Going Raw

Several of my patients and friends have started a raw diet.

That means that they eat fruits, whole grains and vegetables. My first reaction is "What fun is that!" However, what is simply extraordinary is the change I saw happen to them in only a few months time. Their skin glows, they drop twenty pounds of fat and their demeanor becomes calm and pleasant. Although these examples are not official case studies, I have counseled intimately with some of these people for years and know them well. I have studied the results of their new diet and it has made a convert out of me.

The phenomenal change that I have witnessed is motivating me to eat berries, wheat-less apple cereal and a smoothie for breakfast, kiwi and avocado for lunch and with a large salad for an enjoyable dinner. Boring at first but it has begun to grow on me as my skin changes and my hips shrink. This behavior does not come easily to me, I could have an emotional relationship with a warm chocolate chip cookie.

When I first heard the expression "raw diet" I was appalled, envisioning forms of uncooked sushi laden with parasites. But as I find the challenge of "feeling good" to be a swiftly moving carrot in front of my nose, I had to up my efforts to fight back against the effects of a sedentary American lifestyle and diet. David Wolfe who wrote The Beauty Diet and is 100% raw, says that most people are comfortable with a diet that is around 80% raw food and the remaining 20% cooked food. Sometimes you have to start slowly.

First, I committed to organic.

That alone reduced my eating to only three restaurants and two grocery stores. Second, I eliminated dairy, except for clinging to one Starbucks cappuccino (I know, I know). And third, I choose only turkey and deep ocean fish as my cooked protein. I should feel wonderful. However, apparently there is a vetting process.

According to nutritionists Charles Marble of the Migun Institute, as your body begins to release toxins into your bloodstream, you may feel a cold or flu like symptoms that may simply be part of your detox from years of refined carbohydrates and sugars. So right now, I have a terrible cold, but I am finally losing weight. What surprises me is that many of my cravings, and I mean CRAVINGS, have quieted down so making the right food choices is getting easier. Charles says I need to fast on lemon water, cayenne and molasses once a week if I want to really hit the next level.

I'll have to think about that.

©2009, Molly Barrow

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Dr. Molly Barrow holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and is the author of the new book, Matchlines: A revolutionary New Way of looking at relationships and making the right choices in love. She is an authority on relationship and psychological topics, a member of the American Psychological Association and a licensed mental health counselor. Dr. Molly has appeared as an expert on NBC, PBS, KTLA, and in O Magazine, Psychology Today, Newsday,,, Women's Health and Women's World. Please visit: or Take the new relationship compatibility test, Match Lines Systems for Successful Relationships for Singles, Couples and Business at Molly has a radio program, Your Relationship Answers at

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