. 888.336.2426 or Adults only.

Fire in the Valley: An Intimate Guide to Female Genital Massage, Annie Sprinkle & Joseph Kramer. Education for your hands and your heart. Sex educators Annie Sprinkle and Joseph Kramer have developed and refined the "Fire in the Valley" way of making love over the past six years in their popular classes. Now the most comprehensive female genital massage is available for your home study. In this video you will learn over thirty different massage strokes on the vulva to wake up passion, to heal past traumas, to communicate love and to satisfy a woman to her core. Join thousands of men and women who have found this massage a profound way to both give and receive love. The New School of Erotic Touch, 510.428.9063 1999 Adults only.

How to Kiss. Get ready to pucker up and smooch like a seasoned kissing expert. This collection of videos is all about kissing and will teach you the latest and greatest techniques in the wonderful world of kissing, from making the first move to making out. If you're looking to kiss more creatively or just want to add a little heat to your romance with a passionate kiss, the films on this DVD are sure to be a heapful place to start., 2008, ASIN: B001AMU6CE

KIDS, Larry Clark. It was a story of 24 frenetic hours in the livs of a group of contemporary teenagers who, like all teenagers, believe they are invincible. It was a deeply affecting, no-holds-barred landscape of words and images, depicting with raw honesty the experienes, attitudes and uncertainties of innocence lost. KIDS got under the skin and lingered, long after it was viewed. The kids at the core of the story are just that: teenagers living in the urban melee of modern-day America. But while these kids dwell in the big cifty, their story could, guite possibly, happen anywhere. From mid-town Manhattan to Terre Haute, Indiana to Elko, Nevada. It caries a warning: This critically acclaimed film is for mature audiences oly. Parental discretion is advised. Available in VHS 1995 and DVD.

Multi Orgasmic Response Ecstacy Training for Men & Their Lovers, Margot Anand. This explicit video based on the book The Art of Sexual Magic by Margot Anand, features SkyDancing Tantra teachers Kosha Deva and Sohini Genevieve. It demonstrates step by step how to attain the highest possible levels of sexual pleasure and intimate connection. This program provides detailed techniques for achieving easy and effective communication during love making, profound ways of connecting heart and sex which opens the door to deep intimacy, and thoroughly fulfilling whole body orgasms. In this training for men you will learn to: enjoy intense levels of arousal, develop high sexual potency, teach your partner how to stimulate you in ways that lead to enormous pleasure, discover your main orgasmic trigger points, and expeirence multiple, whole body orgasms. 53 minutes. Higher Love Video Series, or 800.9.tantra

Multi Orgasmic Response Ecstacy Training for Women & Their Lovers, Margot Anand. This explicit video based on the book The Art of Sexual Magic by Margot Anand, features SkyDancing Tantra teachers Kosha Deva and Sohini Genevieve. It demonstrates step by step how to attain the highest possible levels of sexual pleasure and intimate connection. This program provides detailed techniques for achieving easy and effective communication during love making, profound ways of connecting heart and sex which opens the door to deep intimacy, and thoroughly fulfilling whole body orgasms. In this training for women, you will learn to: achieve prolonged whole body orgasms, guide your partner precisely to give you endless sexual delight, create a safe and sacred space for love, discover your main orgasmic trigger points, stay relaxed in high states of arousal, and more. 57 minutes. Higher Love Video Series, or 800.9.tantra

Pride Divide, Paris Poirier, Director, Karen Kiss, Producer. Not only a well produced historical venture into the division between the gay and lesbian communities but an interesting perspective on how compatible men to men and women to women are without having to change or be something that you aren't to be accepted by the other sex. Just guys being guys (pleasure), women being women (relationship) in a naturally compatible space. A very interesting and enjoyable 57 minutes, regardless of your orientation. 1997

Tantric Massage. Designed to compliment the step-by-step instruction in the books Tantric Massage and Sacred Orgasms, this video shows the grace, the flow, the meditation, the dance of massage. In easy-to-learn strokes, you and your partner can bring together the sensual, the sexual, and the spiritual. Part 1 - the back, feet, neck, face and more - all the strokes in the book except the genital massage, taught in the same order as in the book. Part 2: the female and male genital massage as in the book, plus new, unwritten strokes. Secret Garden, 1994 ISBN 0-939263-11-4 Adults only.

Uranus:  Self Anal Massage for Men, Joseph Kramer. Anal health is an important frontier to be explored. The Tabetan's have had a meditation for centuries within they massage their own prostate to keep it health. In Japan, the men have a higher incidence of the Prostate Cancer cells in their prostate but they are seldom activated into a cancerous state. This video will teach you impeccable hygiene, enemas, sphincter muscle toning, hip awakening exercises, self Rosebud massage, enlightened prostate massage, how to overcome resistance and fears, and breathing rhythms to relax the anal area. This self anal massage, besides being extremely pleasurable and erotic, can be important for men's emotional health since the anal area, especially the sphincter muscles, is the place where we hold our paranoia and fears. Total nudity. Available through Erospirit Research Institute, 800.432.3767.


The Peaceful Warrior's Path to Everyday Enlightenment: 12 gateways to your spiritual growth, Dan Millman. In this audio and video series, the author connects the heart of spiritual teachings with the practical realities of daily life. He prodvides down-to-earth perspectives on everyday issues like money, sex, relationships ... unraveling the mysteries of body, mind and emotions to make the spiritual ascent simple and attainable. Favoring practical outcomes over abstract philosophy, he provides sound adbvice so that, entered one by one, each of the 12 Gateways frees your attention to see Spirit everywhere, everyday, in everyone and everything - leading you to a realistic practice of everyday enlightenment. Here is an opportunity to gain deep insight into the meaning of life. Whether you're looking to find your true life-calling or a great sense of awareness, this will help illuminate your journey toward a richer, more meaningful life. Nightingale Conant,

Kings with Straw Mat, Ira Cohen. Ah, the magnificence of men. The possibilities. The endurance through chosen trials. This is a pilgrimage into the heart of India's great sacred celebration, the Kumbh Mela which takes place every 12 years. Filmmaker and poet Ira Cohen brings us face to face with an unforgettable gathering of hold men and into the heart of a visionary experience by rendering it as it really is: a circus of high madness, true devotion and show biz savvy. No, it's not Burning Man. The Jumbh Mela takes its name from the Hindu legend which tells how four drops of the gods' holy elixir fell to the earth from a "humbh" or pitcher during a struggle with jealous demons fighting in the heavens. The celebration takes place where those drops fell to earth. Not little celebrations of 25 or 30,000 people like Burning Man, but say over a million spiritual men in just one of the locations. You'll see men who have not lowered their arm in 12 years, others who have stood for years, never sitting or laying down. Men committed to a spiritual, non-seuxal path. By far the most magical film I have seen. Mystic Fire Video, 1998, 800.292.9001 (Click here to learn more about the Sadhus, India's Mystic Holy Men.)


Middle Sexes: Redefining he and she. Sensitively explores the controversial subject of the blurring on gender as well as the serious social and family problems - even dangers - often faced by those whose gender may fall somewhere in between male and female. Narrated by noted author Gore Vidal and filmed in the US, Europe, Asia and South America, this DVD examines the ways different societies and cultures handle the blurring of gender, sexual identity and sexual orientation. Through interviews with transgender, intersexual and bisexual men and women, as well as experts from the scientific and academic communities, the film considers the entire spectrum of sexual behavior, personal identity and lifestyles among people from different backgrounds and cultures. From this, a theme of tolerance and appreciation of diversity emerges in the film. 75 minutes. ISBN 0-7831-4729-5

Normal: Love, marriage, family, sex, change. Roy (Tom Wilkinson) and Irma (Jessica Lange) are devoted couple, living in rural Illinois when, at a party celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary, Roy inexplicably blacks out. As he awakens, it is with the realization that his life must change forever. Roy confesses to Irma that he's a woman trapped in a man's body and that he wants a sex change. What comes as a surprise to his wife sends shock waves throughout their small churchgoing community. Ray must face their friends, his coworkers and his own children with the whole new way of life he has planned - and they must face him. What happens to a town, a factory and a loving marriage when confronted with such a transformation is all about being who you are, being in love, and simply being normal. 1:20 ISBN 0-7831-2366-3

Transgeneration: Four college students switching more than their majors. What is it like to be a man trapped in a woman's body? How does a woman become a man and vice versa? This dramatic and mesmerizing eight-part series is a year-in-the-life look at four college students - Gabbie, Lucas, Raci and T.J. - who are juggling the challenges of academia with their commitment to transition from their birth sex. Faced with life-altering choices - about how to deal with parents and society, whether or not to take hormone therapy or undergo sex reassignment surgery - these four remarkable individuals deal with their deeply misunderstood identities in starkly unique ways. In every moment of this radical, paradigm-busting film, these collegiate transgendered students blow up stereotypes while coming to terms with how to change their bodies to fit their minds. or ISBN 0-7670-8863-8



This is a collection of video tapes of major talk shows, arranged by topic. They were collected by The National Men's Resource Center over several years and donated to the Changing Men Collection of materials on men's issues housed at Michigan State University. For information about the collection, contact Changing Men Collection, Special Collections Division, Michigan State University, 100 Library, East Lansing, MI 48824.

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